Plant Paradise: The Perfect Guide to Creating a Tree-Haven


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Planting trees is an essential part of society. It is an art that requires passion, skill, and proper maintenance. It may look easy, but it takes keenness and an aesthetic touch for adequate sustenance. You need to learn the basics of tree planting and care to succeed in owning your ‘mini-forest.’

Here are some of the critical factors to consider in your tree planting journey.


Before setting out planting trees, you must decide on the primary goal you would wish to achieve. Numerous reasons can steer you to start your tree garden: passion and love for the trees, territory marking, fruits and food provision, commercial, environmental, and educational reasons.

Your purpose will also influence the name of the collection of your trees. For example, a botanical garden or arboretum is an educational reason where each tree planted is labeled and associated with its scientific names. Trees planted for commercial purposes are called a plantation. An orchard is purposely created for its fruits, while a hedge, one of the most common types of trees, is used for geographical landmarking.

Forests usually contain different tree species and are generally under special management teams that may include the government’s or independent parties’ influence. However, if you feel the need to beautify the environment with trees, you can launch your grove.


Identify a favorable location that the trees will thrive.  Check on the sewer and water lines affected by the trees roots’ growth to get an appropriate place. It would be best to consider the weather conditions in the area to choose trees that will best fit the space. Do not assume any specification, however small, as it will affect your grove’s growth and success.

Tree Planting Process

First, you should check on any legal requirements that you will need to set up your grove. You must follow standard procedures to ensure that you start correctly. Then, you should identify the types of trees that will best suit your intentions.

Visit different forests, gardens, and farms to draw inspiration for your grove—research widely on the tree species and their requirements. Then you can purchase the trees. To incorporate beautiful plants in your garden, you need to locate an appropriate shop where you will get a variety of plant to choose from. Look at the diversity and history of the shop to get the best deal in town.

Maintenance of the Trees

Trees, just like humans, need proper nurturing for them to thrive. It would help if you had a constant regime for their maintenance. You must follow the maintenance schedule for each tree individually to ascertain its health. It would be best if you also were adept at the diseases that can infect your plant and take the necessary precautions.

You can quickly get this information by contacting a tree company, which will help you learn of the different ways to take care of your trees. It would be best if you also took care of the growing tree branches by pruning and looking out for window makers to ensure that they are safe for touring and enjoying under the shades. To add a personal touch to the garden, you can add house plants or trees that will add color and taste.

 The beauty of trees in the environment is second to none. If well maintained, you will take care of the environment and serve many generations in your family.

3 Things You Need To Do Before Moving Abroad

Moving to a new country and committing to a new way of life is exciting; however, it’s a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

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To avoid complications that could hinder your big move, lots of planning is necessary alongside the below tips.

Visit Frequently

Researching and preparing for your move to the other side of the pond is one thing. But to get a real feel for the place you’re moving to, you’ll need to visit, ideally more than once.


During your visits, you can take time to work out whether a life abroad is practical for you and your family. And whether you’re happy to fit in with the people, culture and learn the local language. 


It will also give you the chance to look for suitable places to live.


Scout out the local neighborhoods you’re interested in. And be mindful of whether they have the conveniences you need. Such as good schools and healthcare.

Plan Transport

Before booking your plane tickets away, you’ll need to take a good look at what you would like to bring with you. 


Suppose you’re planning on transporting four suitcases of clothes and linen, kitchenware, ornaments, and so forth. You may not be able to take all of these items through airport check-in. A removals business is a popular option for people who need to move a lot of things abroad. 


When thinking about transport, don’t forget to consider your pets too. Companies such as Pet Transport Pro specialize in providing services to relocate your pet. 


They can also give you vital information on what you’ll need for your pet too. Such as paperwork to prove the pet is in good health or a pet passport.

Figure Out Your Finances

Before venturing abroad and starting a new life, it’s crucial to check the cost of living in the area you plan to stay. 


The value of the currency and the part of the country you are moving to will alter living costs.


To give you a better understanding of living costs, research available real estate to buy or lease in the area. Along with expected expenses for utility bills, groceries, and clothing.


If you find the area is much more affordable than where you are at the moment, great. However, keep in mind that the region’s wages are likely to be relative to living costs. 


If you work remotely or own an online business, then income may not be a problem for you.


It’s common for some people traveling and moving their lives abroad to underestimate the amount of planning and research needed to prevent the move from turning into a disaster.

From figuring out the finances and whether the cost of living is affordable. Applying for the right documentation to make sure you can legally take your pet abroad. And surveying the area you’re planning to live in, in person. There are a lot of things to organize. Therefore, it helps to leave enough time to get every part of the relocation sorted.

Self-Care Yourself to Better Health

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Taking care of your mind, body and soul is the best way to achieve better health now and in the future. That’s why taking self-care seriously is so important for us all.


Not sure where to start with self-care? Check out the health-boosting practices below…


See the doctor when you need to


So many people neglect their health because they are too embarrassed to see the doctor, but whether you’re struggling to know whether you have genital warts vs herpes, you’re worried about a lump in an intimate area, or you’re experiencing mental health issues and you’re worried about the stigma, you need to bite the bullet and put your health first. Nothing else you can do in terms of self-care is going to help you as much as seeking the appropriate help of a trained medical professional.

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Take sleep more seriously


If you’re the kind of person who’d rather stay up binging boxsets on Netflix than get your 8 hours of shut-eye every night, one of the best things you can do for your health right now is to take sleep more seriously.


A lack of sleep can make you stressed, depressed, overweight and more prone to serious illnesses such as heart disease and stroke! To avoid this, and to start feeling your best, set a sensible bedtime (and wake up time) and stick to it. If you struggle to get to sleep, spritz your pillow with lavender, drink a soothing cup of chamomile and take a hot bath and you’ll soon find yourself drifting off. 


