Are Things Just Not Working In Your Relationship?

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A good relationship can be one of the most wonderful things in the world. Finding that one person who you connect with more than anyone else is a feeling that nothing else can quite match. Of course, pretty much any adult knows that, when it comes to relationships, things generally aren’t all sunshine and rainbows every minute of every day. The truth is that relationships can be a lot of hard work much of the time. That being said, there’s a big difference between a relationship that takes the same level of work as any other and one where it seems like things really aren’t working at all. If you find yourself in that kind of situation it can be really upsetting. After all, having to look at a relationship and acknowledge that things aren’t really working can be an incredibly difficult thing to do. However, it’s an essential step if you want to start making improvements in both your relationship and your life. With that in mind, here are some of the signs that your relationships just might not be working.


You’re holding each other back


One of the hardest things for a lot of people to realise that there doesn’t need to be anything “bad” in a relationship for it to not be quite working. You and your partner could both be wonderful people who care a great deal about each other and work to support each other wherever you can. But that doesn’t mean that you’re always going to be on the same path in life. Perhaps one of you is unable to embrace their career to the fullest because of the other’s circumstances. This is a situation where you either need to find a way to create a sense of balance between those two things or make the hard decision to walk away.


You argue all the time


The occasional disagreement is pretty much an essential part of any relationship. It’s just a natural result of two people spending a whole lot of time together. However, if you and your partner find yourselves arguing all the time the point that it devolves into screaming matches, that’s a sign that something is wrong. A lot of the time, an argument is often about something completely different than it might seem. The only way to get past this is to sit down and try to figure out what the emotional core of the situation is. Until you do that, you’re just going to keep going round in circles.


You’re self-destructing


Sometimes it’s not a matter of having a problem with your partner but that, no matter how much you might care about each other, you’re leading each other down a bad path. Everything from an unhealthy lifestyle to things like substance abuse, if you and your partner are indulging in one another’s self-destruction, that’s a serious problem. From couple’s drug rehab to counseling sessions, there are plenty of options available to you. However, sometimes the best thing you can do for both of you is just to get out of that situation and walk away entirely.


You’re being mistreated


Of course, not all of the issues in a relationship are quite as two-sided as these previous examples. The truth is that your relationship might not be working because you’re not being treated as well as you should be. If you find yourself constantly walking on eggshells out of fear of setting your partner off, if they make you feel smaller and lesser than them, or if you’re actually afraid of them, those are clear signs that you’re not being treated the way that you should. If that’s the case then, as hard as it can be, walking away really is the only option.

One of the most important things to remember is that there’s no hard and fast rule to deal with any of these things or any part of a relationship for that matter. The truth is that it will always come down to you and your specific situation when you’re trying to find some way to deal with any problems that you might be having. Remember that there’s nothing wrong with reaching a point where all you can do is just walk away. But it’s also just as important to remember that no one who is on the outside of your relationship can make that decision for you. Sure people can give you incredibly useful advice but, in the end, the only people who can make the choice of what to do about your relationship are you and your partner.

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It’s Time To Stop Letting People Take Advantage Of Your Good Nature

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Being a genuinely nice person is something that should be celebrated. Sadly, there will always be a number of people ready to take advantage of you. Worse still, it’s likely that you’ve allowed them to get away with it for far too long. Now is the time to put an end to those problems.  


Your first step is to identify the biggest culprits before taking the necessary steps to prevent any further problems. Here are four examples that deserve your full attention. 


1| Friends & Family 


Admitting that a loved one is taken advantage of you is tough. However, a little honesty goes a long way, especially when followed by a commitment to stand up for yourself. 


Knowing when a relationship needs to end can be very liberating. Other examples include spotting a sibling or friend that borrows money and asks for favors without offering any in return. Essentially, any friendship or relationship should be mutually beneficial. 


As you get older, you appreciate the fact that quality is far greater than quantity. A small circle of people that enrich your life is the answer. Every single time. 


2| Employers 


Your employer is the person that gave you the opportunity to earn money. As such, it’s natural that you may let the odd mishap slide. But you must not ignore mistreatment. 


This can manifest itself in many ways. Whether it’s pursuing action after a work injury or seeking your entitled holiday leave or overtime pay doesn’t matter. Having the confidence to ensure that you are treated fairly in all situations will unlock huge rewards. 


Another example is when you aren’t getting paid a suitable fee. A little research will show what people in your role expect to get paid. Don’t be afraid to seek the raise you deserve. 


3| Companies 


Most businesses will be quick to correct mistakes when it works in their favor. When it works in yours, though, they are often far less willing to make a noise. So, you’ll have to do it instead. 


Service providers often sell excessive packages. Run a broadband speed test. Check your 4G usage. Understand whether your existing home insurance packages have you covered. This info will allow you to contact the suppliers and seek a customized plan to suit your needs. 


If a company is unwilling to budge, don’t be afraid to take your business elsewhere. After all, the existing company clearly isn’t that interested in your best interests. 


4| Colleagues 


Colleagues can take advantage of your good nature in many ways. One of the most common, though, comes from stealing your ideas. You must not let this happen. 


Computer tech allows you to make a record of your ideas and input. Do this privately, and be ready to fight injustice when they try to take credit for your work. Or if you run a business, you should use copyrights to protect your innovations. Allowing others to profit is not an option. 


There are plenty of additional situations where strangers can take advantage. Whether it’s at work, on the road, or at your child’s club events, stamp it out. You are strong.

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When It’s Time To Let Go Of A Relationship

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Relationships are hard, even when you meet the right person. However, this doesn’t mean that being in a relationship with someone has to be more of a struggle than it’s worth or make you unhappy more than you are happy, so how do you know when you should give up on a relationship and when it’s worth fighting for? 


Slow Down

Take your time, and don’t let yourself be ruled by knee-jerk reactions. You need to take your time, go slow and think about what you really want and how you really feel. 


Talk To Others

You might not want to talk to people you know, some people may not want to get involved, or you might want to speak to a stranger. Have a look online at forums or read real-life stories such as these from the Serratelli Law Firm, you may be able to relate to some, and it may help you with your thinking. 


Reflect On Why You Got Together In The First Place

It’s essential to look at when you got together in the first place and what it was. Look back at what situation and location you were in your life at the time and what was going on. There could be several reasons why you are with your partner, and they might not necessarily be the right ones. 


Break Your Routine

We all know what it’s like to get stuck in a rut, so it’s essential to look at your relationship and see what things do you do for each other because it’s a habit and what do you do because you care and want to do it for the other person? If you break your routine, then it’s easier to see this and to look at your relationship from a different perspective, almost an outsider’s point of view – but not quite. 


Determine If Your Past Is Impacting Your Present

It can be hard to let go of the past, and while you think you have done, it has a nasty way of coming back to surprise you at times. When you’re with someone for a long time and spend a lot of time with them, it isn’t straightforward to realize your behavior and how you might be acting towards your partner. It’s essential to reflect but also to know if things are still bothering you from the past and if it has had an effect on what is going on now. 


How Hard Have You Both Tried?

The key to knowing if it’s time to move on is to take a look at how much each of you has tried. Is your partner trying to correct their faults? Are they willing to take responsibility for fixing their side of things? And you as well, are you looking at what you have done and taking responsibility for your wrongdoings? What are you doing to correct your faults? If you think you have both done everything you can to salvage the relationship, then it might be time to let go.


Ultimately, when you know, you know, but it is a big decision, and it is good to make sure that you have considered everything that will help to remove any doubt you have in the future. 

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