How to Reduce Stress While Moving Residences

Moving is one of the most stress-inducing activities that adult life has to offer. Not only do have to go through the process of finding your new dream home but if you are moving into a home that you plan on remodeling, you have to find a remodeling contractor and take out a home improvement loan. In addition to the financial concerns associated with a move, maybe you’ve also got other issues going on in your life like needing to hire a personal injury lawyer. Then, on top of it all, you have to pack all the belongings from your current residence!


However, the stress should not be a deterrent in your pursuit for a change of scene. A change of scene is a very exciting prospect, and it is possible to amplify this excitement while diminishing the stress that comes with the task. By taking these 3 simple steps into consideration, your move will be as easy going as packing for a picnic.

  1. Make a Schedule


One of the major stressors that come with an attempted move is the overbearing, omnipresent nature that the preparation takes in your everyday life. With an entire lifetime of objects to sort through, pack, and emotionally part with, the various aspects of the move will start to creep into every waking minute of your life. With no end in sight, this may turn all the excitement of the move into a cumbersome burden.


This is not, however, an unavoidable fate! This stress can be easily resolved by clearly planning the time you dedicate to the move and sticking to it. Plan to dedicate a specific hour or two packing boxes. Once that time is up, stop packing! Go eat a snack, read a book, get other work done, or just do something you want to do!


By strictly scheduling your moving-prep time in this way, you will make sure that the stress of the move does not take over your life. Much in the way you are sorting your things into boxes, sort your time into boxes! This will also likely help to maximize the efficiency of the time you set aside for organization and packing.

    2. One Room at a Time


When the 1000 pieces of a new puzzle are scattered around on the floor, the prospect of putting them all together can be incredibly daunting. However, once you find a few corner pieces and begin to put together one section at a time, the impossible task suddenly seems incredibly manageable.


This is the exact mentality that should be applied to packing a house before a move. The thought of fitting every room in your house into a seemingly small collection of boxes is an incredibly stressful prospect. If you instead focus intently on packing one room at a time, accomplishing the task at hand seems like a far more reasonable reality.


Decide which room you are going to dedicate time to packing. Once you make this decision, go into that room and think about that room as if it is the only room you need to pack. Although it involves a little bit of self-deceit, this small white lie that you tell your own brain allows you to see your end goal and approach it confidently.


The new tangibility of the end goal will relieve great amounts of stress from the packing process and allow you more free time and clear headspace to focus on the joy of going somewhere new.

     3. Yes, No, Maybe


Objects have an incredibly sneaky way of accumulating over time. While it may seem harmless when you are staying stagnant in one place, the version of you that is preparing for a move is seeing the error of your past ways. From valuable objects hidden in layers of trash to junk that you have a formed a sentimental attachment to, sorting through what is coming with you and what is not can be the most emotionally trying aspects of a pending move. Of course, you don’t want to get rid of essentials like your dreamy Nectar mattress, or your fancy new Tissot watch, but do you really need that box of receipts from the last 10 years that you always kept on hand “just in case”?


The stress comes from persistent overthinking, and, therefore, your stress will be greatly relieved if you give yourself permission and ability to trust your own instincts. This is a mission easier said than done. The best way to access your instinct is by making three distinct packing piles: Yes, No, and Maybe.


In whatever room of the house you are in, determine which side of the room will serve as the “Yes” side, which side of the room will serve as the “No” side, and which area of the room will be the “Maybe” area. When you pick up each item in the room you are currently conquering, quickly take the object and throw it into one of the designated sides of the room. Put things like your must-have facial mask in the yes pile since you’ll still need it once you move, and put other non-essentials in the maybe or no piles.


Of course, you can switch objects from one pile to another once you refine the packing process. However, this will serve to give you an excellent head start and may make it easier for you to part with some objects you would have wasted large amounts of time struggling to part with.


BlindSpotz Cold Sensor & Giveaway!!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Review Wire Media for BlindSpotz.

Winter is such an exciting time for my household! I love the cold; being able to wear my pretty sweaters and scarfs, fixing hot cocoa with marshmallows for the little ones, sitting around the fire, and sitting around watching Netflix. However with winter comes a lot of expenses such as Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries which makes the colder months also more expensive. We try to find ways we can save money. We pinch pennies every chance we can get.

One of the highest expenditures is our electricity bill. Our house is a little older and we planned to have it insulated but it’s so expensive for insulation and we didn’t want to have to fix every nook and cranny. When I heard about BlindSpotz I had to check it out. They are little stickers you place by vulnerable areas in your house that you believe your warm air is leaking out. I tried putting in by my back door, in my kitchen, and my front dining room. I learned that hot air was, in fact, leaking out and already made plans to get it fixed. For $9.99 you can get a little package of Blind Spotz. Blind Spotz is a great DIY product, or for trying to just improve your home and put a little extra cash in your pocket from your electricity bill.

Being able to focus on the areas that needed fixing saved more money and allowed us to focus on specific fixes which otherwise would’ve have taken a full home makeover. More money is always a good thing. The time and effort it also saved is invaluable since we are a do it yourself household. If you believe certain areas are cause you to lose your warm air due to a crack or leak, I’d highly suggest picking up some Blind Spotz, they are worth the investment.

These are simple to use, put the diagnostic sensors everywhere you have an opening that may have air coming in, like outlets, doors, and windows. Then wait 48 hours to read the results by taking a picture of the sensor and emailing it to or you could use their app.