Improve your gut health


Gut health is about more than just your belly — it can lead to depression, lack of vitality and many other poor health issues. So, if you’re serious about caring for yourself and boosting your health, start feeding your gut a healthy diet that’s high in vitamins, minerals, and good bacteria, and low in processed junk foods, right now.

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Meditation is an excellent tool for anyone who is feeling mentally frazzled. A simple mindfulness practice can help you to slow down your thoughts, calm your mind and live in the moment, which means you’re less likely to ruminate on negative thoughts, and more likely to feel peace, happiness and maybe even a spiritual connection if that’s your thing.


Spend more time in nature


One of the most beneficial things you can do for your mind, body, and soul is to spend more time in nature. Why? Because scientific studies have found that nature can reduce stress levels, boost vitamin D levels, reduce inflammation, increase happiness levels and boost the immune system among other things. It can also make you feel more connected with the world and everything in it, which is a great way to feel better about your place in the world too.


Say No more often


So many of us are so busy that we never get any time to just relax and take care of ourselves. That’s why we should all be learning how to say no more often. What should we be saying no to? Anything that we don’t really want to do that causes us more stress and anxiety than we need without benefiting us in any way. Start saying no and free up more time for the self-care that you need to be fitter, healthier and happier — you won’t regret it.

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Consider getting a pet


Pets are amazing. Not only are they great company, and oh so cute, but they can actually improve your health and well being too. Dogs, in particular, have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure and ease the symptoms of various mental health issues. They also encourage you to get outside and get some fresh air, which can be a big help to your health too.


Exercise daily


Exercising each day might seem undoable if you have a lot on your plate, but actually it will give you more time back because it will not only improve your physical and mental health, but it will increase your energy levels and boost your motivation so that you can get more done without it feeling so tough. It’ll also help to extend your life and you’ll be able to get over any mild illne4sses far more easily when you’re fit and healthy too.


Taking self-care seriously isn’t an indulgence — it’s something that you must do if you want to achieve better health now and in the future. So, don’t be afraid to take more time for yourself and do whatever you need to do to feel well.

The Perfect Night In For One

Whenever you get the chance to spend a night in by yourself, it can be a really great opportunity to relax and unwind. Planning the perfect evening at home doesn’t have to be a difficult task, as there are many different ideas that you can utilize to really make the most of your time. So, if you have the opportunity to organize a night in for one, then read on to uncover some of the best concepts that you can explore today! 

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Cook Yourself A Delicious Meal 


One of the best things that you can do to treat yourself during a night on for one is to cook a delicious meal. Source a few fresh ingredients and search online for a recipe that you can use to create a tasty dish, as there are so many different tutorials that detail step by step instructions on exactly how you can cook up your favorite meals. Putting a little effort into making a dish that tickles your taste buds can be a great way to express some self love and appreciation, so don’t go with the easy option of ordering a take out or purchasing a poor quality microwave meal. Cooking for one is often very easy, as you needn’t buy a large amount of ingredients therefore the time you require to prepare your dish can be surprisingly fast. Don’t skip over the presentation features just because you are eating alone, as it’s just as important as the taste – you eat with your eyes before you can even think about tasting the dish with your mouth.


Find Some Online Entertainment 


Planning a little bit of entertainment that you can have fun with during your night in for one help you to enjoy the time you get to spend in your own company, and the internet is a really great place to start your search. There are so many sources of entertainment online, from films and tv shows to blackjack and limitless other games of every kind of genre. Take some time to carry out a search to uncover a few different websites that you can utilize during your night in, as it will be far easier to visit your bookmark page then spend hours scrolling and scrolling to try and uncover something interesting to do. Even if you want to visit social media, so some clothes shopping or take the opportunity to read and learn something new – it can all be done so easily online!


Planning the perfect night in for one has never been so simple when you are able to make the most of the ideas and concepts detailed above! Start off by uncovering a delicious recipe that you can utilize to create a tasty meal that you will really love. Then, have a look online and search for some entertainment such as a film, game or information publishing source that can keep you occupied for hours on end! You don’t always need to have company to have fun.

Customer Problems You Don’t Need

Trying to deal with customer problems can sometimes seem impossible. There is such stress when it comes to customers because they’re literally the key to the success of your business. So all you need to do is have a few weeks of being unstable with your customers and you could build a bad reputation that’s impossible to get rid of. But we now have more ways to please customers than ever before. We now understand so much about how customers work, how to manage their demands, and how to make sure that you don’t compromise your company. Because some businesses spend so much time and money trying to make sure that their customers are happy that they compromise the original plan of their business. For example, some are forced to change prices, products, and services based on what their customers want, compromising the basis of the company they started. So, we’re going to show you some of the techniques that we think you should be using. Keep on reading to find out more. 

Payment & Debt


The payments that your customers give you will be the reason why you’re having so much success, or perhaps no success at all. The modern thing to do at the minute is to offer customers a payment plan. It’s no secret that customers are lured into buying products or services because they know that they don’t have to pay on the day. When the economy and living prices are so bad, this sounds like a dream. But it’s not exactly a dream for you if they’re not paying you back on time. Then brings the awkwardness of having to try and get the money back. So it might be worth using a collection agency as the best option for you. It’s impossible for you to facilitate collections as well as running your company. Using an outsourced company allows you to liaise with them as well as customers, and it takes the attack from being direct to you. 


