Can You Avoid Unavoidable Car Expenses?

Can You Avoid Unavoidable Car Expenses?


By definition, something that is unavoidable can’t be avoided. The clue’s in the name, so to say. Except that our perception of unavoidably can vary greatly. Indeed, we tend to think of inevitability as the state of an event or a situation that unfolds without anybody being able to prevent or reverse it. 

It was unavoidable that he got sick after spending a cold day outside without a coat. 

Of course, you’d get burned if you play with fire without knowing how to control it! 

Yes, we can all expect an inevitable increase in our energy bills during the pandemic, as we’re spending more time at home. 


But car expenses, are they truly just as unavoidable as the rest? It turns out that, in most cases, they are not. While there is no denying that your car will require maintenance, these are costs that can be budgeted ahead. But expensive repair costs, more often than not, are preventable. Here are some tips to help you manage freak incidents or accidents that can ruin your budget. 

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Car crashes, even minor, can drain your income

Being a careful and mindful driver isn’t enough on the road. You can’t control all factors. You’ve only got control over your vehicle – as long as you maintain it enough. Sometimes, you end up in a situation where you can’t avoid a crash with another driver. Why is this unavoidable if there was nothing I can do, you ask. The drain on your budget is. You may be unsure how to proceed. Should you go through the insurance claim route? There are other options that could be more valuable for you. More importantly, you want to ask what you could gain from legal advice: Why should you hire a personal injury lawyer? Indeed, personal injury claims can still be filed even if you haven’t sustained a physical loss. The presence of a legal specialist ensures fair and speedy compensation, helping you avoid expensive repair costs! 


Working on your car doesn’t always save costs

There’s an implicit rule for car ownership; it’s called “own it”. If you buy a car, it’s a good idea to buy a mechanics bible book, such as the Haynes manual, about your vehicle. While it doesn’t mean you have to do all the repair work yourself, it gives you an overview of how things hang together. And with that knowledge, you can learn how to work on your car and shave costs. You can troubleshoot simple issues, for instance, and save yourself a ton of money by ordering the broken parts. However, if you’re going to invest time in your vehicle, you need to get the right equipment. Why isn’t your DIY kit sufficient for car repairs? Because mechanics have dedicated tools that are fit for purpose. From ensuring you can gain safe access under the vehicle with a car lift to seeking specialist brake tools, you need the right kit to save money. Otherwise, you could do more damage than good! 


Don’t let it rust, wash it close

Every car enthusiast would tell you that washing your vehicle by hand is an essential maintenance step. You may be tempted to drive to the nearest car washing station and get your vehicle clean and shiny in no time. However, washing stations don’t provide the same result as a thorough and attentive handwash. How do you hand wash your car safely and effectively? You will need a variety of kits, from automotive soap to fit-for-purpose scrubbing brushes. Handwash lets you clean areas that tend to go unnoticed at a washing station. You can also check the body for potential problem areas, such as missing paint or rust spots. Addressing issues immediately means you can cut down expensive body repairs! 


Modifications don’t make it better

Why do people spend so much time and money on car customization? Drivers spend billions every year to modify their vehicles. Unfortunately, their efforts can fall flat as a lot of modifications could harm the vehicle. Customization can alter the car in a way that will cause malfunctions, such as introducing oversized tires and wheels which could affect the steering components. When customization causes damage, the manufacturer retracts the warranty, meaning you’re left to pay for the repair yourself. Additionally, turning a vehicle into something that it wasn’t designed to be could make it more vulnerable to issues. Compromised chassis and suspensions is a common consequence for DIY customization projects. Is your modification worth putting your safety at risk? 


In conclusion, not all car expenses are doomed to happen. There is always a risk of unexpected issues that can drive costs high. However, more often than not, car owners fail to consider their financial strategy. If you are willing to boost your automotive knowledge, you can find budget-friendly options to maintain and reduce your vehicle costs. 