Now for the fun part here are the details for the giveaway:

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Fire Damage Repair

A fire is absolutely devastating and one of the worst disasters you can experience. Whether it strikes your home or place of business, fires can leave an immeasurable amount of destruction in their wake. In addition to flames that can destroy the structure of your property, there is also the matter of issues like debris, smoke, odor and soot to deal with after a fire. Knowing what to do immediately after such a disaster can be daunting, but you must get fire damage repair services sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately, a fire can strike anyone at any time. Many people are unprepared for such a horrific event. However, fires can be caused by a number of things. It’s important to be aware of the top 10 causes of fire so that you can take measures to keep your home or place of business as safe as possible. These are the 10 most common causes of fires:

Cooking Fires: When a kitchen is not properly tended to, there is more of a risk of grease splattering. In addition, when items that are combustible are placed too close to the stove or other sources of heat, it can easily lead to a fire.
Home Heating Fires: It is essential to have your home’s furnace regularly inspected and cleaned if necessary. Always avoid placing portable heaters too close to anything combustible and put them in appropriate spaces in the house.
Smoking: Smoking is one of the chief causes of fires in the home. If you smoke indoors or near your home, always ensure that you fully extinguish the butt of your cigarette or cigar. You may also want to use an ashtray and throw away the old butts.
Electrical Fires: Electrical fires can often be the most devastating. Be aware of any older extension cords that might be frayed with age. Also, avoid overloading electrical outlets and rely on power surges for major electronic devices like TV sets, DVRs, game consoles, computers and printers.
Candles: If you use candles in your home, never leave them unattended. Be aware of them at all times and be especially careful if you have small children or pets on the premises.
Children: Always keep your children away from matches and lighters. If your child is very young but old enough to reach the stove, teach him or her to stay away from it. You should also teach your kids about the dangers of playing with matches or the stove and instill in them the knowledge of the dangers of fires.
Faulty Wiring: If your home or office is an older building, the wiring may be old and in need of updating. If you own a house, replace any older wiring that may be inadequate because it can be a fire hazard.
Flammable Items: Avoid placing anything flammable, such as paint, paint thinner, turpentine, cleaning agents or adhesives, too close to any sources of heat.
Holiday Décor: Be wary of keeping your Christmas tree too close to your fireplace because it can lead to a fire. Also, ensure that you hang other holiday décor, such as a wreath, in an appropriate place and in a safe manner.
Grills: If you do grilling, only do so at a safe distance from your house. You should also avoid grilling on your porch or under awning because it can potentially cause a fire.

Although fires are inevitable, it’s wise to always be prepared and to have professionals come to perform services to repair the structural damage and other effects. A team of professionals will tackle the issue of soot, smoke, debris and other after-effects of a fire and restore your property to what it was before the disaster.

A Step By Step Guide To Dealing With A Flood At Home

Nobody wants to think about what might happen if a pipe bursts and their home becomes flooded. That can happen in a matter of minutes if you don’t notice the problem straight away. So, you’d better wish that your pipes remain in perfect condition at night while you’re asleep. Many people make mistakes when dealing with a flood at home because they panic and act irrationally. That is why this article exists, and it tells you everything you need to know about the best process to follow. Use the guide below to ensure you make the right moves and return your house to an inhabitable state in the fastest way possible.

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Step 1: Turn your water off!


The first thing you have to do when you notice a water leak is reached under your kitchen sink and turn the water off according to specialists from sites like Stack Exchange. There is a valve that you just need to turn until you block the water from your home. If you manage to do that quickly, there is a decent chance that you will protect at least some of your property. In some instances, the water tap might be located elsewhere, and so it’s sensible to take a look in advance, so you don’t waste time trying to find it in an emergency. Once you turn the water off, you can move on to step two.


Step 2: Use porous materials to soak the liquid


While the flooding will ruin any electrical items straight away; it’s often possible to save lots of your possessions if you act fast. Laying some porous things on the floor should help to soak up some of the liquid and prevent it from causing any more damage. Large sponges are a decent choice, but you probably won’t have enough of them to hand to make a substantial improvement. So, head up to your bedrooms and get as many duvets as possible. Place them on the floor in the flooded area until they soak up the water. You can then take the items outside and squeeze the liquid out onto your garden. Repeat the process as many times as is required.

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Step 3: Call a specialist plumber ASAP


At the same time that you’re turning the water off and soaking the liquid with duvets; someone else in your household needs to call a plumber. Websites like the one owned by 1st Home & Commercial Services might come in handy at that point. You just have to select the type of service you require (which is plumbing in this instance,) and then use the online tool to make the arrangements. Do not make the mistake of switching your water back on until a professional has taken a look at the problem and completed some repairs. You can also read reviews online to find the best tradespeople, but you won’t have time for that in an emergency.


If you follow the step-by-step guide published on this page; you should manage to limit damage and get your home back to normal as quickly as possible following an unexpected flood. Those who want to give themselves the best possible chance of success should store the number of a reputable plumber near their landline telephones. That way, you only have to pick up the receiver and give them a call.


Savvy and Safe: How To Warn Off Home Intruders

We all want to feel safe and secure in our own homes, but it can often feel daunting to take every precaution possible to maintain a protected household. If you take your home security seriously then it is worth thinking about the particular provisions for different times of the day, week or even year. You don’t always have to spend hours thinking about whether all of the safety measures are in place at home, just tackle each situation individually. A secure home doesn’t always mean forking out a tonne of hard earned cash either, there are a few easy methods for you to adopt during your daily routine, which will keep your house safe from unwanted guests.

When You Are Out…

If you are just leaving the house for a day at work you may want to consider finding a house alarm to protect your house during the day time. This site will help you to choose the best one for you, with handy reviews on the best security systems on the market. Using a noise based system, such as an alarm will be most effective for during the day as daytime noises and disturbances are highly likely to be noticed immediately. You will be able to choose a code which works for you and your family and you can choose the one which provides the best service for you.

When You Are In…

Always double lock your front door, even when you’re in the house. There is a growing trend for burglars attempting to boldly open front doors and stroll into innocent people’s houses. If you’re living in a friendly neighbourhood you might find it silly to be locking your door whilst you’re at home, but you never know who might be about to walk by. Take the extra precaution and avoid a shocking disturbance whilst you’re relaxing at home.



When You Are Going Away…

Obviously it is a very good idea to set an alarm if you’re going on holiday. You also need to make sure it looks like you’re still at home, to warn off any potential intruders. Set a timer for a lamp which will turn on and off during the evenings. Also, ask a trusted neighbour or family member to check on your house each day. Ensure your mail gets posted through your door fully and your trash bins get taken in. If it looks like you’re on holiday you will be more vulnerable to a burglary, so try and fool them with these nifty tricks.