Complaints & Reviews


You’re always going to have complaints and reviews come in about your business, and it’s how you deal with them that defines you as a business. Some small businesses tend to ignore the comments and reviews that customers are giving because they don’t know how to react. Yet in our opinion you should be replying to every single complaint and comment in the most professional manner. It shows you in such a good light if you reply to every comment. As for complaints, make sure you’re always handling them so the customer is always right. 


Customer Retention 

To make sure you’re retaining customers you actually have to care about them. Make sure it’s known that your customers are your bread and butter and that you value them as people. If you treat your customers as just one of the many, you’ll soon find that you run into problems. You also need to make sure that your products and services are so perfect that they won’t want to walk away.

Things You May Need To Do Before Your Next Vacation

If you are getting ready for your next vacation, you are probably fretting over passports, tickets, and sunscreen. Unfortunately, these are the last things you should be concentrating on for your vacation, and there are some things that you should do to ensure you have the very best time.


In today’s post, we are going to be looking at a few things that, when done, can make your vacation far more relaxed and allow you to have the best time.


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Why You Should Always Prepare Before Your Holiday


While most people treat travel as a whimsical thing, if you truly want to get the most from your trip, planning will be essential.


It’s important to recognize that so much can go wrong when you head on vacation, so taking every precaution necessary can give you the ultimate reward when it comes to enjoying the trip. 


Make Sure The Bank Know


No matter where you live in the world, the first thing you should do when you know you will be leaving the country is to get online and let the bank know when you will be on holiday and where.


Nowadays, banks are great when it comes to securing your money, but sometimes if we forget to let them know something, it can have huge ramifications for us. If you fail to tell the bank you are going away, the very first time you use your card while you are away will probably be the last.


More often than not, the bank will block the card until you call them and tell them it was you. This alone can cause a few issues and dependant on where you are; you may find the call costs you greatly too.


Prepare For Your Destination


Dependant on where you are travelling to, there may be some large adjustments you need to make to what you normally do.


One thing that can often plan havoc with us is foreign food. It matters not which country you are traveling from or to, any difference in food can really have a huge impact on your tummy. When we eat new cuisine, our body is often not used to it, and when you combine it with the stress of travel and introduction to new bacteria, you are left with an upset tummy.


If you want to prepare for this in advance, be sure to pack some anti diarrhea medication, this can really be one of the best things you do, and it can often save a vacation.


Do Some Research


The best thing you can do before you head on vacation is to do a little research on your destination.


Doing your research will often lead you to some of the most amazing places on offer, and it will also help you avoid the darker areas and tourist traps. 


If you really like to embrace the culture of any destination you visit, then you should make sure you put some real effort in with your research. You will be surprised as to how much more you get from your vacation.

Top 5 Reasons You Need a Debt Lawyer if a Creditor Sues You

In early 2019, the credit card balance that Americans carry from month to month rose to $423.8 billion. Many Americans get in a bind and use their credit cards to pay for everyday expenses including their electric bills, clothes and other essentials.

One wrong move and the house of cards can come tumbling down. Many Americans use the risky move of paying one credit card payment with another credit card. One of the major dangers of paying a credit card payment with another credit card is that the principle on the card never decreases and the debt continues to mount.

Many credit card companies will not allow debtors to pay their credit card payment with another credit card. If you’ve got into debt and creditors are suing you, you may feel stuck and worried without a clue what to do. Continue reading this article to learn the five reasons you should hire a debt collection attorney.

Must-Know Information Regarding Debt Collection Attorneys

If you’ve been looking over websites like, you may be wondering if there are benefits to hiring a debt lawyer.

Can’t you just deal with the problem on your own instead of incurring fees from an attorney? The following information will help you understand the benefits so you can make a decision about what is right for you.

1. Deal with the Problem Quickly

Depending on the state that you live in, you may only have a few days to reply to a lawsuit. When you view the lawsuit, you’ll be able to see how much time you have to reply.

If you ignore it and don’t respond to the lawsuit, the court is likely to put a judgment against you. Contacting an attorney will allow you to get started on your case quickly while you go about your life as normal taking care of your family and working your job.

Many attorneys allow you to come in for a free consultation to make sure they are able to help you with their case.

2. No Second Guessing Your Decisions

When you’re getting letters from attorneys and being serviced with papers, it can be extremely scary. You may also be second-guessing every decision that you make. When you work with a debt attorney, you don’t have to make your decisions based on your limited knowledge.

When you work with a qualified attorney, you’ll be able to consult with them and take advice from someone that knows the laws of your area in and out.

Make sure you hire a reputable attorney to get the best results — more on that later.

3. Possibility to Pay Less Than You Owe

You might be thinking that working with an attorney is just going to be another bill that you have to carry. While attorneys do charge you to take care of your case, that doesn’t mean it will cost you more to work with them.

If you have a valid defense against the creditor like unfair collection practices or some other infraction against the law, you are likely to come out paying less than you would without an attorney.

You must be totally open and honest with the attorney to make sure they understand your case fully before they take it on. If they believe they can help you and still get a good payday out of the case, they will take your case on.

4. Get Your Credit Back on Track

The sooner you start taking care of your debt, the sooner you’ll be able to get your credit on track. Bankruptcy, judgments, liens, late payments, high credit card utilization and other similar marks on your credit make you look like an undesirable debtor.

The sooner you start working with an attorney on your case, the sooner you’ll be able to start getting your credit back on track. Even if your credit shows that you got into some trouble, it is going to be better for you if it shows that you’ve taken care of your debt.

5. Avoid Monthly Debt Settlement Company Fees

When you start struggling with debt, you are likely to come across debt settlement companies that claim they can help you get out of trouble. Most of these companies claim they will be able to negotiate with your creditors to get them to take less money than you owe them.

