Smartish Wallet Slayer, Cable Wrangler & Prop Tart Phone Protection

I am fortunate to become a Mimi three times over in three years to all boys. I knew my life would revolve around rough and rowdy days….

All three of my grandsons are all boy! Now ages 7, 6 & 5, their only goal in life is to fight over who gets to play on my phone first and when I say fight over it I mean my phone falling to the ground at least once or twice before I have to step in.

I was always reluctant to letting them grab and use it because of how expensive the iPhones are! I was so excited to try out the new Smartish Wallet Slayer, this is extremely durable and I love the color & texture of this phone case. Best of all it can hold my licenses and credit card.

But their quality doesn’t end there! They have an amazing, Smartish Cable Wrangler that is ideal to keep all of your wires organized, this comes in handy for me since I use a really long phone charger that always ends up on the floor and risks getting stepped on! This magnetic organizers has saved me a ton of money from having to replace the chargers I kept stepping on and braking!

My favorite accessory though is the Smartish Prop Tart, this allows me to be able to text and maneuver my phone one handed, which comes in handy when you have to chase boys around all day! I love how I can use it to prop up and allow the boys to watch my phone without actually touching it.

I love all these products and as you can see they are made of very high quality materials. These are truly a lifesaver to my busy  lifestyle who lives on her phone. Check them out, you won’t regret it!



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