So take into consideration what type of protection your home needs at every given time. Most homes are targeted when it is vacant and looks completely unlived in, so take the time to protect your house when it is particularly vulnerable. It is likely that you will be quite safe when you are relaxing in your abode, but don’t forget to carry out those little tasks which will make you and your family feel completely safe from harm at any time of day.


Common Home Security Mistakes Most Families Make



One of the main things that most families worry about is home security. A family home should be one of the safest places so that all of your relatives and belongings are safe and sound. The security in your home should be so good that you can have some peace of mind about the safety of your home and belongings even when there is no one home. However, Even though most families think that their homes are as safe as anything, there are actually some very common mistakes being made with home security.


So, you think your home is as safe as it can be? Make sure you’re not committing one of these mistakes.


Doing It On The Cheap


One thing is for sure, your home security should be an investment. And that means that you can’t do it on the cheap. Sure, there will be some cheap CCTV cameras and burglar alarms that you can buy, but they won’t be as good as the ones that cost slightly more. If you want to know which are the best alarms to check out, it’s worth doing plenty of research online. Generally speaking, it’s always best to pay slightly above the average price so that you can protect your home with a top-quality piece of kit.


Too Many Spare Keys


If you own your own home, there is no limit to the number of spare keys that you can have cut. Most families cut enough so that every child can have one. This is a great way to ensure that no one gets locked out, but it’s not a good idea when it comes to home security. The more copies of keys there are out in the world, the bigger the chance that someone might lose a key and someone might try and get into your home with it when they find it. So, rather than using traditional keys, why not install a key code lock onto your front door. Then just give out the code for the door to your nearest and dearest.



Failing To Secure Outdoor Buildings


So, your home is secure, but how about your garden shed and garage? Lots of families often forget to ensure these are secure as possible and then they are always shocked when they find that they have been burgled. The moral of the story, then, is that you should always make sure your outdoor buildings are as secure as your main property.


Forgetting About The Upper Floors


It’s not just outdoor buildings that most people forget about. There are lots of people who neglect the security on their upper floors in their homes as well. That’s usually because they don’t think anyone will try and enter through the top windows. But if a burglar thinks that a window isn’t locked, they will certainly try and get in no matter how high up it is!


Make sure you don’t make these mistakes so that your risk of burglary remains as low as possible!


Living The Dream: How To Bring Your Living Room Visions To Life

While we’d all love to achieve perfection throughout the property, most homeowners would agree that the living room sits top of the agenda. After all, this is the place where you get to spend magical moments with your family while it’s a place for personal relaxation too. As such, boosting the atmosphere in the room will improve your relationship with the entire home.


In truth, the living room provides the most daunting of single upgrade tasks. However, a sense of good organization will enable you to overcome those hurdles to unlock the room’s full potential. Here’s how.




Work Your Way Up


The first steps are the most challenging in any home design project, and the living room transformation is no different. You could spend ages looking for starting points, but the best option is to rejuvenate the flooring.


Many homeowners worry about the costs of this task, but there are ways to keep those expenses down. Floor refinishing involves sanding the floors to bare wood before sanding and adding the finishing coats. Alternative, if your lounge has a carpet, then an industrial cleaner may save the need for replacement. Then again, when the floor has seen better days, you may still need to seek a new solution.


Rugs and other accessories can be utilized to bring extra character and charm. Either way, the flooring can set a positive tone for the entire room. Furthermore, you should find that it provides direction when making the additional design choices.


Create Extra Space


Living room space should be designed for exactly that. In order to let this happen, you must ensure that the space is utilized in the best possible manner. Ultimately, when it comes to living room perceptions, bigger is better.


Getting rid of bulky furniture, especially wide ones will claw back valuable floor space. For example, removing a TV unit and mounting the television will work wonders. Choose a multi-position bracket and you’ll have greater versatility. This is particularly useful if you use it for yoga or gaming in addition to standard television. Meanwhile, shelving can be used to display ornaments and family possessions without eating away at the floor space.



Hidden storage via ottomans, door hooks, and retractable furniture will also make a big impact. When there’s more room to play with, the opportunities instantly become far greater.   


Go Smart


Technology plays a huge role in our daily lives, particularly at home. The living room is one space that should certainly look to utilise the latest features. In truth, the possibilities have increased at a rapid rate over the past decade or so.


This guide to turning a dumb home into a smart one will point you in the right direction. In many cases, it won’t just make the lounge look better. It’ll additionally result in reduced costs and a greater sense of security. Or if you don’t wish to make those changes, simple additions like digital photo frames can inject an increased sense of personality to the room. This is something all homeowners should prioritize.


Many of those bigger additions will actively increase the home’s property. Furthermore, being ahead of the curve today ensures that you won’t get left behind in the next few years. This means you can enjoy the new lounge for far longer.


Opt For Light Colors


There are no set rules for how you should set out the interior design of the home. However, it’s very difficult to embrace the concept of a living room when the atmosphere has been dampened due to dark tones. After all, those color schemes set the vibe for the whole room.



Choosing light schemes such as white or lighter woods makes the living room brighter both literally and figuratively. Besides, this also gives you the best chance of drawing attention to the defining elements such as fireplaces or feature walls. Encourage natural light by choosing the right window dressings too, and you’ll be amazed at the impact it brings. If privacy is an issue, translucent films can solve those issues.


The electrical lighting is vital for setting the right atmosphere too. Install a dimmer switch, and you’ll enjoy a far greater sense of control. Again, it can have a positive impact on the value while this is an opportunity to choose greener energy.   


Plan Furniture Placements


Ensuring that the walls, lighting, and color schemes are in great condition sets the perfect foundations. But the room is just a shell until you add the furniture. Shelving, TVs, and wall art can all provide direction. Ultimately, though, the furniture should encourage conversation.