The only problem is that the debt settlement company has no true power to make these creditors do anything. You may work with these settlement companies and never get the results that you want.

These companies are not held to high standards like attorneys are which could mean that you find yourself working with less than desirable companies.

If you work with a debt settlement company, most of these companies will advise you to pay them instead of your creditors as you work with them. If you do this, you will notice that your credit score begins to suffer more and more.

You’ll be told to save your money to a recommended amount to offer a lump sum to these creditors. Since the sum is less than you owe, the settlement company say this is the value they offer to you. In truth, you could negotiate your own settlement while still paying your creditors, in most cases.

Attorneys will not charge you monthly fees in hopes they will be able to negotiate with your creditors to allow you to pay less money than you owe. They will use the law to help you get out of trouble.

How to Find a Good Debt Collection Attorney

You shouldn’t trust just anyone with your case. You need to make sure the person that you’re dealing with is a reputable attorney. There are some things you can do to make sure the attorney of your choice is one that gets good results and is trustworthy.

Start Out the Old-Fashioned Way

Sometimes the old ways are the best ways to get things done. Speak to your friends and family as well as any professionals that you know and ask them for a referral.

Who have they worked with or do they at least know of someone that has worked with a debt collection attorney? Knowing someone that has personal experience with this attorney will allow you to rest easy that you’re making a good decision.

You may not know anyone that can give you a referral in your area. If that is the case then you should follow the tips below.

Researching Attorneys

Since you don’t know anyone that has experience with an attorney, you need to do some research.

Look at online review sites to see what people are saying about different attorneys. Don’t just go with the first attorney that you find. Set up meetings with at least a couple of attorneys.

When you get to your meeting with the attorney, have a list of questions to ask them so you can get a feel of which person is going to be your best bet. Some of the questions you should ask are as follows:

  • How many cases like mine have you worked on?
  • How long do you foresee this case taking?
  • What means of communication should I expect?
  • Do you do case negotiation yourself or give it to a paralegal to do?

Once you ask these questions, you can get an idea of how they would work with you and which options sound like the best for you. If you don’t want an update every time something changes with your case, it might not be a deal breaker if they don’t update you all of the time. Some people want to know every step of the way and in their case, it would be a deal breaker.

After you find an attorney that you think would be a good option, ask them for references from their previous clients. You don’t want to only read reviews from their site but you want to speak with a real person on the phone to hear about their experience.

Now you know how to choose a great attorney and how they can help you with your debt challenge and it is time to get it taken care of.

Keep Your Family Together After Debt Challenges

It’s no secret that financial problems can tear a family apart. The stress of creditors calling, liens and garnishments can cause stress and frustration with even the strongest couples.

Having a debt collection attorney to help you through the process is helpful but you might need further help. We understand what it is like to go through this scary time.

Read through our other blog posts today for helpful tools and products for your family as you’re recovering from debt.

5 Amazing Reasons You Should Consider Moving to Idaho

Did you know that people move at least 11 times in their lifetime?

Do you know why?

Because they don’t live in Idaho!

Idaho provides a mix of big, metropolitan cities as well as rural, isolated countrysides and mountainous terrains. With plenty of outdoor recreational options on one side of the spectrum and safe, big-city experience on the other, what’s not to love.

For those who want a little of both, many Idaho cities are within an hour of great outdoor destinations.

If you haven’t considered moving to Idaho yet, now is the time!

Benefits of Moving to Idaho

As we have already precluded to, Idaho boasts the best of both worlds – inner-city nightlife, activities, and job opportunities, as well as big outdoor recreational fun. 

However, here are some other factors to consider.

1. Cost of Living

Compared to the other states on the western side of America, Idaho has an incredibly low cost of living. For example, the cost of living in Boise is 8% lower than the national average.

This makes moving to Idaho an ideal choice for new and growing families trying to get a head start in life. 

2. A Great Place to Raise a Family

Moving to Idaho is a fantastic idea for those looking to raise a family.

Cities in Idaho such as Boise, Middleton, Moscow, Rexburg, and Meridian offer safety along with plenty of job opportunities.

Depending on which of these cities you look at, you could have a lively city life or a quiet rural life. Each city offers solid educational opportunities for your children, as well as fun activities for the whole family.

For more on these cities and why they are great locations to raise a family, this post helps explain it.

3. Eco-Friendly Cities

Cities like Boise, Moscow, and Coeur d’Alene are setting the bar high for environmentally conscious cities. 

These cities encourage open-minded thinking and sustainable living practices. In Boise, for example, the city has received rewards for its environmental sustainability efforts. The city also makes a point of recognizing local business putting forth a green effort.

4. Outdoor Recreation

If backpacking, kayaking, white-water rafting, horseback riding, camping, hiking, and mountain biking sound like fun to you, Idaho is the place to be.

With endless outdoor recreation options, Idaho is a destination spot for tourists and outdoor enthusiasts alike. 

There are also natural attractions unique to Idaho, such as Hell’s Canyon, the Shoshone Falls, caves, hot springs, and sand dunes, to name a few.  

Moving to Idaho puts you right in the middle of enough the outdoor experiences to last you a lifetime.

5. Job Opportunities

Finally, in an ever-changing economy, moving to Idaho will place you in the center of a high job opportunity state.

Idaho is highly ranked in low unemployment rates, job growth, and job opportunities. Simply put, it’s a great place for job security.

What Do You Have to Lose?

If you’re considering moving to Idaho, you have a bright path in front of you full of adventure, beauty, and happiness. 

Where ever you choose to plant your roots, Idaho is a fantastic state. 

Start looking now, what do you have to lose?