Tips On Installing A Ramp In Your Home

Making your home more accessible can add value to your home and not to mention being useful for any friends and family members who have access requirements. Here are some tips on installing a ramp in your home.

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Your Budget

The budget is always an important factor when it comes to installing accessible equipment, particularly for ramps, as they are not cheap to install. To get a proper one in place, you want to be willing to spend a bit of money, whether you opt for a mobile one or one that’s permanently installed. Think about the budget you have available and what you can reasonably afford. There are certain installations that might be able to do payment plans, so work out what’s best for you beforehand.


The Type Of Ramp

It’s good to get an idea firstly of what type of ramp you are after and more importantly, where you want this ramp to go. The type of ramp can vary depending on the size to cater for specific wheelchair users and whether it includes any sort of handle or lift mechanism for higher-level floors. Handicap ramps can be really beneficial to install and so if you’re looking into the types that are on offer, it’s worth doing some research. Ideally, you want it to cater for most wheel-chair and access required users, but you also don’t want it looking too different to the rest of your property.


Typically, the width of most ramps should be a minimum of 36 inches. This is because most wheelchairs end up starting at this size and go upwards.


Materials To Use 

There are a variety of ramp styles to choose from, but it’s also worth considering the materials that you’ll use depending on your area’s weather conditions. The more durable the material, the longer it will last, but if you live in a hotter climate, you may want to opt for wooden, rather than metal which will end up getting hot and expanding. Make sure you factor this in when deciding on the materials you want to use because these may end up making a huge difference to how functional the ramp is.


Where To Place It

When it comes to placing the ramp, you have a number of options. Depending on where your front or main door sits is the ideal spot for the ramp to go but you need to make sure that it fits and leaves space for everyone else to be able to walk past freely. It might be that you have the ramp within your home and so more space will want to be factored in for this. If you’re going to have a ramp that does more than just sit there, then you want to think about electrical points and how to keep it dry.

Getting a ramp for your home is certainly useful, and if you have a bit of a disposable income going, then it’s definitely worth getting in order to help make your home more accessible and wheelchair-friendly.

Six Ways to Profit From Your Land

If you live in a rural area and have plenty of extra land available that you’re not using, then it’s possible to turn it into a form of passive income that is surprisingly lucrative. If it’s land you no longer have time to look after or land that’s in a very desirable area, then here are six ways that you could potentially profit from your land.

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  1. Renting your land as garden plots


There are a lot of people that wish they had a larger garden. If you’ve got a lot of land lying around with no real use then there are probably a lot of people that envy you right now. One way you could profit from your land is to simply rent out sections of it as a garden plot where others can use it to grow crops, flowers or anything they want.


  1. Contact large businesses


There are actually many ways to profit from your land through other businesses. For instance, you may want to contact a cell tower attorney if a company has approached you regarding building a cell tower on your land. Even if there’s currently a cell tower near your home, it could be possible to renegotiate your contract for more money.


  1. Offer storage


Whether you build a large shed and give locals the option to store their belongings inside or even just outdoor storage such as parking spaces, storage can be a great way to profit from your land. You’ll need to check for local pricing for storage if you want to maximize profits.


  1. Raise animals and set up a petting zoo


This is quite a lot of effort but ultimately a fun and interesting way to make money if you have a passion for raising animals. It could be cows, goats, chickens or pigs–if you’re willing to keep these animals healthy and raise them, then it could be turned into a lucrative venture.


  1. Building up a local playground


If you want to do something nice and give back to the community, then it’s possible to set up a local playground for kids and families. You won’t get any money from this immediately, but you could use it as an attraction for other services like your produce or by hosting events and charging organizers a small fee.


  1. Let campers onto your land for a fee


If you own a large open space near a lot of other nature attractions such as rivers, lakes and forests, then giving campers the option to set up on your land for a price is a great way to make a bit of money. Set up some toilets and you have a fully-functional and attractive camping location.

Your land is your own and you’re free to do whatever you want with it, but it’s worth considering these ideas if you’re ever in need of a bit of extra income for a minimal amount of work.

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