The exact layout of the furniture will be largely determined by the shape and size of the room. Corner sofas are a great way to provide ample seating in a comfortable manner without losing too much space. Meanwhile, adding an armchair can encourage even greater communication between family members. If all else fails, giant bean bags offer a solution that can be stored in a cupboard when out of use.




If the living room doubles up as a dining room, it’s often best to position the table out of sight when seated. By splitting the room in this manner, you keep the coziness without losing the function that’s required.   


Add Curb Appeal


It might not strictly fall into the category of upgrading the lounge, but adding curb appeal to the front of the property will boost the atmosphere. Simply looking out of the window to see a more beautiful sight is sure to put you in a happier mood.   


Adding flowers and keeping the grass in good condition can have a telling impact. Likewise, driveways and gates deserve an extra sense of attention. Meanwhile, painting the external window ledges can have a hugely positive impact. This is a great excuse to paint the property too, although you won’t necessarily see those benefits when in the lounge.


This is very much a final touch. Still, when combined with a positive internal transformation, the dream of a perfect living room space will become a reality.

Don’t Let Your Home Design Lead To A Break-In

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When designing your home, you have to be careful that your flair for design isn’t making your home more vulnerable to break-ins. It’s fair to say that there are certain design choices that make a home look rather wonderful but could seem like nothing more than an open the door to a burglar. An example of this would be a garage that opens automatically.


Garage doors that open automatically with a sensor in or on your car are remarkably easy to trick. This is not the sophisticated technology that most people assume. And if you are not even using a coded sensor but rather a motion sensor, you are just asking for trouble. If you forget to turn it off when you leave the home, all the burglar needs to do is drive up to the garage and it will open as if by magic. Many people assume that an automated garage door is more secure when in fact the opposite is true. You would be better off with an old-fashioned door that opens manually and is slightly less impressive.


Glass Walls


A Large surface area of your house that is made of glass may seem like a wonderful design idea for your kitchen or indeed your conservatory. But be careful because this does all but dare a burglar to smash it. Particularly, if it is a the back of the home and out of sight. Some people say that if a burglar wants to get in, they’ll get in regardless, but there’s no need to make it easier for them than it needs to be.


It’s worth pointing out that we’re not suggesting you give up those beautiful glass canvas doors. But you should make sure that there is an extra level of protection on the glass. Safety window film can make sure that the glass on your doors or a conservatory wall is far more difficult to break.


Flat Roofs


Flat roofs are a type of design that is quite a popular choice on modern homes, particularly for extensions. However, the do make your home a tad more accessible. The advantage of a slanted roof is that it does deter criminals from trying to climb across it and perhaps find their way to an open window. People often leave their windows open at night to allow cold air to flow in. This makes it far easier from criminals to get in, perhaps undetected if the window was accidentally left open while people were out.


Smart Locks


Lastly, you might be thinking about purchasing smart locks for your home. It’s an impressive feature and being able to open the doors of your home with fingerprint ID could seem like a wonderful idea. Be careful though because of a fingerprint scanner like is simple to break through, particularly by a skilled hacker. In fact, a major recent Hollywood blockbuster showed people exactly how to do it and made it look far too easy for comfort.


Take our advice, and you’ll avoid the design choices that make your home an easy break-in.

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Pink curtain for nursery room

Curtains for baby room
Curtains are very much important and thus you should make sure to choose them in a proper manner. There are varieties of curtains which are available in the market but you should choose the one which matches with your home dĻĶcor and furnishing. The pink curtains for the nursery are also very much popular in the current time. There is a certain thing which you need to take care while choosing them. First of all, you should avoid the floor-length draperies when choosing the pink curtains for nursery.
pink tree nursery curtains
How to choose?
The baby should not be able to touch the draperies. They can use them for the purpose of pulling them down, wiping the nose in the panels and also for climbing and all of these things are not acceptable and thus you should make sure to have the draperies at a higher length. It is the best option to keep them short, simple and also out of reach of the kidĄŊs hands. You should also not allow the curtain to upstage the widows. The curtain usually reduces the width of the window and they cover the amount of glass when pulled back. With the pink curtain for nursery always make sure that the curtain rod is long enough so that it can easily accommodate the width.
pink beautiful flowel nursery curtains
When you are choosing the curtain for the baby room you should opt for the valance. The fabric valance can soften the appearance when it is used with the blinds and it adds the texture and the color to the design which makes it clear of the fingers. And the whole pink curtain with valance will look more high end. You can get various high-end pink nursery curtains from Highendcurtain. If you wish to have a more dramatic look then you can choose to construct the cornice box. The covered and padded ones with fabric are used commonly. The roller shades which are used should be inexpensive and they should be dressed up with the fabric.
flamingo gallery picture frame
Apart from pink curtains, another wall decoration is wall pictures. Most people prefer choosing some chic frames to make the white empty wall look abundant and elegant. The beautiful flamingo wall gallery picture frame equipped with wood golden wrapping. The white background can highlight the pink flamingo patterns. All flamingo patterns in different shapes look vivid and active. On the one hand, it can show kids pure and naive character; on the other hand, they can create a dreamy and cute environment for kids to develop and improve their imagination. We can install it highly, then kids will not be able to touch it and paint on it freely.
Besides, the LED light in ABC shape is also favored by most kids. The soft and bright LED light must be a good choice for a nursery. They are made of wood, which is Eco-friendly and non-toxic, so they are safe for kids skin and health. Especially for some festival, like Children’s Day or Teacher’s day and so on, these ABC LED lights can play the decorative role effectively. There are no exposed wires to connect the socket, just equipped with a battery. Thus, it can guarantee kids safety to a certain of extent.
cute ABC LED decorative light
Also, at night, as we know, most kids are afraid of darkness, so we can let the cute ABC LED light work to create a dim but bright enough environment for kids to have a good sleep. Kids can feel like they are lying under the beautiful night sky, the LED bulbs are shiny stars. What kids finally get is a romantic and warm feeling, just like parents’?hug, kiss, and love.

All of these things can get from Highendcurtain website. All products are of good quality and at a reasonable price. It even supports custom, so people can get what they want freely just leave their detailed demands. Also, you can get exclusive information and matching tips to help you finally get a unique space.