Coping With Secondary Infertility

Raising children is wonderful, isn’t it? When you have your own children, you spend every day in a state of bliss mixed with wonder mixed with frustration at the small creatures that you have to train into adulthood. You go from wanting to hide in a closet with a glass of wine to avoid the knocking, mashed-potato covered minion that you created yourself, to standing and staring while they sleep in total awe that you have created this little piece of immortality. It’s a rollercoaster of a ride and for most people, having one or two children is the goal in their life. They get to have a family, their first born gets a sibling and everyone is happy.

Except, there are a minority of people that suffer with secondary infertility. If you haven’t heard of it, you’re not alone. When you try for and conceive your first child, there’s a part of you that feels a flood of relief. It’s like ticking a box to say that your body can function the way that it was built to by nature. You can create and carry life within your womb; it’s a blessing. So, when it comes to trying for another baby and nothing happens, you’re not immediately concerned. After all, you’ve got a toddler tearaway running around chattering to imaginary friends and tormenting the cat. You’ve already confirmed that you can carry children, so it’s bound to happen again eventually, right?

Image Source

Well, no, not quite. Secondary infertility is the struggle to conceive children again after a successful conception and pregnancy of a first child. It’s not something that’s talked about, mainly because there are a bunch of clichés that people hit you with when you try to explain that you’re struggling to conceive despite months of trying. Some of these are:


“Oh, well at least you CAN carry a baby.”

“Even if it doesn’t happen for you again, at least you have the one child already.”

“How can you be struggling, you’ve been pregnant before!”

Each of these clichés is a needle in the heart of a woman yearning for another baby to carry, nurture and birth. The thing is, secondary infertility has no rhyme or reason to it. It has no pattern, no predictability and you can find yourself desperately clawing for information as to why you managed to conceive once, but despite regular ovulation and sex, it’s just not happening again. Some couples try for years before turning desperately to affordable IVF. They go through heartache trying to figure out what’s ‘wrong’, but if the medical professionals run their tests and scans and can find nothing, this is often far worse. At least if there’s a reason to blame, you have a focus, a thing to think, ‘yes, this is why I can’t get pregnant, and now I can fix it.’ Once you know the problem, you can find a solution. Secondary infertility unfortunately has solutions that are more than just the sperm meets egg plan.

When you have a child already, there is an added layer of heartache for secondary infertility: you already know what you are missing. Your body has already experienced the joy of pregnancy, labour and birth. You’ve already got the war wounds of scars and stretchmarks on your belly to represent fecundity and fertility. And now your fertility has abandoned you and the guilt of not being able to provide your child with a sibling and your partner with another child can be crippling. Secondary infertility is no less devastating than infertility when you are childless in the first place; they are both hard situations to be a part of. The key here, is learning to cope with the diagnosis. Understanding any changes in your life since your first child was born is the first place to look. Sometimes, secondary infertility can be due to age – especially if you were much younger with your first child compared to now. Fertility diminishes over time, and your choices in when you choose to try for a baby can affect your egg quality and the regularity of an egg being released.

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You should be as proactive as possible about medical help. It’s not just about finding the best fertility doctor, either. You should read up on acupuncture and homeopathy so that you can learn the ways that you can help your body to regulate properly, to ovulate with good quality eggs. While you’re researching the best doctors and help out there, you should do as much research as you can about the tests that you can expect. Testing for secondary infertility can be invasive, which you should be okay with before you get started. Make a plan for you and your partner to face it all together and embrace how you feel. The pain you are going through isn’t going to go away immediately and the anger, sadness and anxious feelings are all normal responses to being told that you are not able to have children without help. It’s a hard blow to the heart and can make you feel rather empty on the inside.

The important thing to remember if you get a diagnosis of secondary infertility is that you haven’t done anything wrong. You need to accept that this is the situation, but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your dream of expanding your family. You do have a child to concentrate on at home, which can provide an excellent distraction while you’re attending appointments and having tests done. It’s important that you accept how you feel and keep moving forward, finding a way to have more children that you desire. Worrying about what’s doing to come next can really rob you of the joy that you feel today. There will be tough questions ahead for you; some you’ll ask and others you’ll receive. The way to handle it is to keep as positive as you can and be truthful. Secondary infertility is not something to be ashamed of.



What you need to know about Palm Oil

Palm oil is in over half of our packaged foods we buy. It has been known that people do not know a whole lot about palm oil, however, I am here to fill you in on everything you need to know.


What exactly is palm oil? It is an oil used for cooking and household food preparations. Palm oil has lots of positive benefits. Palm oil has a string resistant to oxidation, which improves the shelf life longer, causing it to not spoil as fast. Along with its resistances, it also brings out the flavor in foods it is cooked with, the make the tastes very enjoyable. Some of the things you can cook with palm oil are Better for you chicken nuggets, truffle & herb-spiked cheese potatoes, and baked sweet potato fries. They all taste so delicious when using the palm oil to pre the food and to cook it in.

Malaysia is a trusted supplier of certified sustainable palm oils. Palm oil has been the most primary contributors towards economic development in Malaysia. Since planting palm oil Malaysia has thrived economically and with employment. Palm oil has been used to help raise rural income, and the standard of living.

Here is a recipe that requires Palm Oil that is one of my favorites.

Heirloom Tomato Salad with Dill Yoghurt

  • 8 types x 4 heirloom tomatoes

For Dill Yoghurt

  • 250 ML fresh yogurt
  • 1 tsbp fresh lemon juice
  • 1 bunch clean fresh dill

To make dill yogurt, whisk all ingredients together. Store chilled in the fridge until needed.
Meanwhile, cut each tomato into different shapes. Place them in whatever design you fancy on your plate, then serve with dill yogurt.
I become aware of this recipe in the book called “Back to Basics Culinary Delights with Palm Oil” by MPOC. In this book, it has many recipes you can try out!

