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Reading Kingdom


Reading Kingdom

With all the toddler learning materials out there it’s hard to tell which ones effective and which ones are not worth your time. I do find it imperative to teach my 3-year-old some beginning of the reading, writing, and such that way he’s ahead of the curve instead of behind it when he gets to pre-k. But as most parents find out, the attention span of a 3-year-old is barely anything but lasting. The only thing that does seem to keep my son’s attention is a game or a tv program. That’s what brought me to the Reading Kingdom.

I’ve had difficulty teaching my son basic reading, writing, and phonics. Sitting a 3-year-old down to learn something that even as I grew older I didn’t want to learn is rather difficult. The Reading Kingdom combines some of the best teaching effects with the new age technology that our kids today grow up around. It incorporates 6 key skills: Phonics, Sequencing, Writing, Meaning, Grammar, and Comprehension. It has a multitude of levels that allow the user to start at whatever level they are at and advance them at the pace that is most suitable for them. It’s recommended the child take lessons 4-5 times a week but if your child is like mine, once they get into it, that is rarely the problem. Sometimes it’s hard to parent a kid to the table to eat when they’re enjoying themselves so much while learning.

In the 30-day free trial, my son has gone from not knowing what a letter was, to being able to nearly spell his name. The best part of it all is that he’s excited to learn because he thinks its just a game. I’d recommend the Reading Kingdom to anyone who is looking for fun interactive ways to have your kids learn their basics and even up to advanced reading level.

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