Blind Trust Is Never A Must

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Safety is an odd concept, in the modern world. There are certain places where you will always feel intimidated and insecure, making it hard to spend time with them. Along with this, though, most people will also have places they always feel safe. It makes sense that people want to be able to rely on their home to keep them away from the dangers of the outside. Blind trust, on the other hand, can be a big mistake.


The big issue here is the way that people look at their home when it comes to security. When regarding other parts of life, it feels natural to look for the weak points and risk areas, like the chance of being attacked in an unlit area versus somewhere with lights. But, when assessing the home, most people will go from a different angle. Instead of thinking about the areas which are bad, people will think about where they’ve done well, often missing important areas.


Thankfully, solving this issue isn’t too hard, and it just takes a little bit of assessment. To begin with this, you should start with the outside of your home. Is it easy for people to gain access to the premises without permission? If so, this is the first area you’ll need to tackle, and you have loads of tools to do it. Anti-climbing paint can be used on an array of materials, making it almost impossible to get over them. This is a lot more attractive than options like barbed wire, while also being safer, too.


Along with some paint, a lot of people will also find a lot of good to come from automatic lighting in their outside areas. When a criminal is breaking into a home, they are often awash with excitement, stress, and other emotions which can’t be ignored. This level of intensity makes it very easy for the way they feel to change at the drop of a hat. Lighting which is triggered by motion can take advantage of this perfectly, making your potential robbers flee before they get very far at all.


Finally, as the last line of defense you have, it’s time to get serious, and the big guns are going to be taken out of storage. Home surveillance systems have improved dramatically over the last few years. Falling in price while going up in quality and feature sets, this sort of product has never been a more powerful tool against crime. Best of all, though, is that these devices can go anywhere. With a direct feed to your smartphone, this gives you access to footage from your home wherever you are in the world, taking security to a whole new level.


Hopefully, this post will inspire you to get the lead out and start protecting your home. It’s natural to feel safe in a place like this, even if you’ve never put any time into making sure that it’s secure. With the tools, support, and other resources you have access to, though, there really isn’t any excuse to leave your home without the protection it needs.

Refresh Your Bathroom With These Décor Ideas

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Bathroom décor has come a long way. Some of the trends of yesteryear such as colored fixtures and carpets have thankfully been abandoned. In order to keep your bathroom looking fresh for years to come it could be worth investing in a few ultramodern features that homeowners are currently going crazy for. Here are just a few upgrades worth considering.


Heat things ups


There’s no reason to have a cold bathroom anymore. Modern bathrooms are making ample use of heating. Rather than having a radiator, modern bathrooms are embracing heated towel racks that help to keep towels dry. To counter water spillages on the floor (and to ease the comfort on the feet after getting out the bath), modern bathrooms are also making use of underfloor heating. On top of this, some people may want to look into their means of heating up water. Thermostatic showers, for example, can keep a steady temperature so that it doesn’t suddenly turn cold the moment someone uses the kitchen sink downstairs.

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Freshen up your fixtures


Bathroom fixture trends have also evolved hugely. The trend of having a bath against the wall is no longer favored – homeowners have been returning to freestanding baths. Consider installing a modern standalone tub if you have space. As for the shower, consider having a separate walk-in shower unit. Walk-in showers are now hugely popular, providing more comfort than a bathtub.


Maximise your mirrors


A bathroom is a place where people want to be able to see themselves for shaving and removing make-up. Most people settle for a small mirror above the sink or plated onto a bathroom cabinet, but it could be worth considering an entire floor-to-ceiling mirror. Large mirrors can help to provide the illusion of space to a poky bathroom, whilst also letting in more sunlight. Mirrors may eventually get mottled over time so keep them polished up.


Embrace wood and stone


Too much plastic might be making your bathroom feel clinical. Modern bathrooms are doing away with plastic and embracing more wood and concrete. This could include a concrete bathroom countertop and a wooden toilet roll holder and toilet seat. Use woods that are waterproof and unlikely to get damaged. These can be painted white using a glossy color or a whitewashed effect.


Use less color


Monochrome bathrooms are in. Whites and greys are clean colors that can help to make the room feel fresher and more hygienic. If you’ve got gaudy green tiles or a bright red toilet seat, consider opting for more neutral alternatives. Pops of color can sometimes work such as a matching mint green bathroom mat and towels. What you don’t want is brightly colored fixtures and walls.

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Grow tropical plants


Plants can help to bring a touch of nature to your bathroom. Tropical plants are particularly suited to the conditions of this room – they thrive in humidity and low levels of sunlight. Some plants to consider include aloe vera and peace lily. You can also consider fragrant smelling plants such as orchids that are great for masking bad bathroom smells and keeping a naturally fresh aroma. Plants are best places in pots near a window.


Improve your water flow


One of the biggest changes that modern bathrooms are seeing is the type of water flow. Water pressure can now be more easily controlled. A power shower is worth upgrading to if you haven’t got one already, maintaining a constant pressure that isn’t affected by other appliances. Some homeowners have even taken steps to install multiple shower heads for different types of water flow – a large overhead shower head that rains down water gently and an extendable shower head that’s more powerful. Modern bathroom taps also have improved water pressure. You could even consider a waterfall tap for a something a little funky. As for your toilet, this too can be upgraded. Modern toilets have multi-flush options which can help to conserve water. They may also have cisterns that fill up more quickly.

Mixing the Old and the New in Your Living Room

Your living room doesn’t have to be completely adorned in just one specific and particular style, you know. No, it can be a mismatch and a mix-up. More to the point, it can be the perfect concoction of both the old and the new. For advice on how to achieve such a distinctly old but new style in your living room, make sure to read on.