Declutter and Decorate For a Spectacular Spring Ready Home!

Spring is well and truly here and your home needs to get ready for the joys of sporadic sunshine in the next few months. There is something a little therapeutic about having a spring clean so let’s make it happen for your home. In order to give your abode the full overhaul you need to get rid of the stuff you don’t need that is cluttering up your homely environment. Treat yourself to a bedroom revamp and a kitchen uplift with just a few easy steps. Start with throwing out the junk and then enjoy bringing in the new!

Smart Selling

Cleaning up your home for spring doesn’t need to be a troublesome task; you can actually make some extra money if you do everything right. Your rooms could look a whole lot more spacious if you just got rid of some of your bigger items by selling them online. People love to buy second hand furniture for a discounted price and it couldn’t be easier to send them items if you use Shiply. Your unwanted furniture could be cleared out of your home within a couple of days and safely transported to their new home without a fuss. You will have some extra money to spend on your new furniture too.

Light and Bright

Warm and cosy color schemes are perfect for autumn and winter weather, but you really want to brighten up your home when it gets lighter and warmer outside. Think about adding brighter décor and paint to your rooms such as pastels, neutrals and whites. Not only will your rooms feel a lot bigger but you will also have an elegant springtime feel throughout your home.

Fabulous Furniture

Now that you have got rid of your old furniture by selling it online, you can bring in some new items to match your lighter and brighter home. Try and find delicate and dainty furniture pieces which aren’t going to hog the space in your living room, bedroom, kitchen and dining room. The more compact your furniture is, the more space you will have to rearrange your rooms whenever you like.


Decorative Details

Adding the finishing touches to your spectacular spring home it the most exciting part of the makeover. The small details are what really make an impact on the overall vibe throughout the house. Choose a statement accessory to dress up each room in your dreamy dwelling. It could be anything from an ornate vase in the living room to a dainty set of scented candles in the bedroom. Go for the accessories which compliment your personal style and preferences, so that your home feels unique and special to you.

So spruce up your home and give it a springtime vibe; no more gloomy lighting, bulky furniture and drab decor. Your home will feel revitalized in an instant and you will be loving your new spectacular spring chateaux. It’s time to embrace the springtime vibes, so bring on the barbecues and social events in your new glam pad!

De-clutter Tips

For great tips on how to live clutter free check out this amazing guide!




Looking Good? How To Get Your House Ready For A Viewing



If you’re looking to move on in life, inevitably, the topic of selling your home comes up. If you are keen on moving on the pretty quickly, and you want to get your house sold, this can be done. It does require a lot of work, but, from the moment you put it onto the market to the moment that it is out of your hands, it could take just a few months. One of the main things to bear in mind when selling your home, is to make sure that it’s viewer ready. So, when someone comes by to view your home, what are the best things for you to implement?


Creating a blank canvas

Every potential viewer wants to picture themselves in the home. This is very difficult if you have your personality emblazoned on every wall in sight. Sure, a space is like the kitchen will have some superficial work done to it to make it appear more modern, but there are things you need to do to make sure that your personality doesn’t impose on the viewer’s decision of whether they want to buy or not. This is why a blank canvas helps so much. And you can do this by painting the walls a neutral color, minimizing clutter, and making sure that there is enough light entering the house.


Making everything up to code

If the house has certain problems, either from a structural standpoint, or in relation to the electrics or plumbing, these need to be fixed first. It might not be something that crosses your mind at the outset, but by using plumbing services that wow clients and viewers alike inspires confidence in the home as a whole. Look at it from your perspective, you would not dare purchase a property where there is a chance that something could break that will cost you an arm and a leg. Whether it’s superficial issues in the exterior walls, or the plumbing is old, it’s best to have someone inspect the property and give you an honest opinion if the house is up to code.


Maximizing curb appeal

Curb appeal is one of those all-important terms now that is bandied around by estate agents. It’s one of those things that you need to consider, especially if you are looking to sell it quickly. Curb appeal is, as expected, what aspects of the home appeal to someone passing by. If you haven’t considered the exterior of your property, and are focused on the interiors only, you need to think about the first impressions your home makes on a potential buyer. This means that, as well as making sure the walls are looking okay and the driveway is paved properly, that there isn’t anything to detract from the quality of your home in comparison to the others in the street. This is something lots of people don’t think about but you need to make sure that your home is in keeping with all the others. If your home looks too palatial in comparison to the rest of the other houses, this could signal alarm bells in a buyers mind as to the quality of the area.


These are the three fundamentals of getting your home up to speed before reviewing. Get these right, and it will make for a much quicker process.

Stop Trying To Lose Weight Alone

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Weight loss may be a personal goal, but that doesn’t mean you should do it alone. Like any challenge, having motivation from other people can help to spur you on. Here are just a few ways to lose weight with the help of other people.


Find a weight loss partner


Got a friend or family member that also wants to shed the pounds? Trying to lose weight together could be beneficial to you both. You can both motivate one another – when one person doesn’t want to go to the gym or thinks about giving in to an unhealthy food, the other person can help to steer them the right way. Having a weight loss partner may even offer some healthy competition – if they lose more pounds than you in a month, it could spur you to try and do better the next month to try and beat their weight loss.


Join weight loss groups


There are a large number of weight loss groups that can also provide encouragement. This could be a dieting group such as Weight Watchers in which everyone provides encouragement for each other. Alternatively, it could be an exercise group such as a spin class or a regimental fitness class – not everyone may be there to lose weight, but you’ll still have people encouraging you to work hard and attend the next class.