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Don’t be afraid to be clear about what you are doing


When trying to mix the old and the new in your living room, you cannot be half-hearted. You cannot let the style you have attempted be up for debate and have guests to your house leave your house wondering exactly what it is you are doing. No, you have to be upfront and clear with the style you are going for, and you have to have no fear or shame in doing so. To do this, you should have no shame in blatantly and vividly contrasting vintage pieces of decor alongside far more modern pieces. In fact, you can even buy yourself stylistic pieces that come ready made in this style-contrasting fashion; in the SunPan modern sofa category, for instance, you will find seats with their own somewhat futuristic style mixed with a distinctive Chesterfield feel, the results of which being the perfect concoction of the new and the old. And, when you choose this sort of furniture you make it clear about exactly what it is you are doing and what style you are attempting, meaning nothing is left up for debate!

Opt for a neutral color palette


By giving your living room a neutral color palette you are essentially providing yourself with a blank canvas from which to work from. You see, when you adorn your walls in neutral and placid colors, such as cream, you give yourself the chance to make your mixing and matching of old and new styles the main attraction in the room without drawing attention away from them with bright, eye-catching colors. Also, because natural colour schemes have long since been on trend in regards to home styles and still continue to do so today, you would be able to be sure that both your old styles and your news ones will suit it down to a T.

Have patience with your venture


With other, far more straightforward home stylings it is somewhat okay to rush the venture and get it over and looking nice as soon as possible. But, when you are seeking to mix the old and the new,  you must be patient. Simply, you must not just buy antiques and futuristic pieces just because they look nice, you must only buy them if they suit the other pieces of decor and furniture you have in your room. If you were to do that you would break the balance of your project and more than likely look more like a hoarder’s paradise rather than a stylish room.

Once you’re done inducing this kind of style in your living room, why not attempt it in your kitchen?

Residential Garage Door Installation in Tempe: What to Expect

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If you’re living in Tempe and you’ve recently purchased a new garage door, you’re might be wondering what to expect during the garage door installation. Finding the right garage door for your home was not easy after all, so you’ll want to have the best installation experience possible.


While garage door technicians are trained to install garage doors efficiently, you can still do a few things to help the process run smoother. In collaboration with NationServe, garage doors specialists with 18 locations across America, including Tempe and Houston, we’ll provide some tips you can use to make sure that your garage door installation process runs smoothly. Read ahead to find out the best ways to prepare for your new garage door’s arrival.


Get Ready for the Inspection


After you purchase your new garage door, a technician will come to your home to inspect the installation area. They will assess everything to ensure that your new door will fit your garage perfectly. This should not take more than an hour and you’ll be notified in advance of their arrival time.


What Happens on Installation Day?


On installation day, technicians will visit you to finally install your garage door. You should make sure to mark this day on your calendar and schedule in some time to be around. The technicians will need access to the inside of your garage, as well as a direct power source to install your new door.


Disposal of your old garage door is typically included in the cost of your installation. This way you won’t need to deal with such a large disposal yourself.


Once the technicians have installed your garage door, they will run a series of tests on the door to make sure it’s operating correctly. They will provide you with a manual and other information regarding the operation of your new garage door. This is the point where you should ask any additional questions you might have, be it about garage door repair or maintenance.


Bonus Advice


While garage door installation is a simple process when you have experienced technicians involved, here are additional tips provided by NationServe:

  1. Clean the garage before installation – There’s nothing that slows down installation more than having objects in the way. You should make as much effort as possible to clear your garage to a reasonable degree. Ensure that nothing is close to components of your current garage door.


  1. Prepare direct electrical source – Technicians will typically need access to a direct power line during the actual installation. Ensure that this is possible prior to their arrival. It’s also recommended to avoid electrical cords. Technicians will need a direct power source to use their tools, otherwise, they won’t even be able to install your new garage door.


  1. Save the installation day ionyour calendar – It’s important that you’re there during the installation. Technicians will not be able to install the garage door if they don’t have access to the inside of your garage or your electrical source. You also need to be there to learn how to operate your new garage door.



How to Prepare Your Home for the Worst

Image Credit: Pixabay


Your home is your most precious, and most valuable, asset. It’s not just where you happen to sleep at night, it is also where you relax, where your kids grow up, where memories are made, where recipes are tried, where relationships blossom… in short, it is where your life happens. And it is this that makes the thought of losing it so awful to consider.


However, you must always prepare for the worst (while always hoping for the best) in order to keep yourself and your family safe. Since your house is so precious, doing everything you can to protect it and ensure it against damage is a rational thing to do. Home security is a priority.

Contents and Buildings Insurance

If you don’t have it already, you must get contents and building insurance. If you live in a flat, the buildings insurance is likely to be a part of your monthly maintenance fee, but you should still make inquiries to be sure you are covered. Though buildings insurance can’t stop a flood or prevent a fire, it can help you to pay for water damage restoration or find somewhere else to live.


Ensuring your contents is just as important as it is likely that these are the things most at risk either through damage in an accident as above, or burglary. You might think it a waste of money, but consider this: if your entire house burns down with everything in it, can you pay for everything again out of your savings? And would you really want to? No. So get insurance.

Take Precautionary Measures

So now that you are insured, you should also take a few precautionary measures like installing and regularly testing fire alarms. You might also want to install a burglar alarm, for example, or replace a faulty lock to ensure that your home is secure while you are out or asleep. If you are worried about the quality of your locks, or you have lost a key recently, it isn’t being paranoid to change the locks with a reputable locksmith, it makes perfect sense.


You should also make sure that your furniture comes with fire labels, ensuring that they have been fire tested and won’t catch easily. Similarly, you should make sure to have an electrician check any item you feel isn’t working from your wiring to your appliances. Fire departments attend around 11,000 fires caused by electrical fault each year. Get an electrician out if you don’t want to risk being one of them.

Talk as a Family About Emergency Plans

You don’t want to scare your kids, but preparing them with a plan, especially if you live in an area that floods quite often, is a good idea. It might be a simple chat about staying put until you come and get them, or showing them various routes in and out of the house for emergency use, for example, going out of a window in the event of a fire.


Being prepared as a family is always a good idea so that should the worst happen, you have a plan and can deal with things without panicking.