Get guidance from a professional


Another option could to hire the help of a professional. This could be a culinary nutrition expert who can help you to come up with a personalised diet or a personal trainer who can create a personalised exercise regime. Not only can these professionals advise you on the best ways to lose weight for your individual needs, they can also provide expert motivation. The incentive of paying for their advice also could encourage you to keep up the hard work.


Use weight loss apps


Apps may not be human beings, but they can still provide the outside encouragement needed to help you lose weight. There are apps that can count your steps, tell you how many calories are in certain foods, give you meal plan ideas or simply help you record your progress. There are lots of these weight loss apps out there – it could be worth testing multiple ones out until you find one that motivates you.


Encourage your friends and family to motivate you


Your friends and family can provide a vital influence on how well you follow your weight loss plan. You want to make sure that they’re supporting you – they shouldn’t be talking you out of exercise or eating unhealthy snacks in front of you, but instead helping to make healthy meals for you and driving you to the gym. Have a word with your friends and family if you think they’re being a negative influence. Your friends and family shouldn’t have to change their lifestyle to suit yours, however they should have the respect to let you follow your goals.

4 Surprising Ways That Lack Of Sleep Is Harming Your Health

Everybody knows you should get at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep a night but most of us don’t manage it. When you’re working late and getting up early, it’s difficult to fit it in. The problem is, a lot of people don’t realize how dangerous it is. They think that the only negative effect of not getting a good night’s sleep is that you’ll be tired the next day, but it’s a lot worse than that.

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There are a lot of reasons that you aren’t sleeping properly and the first thing you should be doing is addressing them. One of the biggest problems these days is computer and phone screens; if you’re looking at a screen before you go to bed, the light tricks your brain into thinking that it’s still daytime and it won’t shut down. Other things like not having a regular routine for sleep or even having a messy bedroom can stop you from getting good sleep as well. In a lot of cases, people can’t get a good night’s sleep because their mattresses are old and they don’t offer enough support. Even if they can sleep, they won’t get good, restful sleep. Those are the reasons why you might not be getting enough sleep, these are some of the ways that it’s damaging your health.


Weight Gain


If you’re trying to watch what you’re eating and you’re exercising regularly but you still can’t shake that excess weight, it might be because you aren’t getting enough shut eye. When you’re sleep deprived, the chemicals in your brain that tell you when you’re full up are a bit off balance and so you think you’re hungry when you aren’t. That means you’re far more likely to eat more than you need to and put on weight. It’s also harder to find the motivation to cook healthy meals or exercise if you’re tired all of the time.


Memory Problems


When you go to sleep, your body is still working. It takes this time to form connections in the brain that help you to retain memories from the day. If you aren’t sleeping the recommended amount, your brain won’t do this effectively. That means you’ll experience problems with both your long and short term memory. If you keep forgetting things all the time, you need to get to bed a little bit earlier.


Weak Immune System


A strong immune system is the key to avoiding most illnesses and if you don’t have one, you’re going to get sick all the time. Lack of sleep weakens your immune system a lot so your body won’t be as efficient at fighting off bacteria and germs that you’re exposed to in everyday life. That means you’re far more likely to catch a cold or get the flu.




Not getting enough sleep affects your body’s release of insulin, the hormone that lowers blood sugar. This increases your risk of developing diabetes so if you’re also eating quite a lot of sugary foods you’re putting yourself in real danger.


Lack of sleep is far more dangerous than people realize so make sure you’re getting enough every night.

Posture Correction Back Brace


Posture Correction Back Brace

This is a sponsored post, however, all of the thoughts and opinions are my own.

As I am getting older I realized I was starting to ache all over. I was aching especially in my back, and the reason I was aching so bad in my back had to do with how bad my posture was throughout the years. I knew that I had to find a solution to this, so I started doing research and came across the Posture Corrector Upper Brace Back. It helps with pulling your shoulders back making me stand straighter giving me a boost when I walk.

Within just one day I realized how well this brace was helping me, my pain eased, I could feel my muscles getting more leans, and my flexibility was improving! Even when I’m not wearing the brace I can see a huge difference in my posture. You will be able to put this product on by yourself without help, it is like you are putting go on a backpack.

What I Love About the Posture Corrector Upper Back Brace

You can purchase this brace for $23.84 plus taxes and it will be one of the best 23.84 dollars you have ever spent. It has made me feel more confident about my appearance and posture. It can be worn under loose clothing, or on top whichever you prefer. Its very lightweight so sometimes I even forget its on me! I’m sure you will experience the same thing once you put it on.

This back brace can be worn while working out, at the office, while cooking dinner, typing on the computer, or during any everyday activity.

This back brace also helps with injuries. Back injuries are the WORSE and that is why the best is here to help. Not only does this help with back injuries but it also helps with preventing back injuries in the future. I give this product a 10 out of 10 stars!

Reading Kingdom

Reading Kingdom

With all the toddler learning materials out there it’s hard to tell which ones effective and which ones are not worth your time. I do find it imperative to teach my 3-year-old some beginning of the reading, writing, and such that way he’s ahead of the curve instead of behind it when he gets to pre-k. But as most parents find out, the attention span of a 3-year-old is barely anything but lasting. The only thing that does seem to keep my son’s attention is a game or a tv program. That’s what brought me to the Reading Kingdom.

I’ve had difficulty teaching my son basic reading, writing, and phonics. Sitting a 3-year-old down to learn something that even as I grew older I didn’t want to learn is rather difficult. The Reading Kingdom combines some of the best teaching effects with the new age technology that our kids today grow up around. It incorporates 6 key skills: Phonics, Sequencing, Writing, Meaning, Grammar, and Comprehension. It has a multitude of levels that allow the user to start at whatever level they are at and advance them at the pace that is most suitable for them. It’s recommended the child take lessons 4-5 times a week but if your child is like mine, once they get into it, that is rarely the problem. Sometimes it’s hard to parent a kid to the table to eat when they’re enjoying themselves so much while learning.