Christmas Kitchen Tool Essentials

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Christmas is almost here, and that means one thing for those of you who are tasked with cooking that all important Christmas dinner for the family – panic! Cooking Christmas dinner is often a hectic affair, fraught with worry about whether the perfect meal will be delivered successfully or not. It shouldn’t have to be like that, but for most of us, it is. It is,., after all, the most highly-anticipated meal of the year!


If you’re worried about doing Christmas dinner right and you don’t want things to get too frantic in your kitchen this year, ensure that you have the following essential tools ready to go and at least that aspect of the cooking will be a bit easier:


A Carving Knife


If you don’t have a decent carving knife, then no matter how good your turkey looks when it comes out of the oven, when it’s on the table, and you’re trying to serve it up, you’re going to make a mess, make people wait and end up with a plate that, although it might taste great, doesn’t exactly look the part.


A Knife Sharpener


How many knives do you use on Christmas Day? Probably quite a few, right? You need those knives to be sharp if you want to be able to chop, slice and carve effectively, which means you need one of the knife sharpening tools from It really will make your life a whole lot easier and ensure that your food looks presentable.


Chopping Boards


If you don’t want to end up giving your guests food poisoning, then you’re going to want to have at least a couple of chopping boards – one for meat and one for the veggies, so that no cross-contamination occurs as you rush to get everything ready on time. Ideally, you should have boards of different colors, so that you can distinguish between them at a glance.


A Large Roasting Pan

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Turkeys are bigger than the average joints of meat we cook on a regular basis, which means lots of us simply don’t have large enough roasting tins to deal with them. So, make sure you have one that’s big enough for your bird come Christmas. has a good rundown on good pans, but be sure to measure before you buy. The last thing you want is to be unable to cook your turkey without losing the juices because you roasting pan is too small!


A Food Processor


If you want things to be a lot less frantic in the kitchen, then having a food processor, which can slice and chop your veggies for you, amongst other things, has a real godsend come Christmas.


A Bottle Opener


If you don’t usually drink, you might not have a bottle opener in your kitchen. If that’s the case, you’re going to want to run out and get one for Christmas, when your guests will be wanting a glass of wine for dinner, and you may need to open a bottle to make your gravy.


Here’s to a hassle-free Christmas dinner!

Give Your House a Deep Clean to Refresh Your Interiors

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Of course, no one is suggesting that you don’t keep your house clean, but over the years, there are some things that just gradually build up and you need to do a deep clean to restore your house to its freshest look.


It might be that the carpet has suffered a few stains, or maybe the oven is looking a bit, well, used. Perhaps you haven’t pulled the sofa out for a while or maybe your cupboards need a good sort out to get rid of packets with dates preceding 2016.


Though the traditional spring clean is a few months away, giving your house the deep clean treatment before the chaos of Christmas will give you the chance to relax in comfort throughout the season, knowing that your mother-in-law (and to be honest, anyone else) isn’t going to notice a stain you’ve long since forgotten about!

Take Everything Out of the Kitchen (and Put it Back Again!)

The kitchen is one of those rooms where you tend to use and replace the same things at the front of each cupboard. This means that in every house, at the back of every cupboard, there are all kinds of things that really should have been thrown out months, or even years, ago.


Start by using an oven cleaner to lift the baked on grease. Then, while it soaks, take everything out of the kitchen and give all your cupboards a clean. Before you put it all back, get rid of anything you haven’t used for a while and everything past its best. Defrost the freezer and empty and clean the fridge too for total kitchen zen. Return to the oven and simply wipe clean.

Give Your Carpets the Deep Clean Treatment

Usually the reason a carpet looks bad is because it has various stains that have remained untreated and the fibres (wool or otherwise) have not been cared for. Luckily you only need to find a good carpet cleaner to restore your carpet to its former glory.


Though you can do the job yourself, a company like will do all the hard work for you – get them to pull out the furniture to really make the most! This form of carpet cleaning is ideal because it is relatively quick and will also remove any allergens like dust and pollen, making you breathe easy. Plus they use all-natural products so you don’t need to worry.


If you do get any stains after your deep clean, it is important that you work to remove it as soon as possible. Blot, don’t scrub, using a towel to get as much liquid away as possible. Then, have a look at this comprehensive list of stains and removal tips to make the best of the accident. You can’t always control everything in your house and if you have kids, your carpet is going to suffer at some point, but now you can minimize the stain and you know who to call for a professional clean, everything will be alright in the end.

Wipe Down, Polish and Tidy

The last thing you need to do is go through your house room by room, tidying things away and wiping down surfaces to get rid of any settled dust. This is a nice, easy task and you will immediately feel the benefit of clearing things away. And if you really like it, perhaps you should give minimalism a try!  


Marie Kondo is quite a superstar when it comes to magically tidying everything away and her folding techniques really do make storage a lot easier. You might not want to go through all your things right now, but it is worth considering having a big sort out after Christmas to get rid of the things you just don’t use, things that are looking old and the things you have fallen out of love with.


There are all kinds of great storage solutions available, but your house shouldn’t just be about storing lots of stuff. Instead, you need to find creative storage solutions that allow you to enjoy your things without feeling swamped by them. In the kitchen this might mean introducing a spice rack to organise herbs and spices; in the bedroom it might mean designing an integrated wardrobe to hide all your clothes and shoes away; in the living room, it might be that you buy a sofa that has storage under the seats.


Once everything is clean and tidied away, you will have the perfect home to welcome guests and feel completely relaxed yourself.

Innovative Ways to Raise the Value of Your Home

Raising the value of your home can seem like a huge task, but it really doesn’t have to be. Maybe you are planning to sell your house on, downsize, or perhaps you just want to enjoy where you live just that bit more. There are so many reasons why people want to want to upgrade their home. There’s also a lot of information out there on how to do it, and a lot of misinformation as well. Knowing who trust, and getting your information from the right place is essential. Whether you are planning on totally changing your home, or you just want to make a few tweaks here and there, there are some tips and ideas here for everyone.