In the 30-day free trial, my son has gone from not knowing what a letter was, to being able to nearly spell his name. The best part of it all is that he’s excited to learn because he thinks its just a game. I’d recommend the Reading Kingdom to anyone who is looking for fun interactive ways to have your kids learn their basics and even up to advanced reading level.

Affording A Family Car

This is a sponsored post although this is 100% my opinion.

When your family expands you might find that the two-seater convertible you bought when you were 20 just isn’t practical anymore. It can be stressful trying to find a car which is large enough for your family as well as economic on the road.

The price of a large family car can be pretty steep, and because of this, you can end up with a massive loan to pay back alongside all of your other bills and family costs. It can mount up so much that you question whether you can afford a car at all. This is why you should look around before you purchase a vehicle.

But not to worry, we have some ways you can afford a car for your family without having to worry about anything…


Some car manufacturers will give you the chance to put your old car up for scrappage in return for money towards your new vehicle. This is a type of funding that has been around for years and it will make buying a new car much easier for you and your family. Simply give your car in and they will offer you up to a couple of grand for the scrappage, which you can put towards a family car of your choice.

Government Grant

One of the bonuses with the rise of the electric car is that the government are encouraging people to buy them. The reason for this, of course, is that many countries are now trying to do all they can to reduce CO2 emissions and make the world more sustainable. It means that if you find an electric family car, you could be given a government grant in order to buy it. It can cover up to 35%of the cost of the car!

Part Exchanging

A very popular way that people use to save money on a car is to part exchange their old vehicle. This involves essentially selling your car to the dealer in order to get a discount off the full price of a new car.

Use Finance

These days many people decide to use a finance deal in order to pay off their car. This means that the value of the car will be split up into a term of approximately 3-4 years, and you will pay a chunk of this each month and finish the loan with a balloon payment if you want to keep the vehicle at the end. If you don’t, you can use the value of the car to put towards a new one.

Bad Credit Car Finance

The idea or getting a guaranteed personal loan might be a little bit of a pipe dream if you have bad credit, however, there are some schemes which you can use to buy a car even if your credit score isn’t too great. This is a great option if you have fallen a little on hard times and have a bad credit rating. It means you still have a chance to purchase and own a car for you and your family.

Soft and Care Seat Cushion


Soft and Care Cushion Seat

We all have that favorite chair. It’s usually the one that’s the newest and the cushions haven’t been sat on for so much that it remembers you more than you’d like it to. Especially at work. You finally get that new chair and it sits great for like 3-4 months. Then you start noticing your back and bum hurting again because its no longer has the cushion to support them. I’ve been there. Working in the office 8-5 spending most of my day in a single chair, you at least want to be comfortable and not get up without hurting.

Thankfully I got my soft and care cushion set to office chair back in place I enjoy sitting at.


When I started using the soft and care I immediately noticed the back support. The lower back pain that came from sitting effectively on plastic was no longer there. And when I got up my rear end no longer hurt. The memory foam really makes it comfortable to sit for hours on end and not feel like that when I get up. Unlike my previous seat paddings which were usually some form of leather, the breathable material in the case keeps it so I don’t sweat the pressure that comes from sitting for long periods. The iPhone or mp3 slip on the back piece makes it easy for me to listen to my music without having the cords stretch across my hands and keyboard, interrupting my typing. And with the straps, I can clip it all together and take it with me on trips. Adding the soft and care cushions immediately upgrades any seat into that perfect feeling chair. If you’re having back and bum pains from sitting hours on end in an uncomfortable chair, I highly recommend you get soft and care cushion. Sitting down will no longer be a dreaded experience.

Car Trunk Organizer

This is a sponsored post but these thoughts are opinions are my own.

One of the most important things to be successful and successes in life is to be organized. I enjoy knowing where everything it at, knowing everything looks nice and I feel as if I sleep better at night knowing I am prepared for what is thrown at me. This is one of the reasons why I LOVE the Premium Car Truck Organizer. It fits perfectly in the back of my car, and it’s a perfect size. I can fit folders and binders for my work, have enough room for my first aid kit, and anything extra I will need for the day.


This truck organizer costs only $19.95 and it has a lifetime warranty. It is made from some of the best material for storage. It can hold up to 100 lbs causing it not to tear, rip, or break easily. I love how I do not have to worry about what I put in here! With work being hectic sometimes I need to travel with a lot of binders and folders but having this organizer I’m confident that it will not spill, or tip over causing a big mess.
Now I am not the best driver, sometimes taking the curves a little sharper than I should (but who doesn’t?) and I have never seen this car-truck organizer slide or fall over. It has these amazing anti-slip grips that help with sliding making sure everything you have in the organizer stays put.
Being very flexible its easy to fit into smaller trucks. You can fold up one side if it is too long for your car, making it shorter. If you need to move stuff into your trunk it is easy to maneuver around making space for whatever else you needed. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great product to stay organized!!

Cricut Maker Great for crafts and so much more…

I use mine a lot, especially for the grand babies birthdays!!! You can do so much with it!

Your next creative leap starts with the Cricut Maker. Whether you’re brand new to crafting or an experienced pro, Circut smart cutting machines and apps take any project big or small to the next level.

Using the Cricut Maker is as easy as 1-2-3. Design from scratch or select from thousands of ready-to-make projects, load into the machine to cut, and then sit back and admire your masterpiece.

Make more than you can imagine. Discover the possibilities today.

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