Make Your Garden an Eden


Many people say the front door is the first thing you see when you enter someone’s home, but really it’s the garden. Having an untidy or unkept garden can really affect someone’s first impression of your home. Gardens don’t have to be complicated, or even need a lot of upkeep to look nice, something simple can do the trick just as well.


If you want something low maintenance, try having a patio, or putting stones down instead of grass. If you don’t like to garden, and want to keep it looking pristine, then this is a great option for you. On the other hand, a few flowers here and there can bring life and brightness to any home, which will give off a fantastic first impression.


Make a Plan


So many people dive into redoing their home, and just go crazy. While letting your artistic side run wild is really liberating, it might not be the best plan in the long run. Having a plan helps you to stay organized, and means less of them inconvenient hiccups will happen along the way. If you know what you are doing, and are not just randomly doing jobs throughout the house, it will get done so much quicker. Taking one room on at a time is the best way to keep the mess and chaos at bay, so you can continue living in your home without too much inconvenience.


Work with People You Trust


Getting trusted professionals to work in your home can really make or brake upgrading your home. Getting people who are efficient at work, and who is going to give you a good deal, can sometimes be really hard to find. Often, word of mouth recommendations are the best for finding local people in your area, whether you need an emergency plumber or a builder, this is usually a safe bet. There are plenty of websites online as well, that can give you a good idea of who to hire. Do your research, and don’t hire the first company that comes along.


Raising the value of your home can be a great experience, and at the end of it, you will have some amazing results. It doesn’t have to be expensive though, and some of these affordable ideas are a great way to get started.

Hand Painted Oil Portrait

This is a sponsored post but these are my honest opinions.

I have recently received a hand-painted oil portrait photo from Paint Your Life of my beautiful grandson. This company has gone above and beyond with making sure my painting is exactly how I wanted it.

Starting off ordering it I had gotten two pictures mixed up and sent them the wrong photo. I contacted them as soon as I had learned my mistake and they were very nice about it. They fixed my mistake with no problems. They were very sweet and made sure this was the exact photo I wanted. Throughout the making of this painting paint, your life sends me photos of the work being complete, confirming if I liked it or if there was anything I wanted them to change the painting. The painting was beautiful to start with so I had no problems with confirming. It took to paint your life just a very short amount of time to complete it, which was such an exciting time!! Once the painting was complete I got an email letting me confirm if I approved of the painting, after my confirmation it was sent.

The oil paint that is used to create their paintings was a high-quality paint that looks great on the canvas background. I am impressed by the customer service along with the great artwork I receive. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a picture they want to turn into a painting.

Unique Natural Crystal Salt Lamp Review

This is a sponsored post, although it is 100% my own opinion!

      Upon receiving my unique design natural crystal salt lamp, I was oblivious to the benefits of them. One of my friends has one and I always thought it was pretty but after being able to have one for myself I have learned so much about them. I received a natural crystal salt lamp with a hummingbird design on it.

      The hummingbird is in front of flowers, so it looks very elegant. It is about 5-10 pounds which makes it very sturdy. One of my favorite things about my hummingbird natural crystal salt lamp is the ability to adjust the light. The low light gives just enough light for me to be able to see at night making it very peaceful to fall asleep. The brightest light has enough light to brighten up the room for me to be able to read comfortably at night. Now the natural crystal salt lamp is not all about the soothing glow it gives off, it also helps improve the air quality.

     The natural crystal salt lamps attract pollutants in the air and can even help to neutralize the effects of electronics in the air. Another great benefit to highlight about the salt lamp is the ability to attract water. Salt by nature is hygroscopic which means it attracts water to its surface, so the salt lamps help to illuminate water in the air causing less humidity near the salt lamp.

     I have found my air to be “fresher” making my allergies better and making it a great lamp with amazing benefits. This lamp can be purchased for 49.99 with free shipping.

If you love the hummingbird then you will love the Salt Lamp Santa!

Christmas Salt Lamp Use the Promo Code: ZDFPMHKA for a great deal!!

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Home Ruined By Your Honking Hound?

A dog is always a welcome addition to a family. Even the most unruly hound can wiggle their way into heart and home. Once they’ve been with you for a while, it’s near enough impossible to imagine life any other way. They become as important as any other member of the family and get the VIP treatment.

Such is the joy of dog ownership. But, it isn’t all happiness and sunshine. Inviting an animal into your life isn’t all plain sailing. After all, these aren’t exactly the most domestic family members. When you’re not looking, your new family member could chew on all sorts, and leave unpleasant toilet surprises in the worst places. Even once you have their behavior under control, you need to consider their smell. In case you hadn’t realized yet; it isn’t always pretty. But, as no one wants to come home to a house which stinks of kennels, we’re going to look at how you can conquer the stench.

Freshen the air

Freshening the air in your home is always important, but it becomes more so when you have a dog around the place. There’s no getting around the fact that damp and stale stenches will haunt a stifled house. And, that only gets worse when a dog contributes to the stink. On top of the usual dampness of a family home, you’ll need to contend with the dog-related smells any owner comes to know. We’re talking hint of fox and dash of doggy doo. Not stuff you want to smell each time you come home. To help clear the air a little, it’s worth opening windows for at least half an hour each day. You could also invest in an air purifier, which would keep the air clear for the duration.

Pexels Image

Better ways to scent the home

We’ve already established that the scents mentioned above aren’t desirable in the home. But, if you want to get rid, you need to find better fragrances to replace them. Obviously, candles work well here, but only when you’re there to light them. To make sure things are fresh when you get home, you could invest in something like the essential oil diffusers by Aromatech. These release scents through the day to ensure your nose stays happy when you enter the house. Plus, you can hook these up to your HVAC system to ensure they reach every corner of the house. Equally, you could invest in reed diffusers, and place these in your dog’s favorite rooms. Bear in mind, though, that you’ll need to replace these every few months to keep their scent on top.

Wash that dog bed

It’s also important to note that smell may not come directly from your dog. If you’ve washed them, and are still experiencing unpleasant wafts, you may need to wash their bed instead. Scents collect on the material and release their wrath on your home. So, either invest in odor resistant options or clean that dog bed on a regular basis.