3 Smart Ways To Cool Down This Summer

3 Smart Ways To Cool Down This Summer

While many people enjoy summertime and spend most of their days outdoors, others cannot stand the intense heat. This means the heat could be preventing you from enjoying the season. Statistics show that the summer of 2021 was the hottest in the past 126 years! Although it’s not an indication of how this year might go, it wouldn’t hurt to stay prepared. So, how do you prepare for the summer heat? Fortunately, there are several affordable and effective ways to stay cool during those extremely balmy and sweaty summer days. Here are some ideas.

  • Take your vitamin C supplements

You might be surprised to know that all it takes to stay cool in the summer is to take some supplements. Studies show that vitamin C can increase your tolerance for heat by stalling sweat gland fatigue and reducing your chances of getting heat exhaustion or a heat rash. Vitamin C is also known to moderate your body temperature and prevent it from rising during heat exposure. However, before taking the supplement, speak to your doctor for the right dosage and further advice. If you’re not consistent with your pills and supplements, you can look for more natural ways of consuming vitamin C. Fruits and vegetables are your best bet, as they are rich in this vitamin. 

  • Get a frozen treat

If you’re looking for a frozen treat, steer away from ice cream. Contrary to what you might know or believe, ice cream can be difficult to digest and requires extra energy, raising your body’s temperature a little more and making you a little warmer. 

If you want to cool down with cold food, you should consider getting a sorbet or an ice-cold smoothie. Smoothies are excellent summer drinks that can bring your temperature down and keep you hydrated. If you’re looking for a healthy quick fix, vendors such as Smoothie King have some of the best smoothies to keep you refreshed and cool this summer. However, you can also try out various fruit and vegetable combinations to find the right flavor.

  • Eat spicy foods

Have you ever wondered why spicy food remains popular in hotter climates? Surprisingly, eating spicy food can help you stay cool. So, when it gets hot, it’s time to turn up the heat! The substance found in peppers (capsaicin) that makes food spicy can bind with your mouth’s pain receptors. As a response, you sweat. Sweating cools you down as it regulates the body’s temperature. Ensure that you stay hydrated while eating spicy food to increase perspiration for the best results. The more hydrated you are, the more sweat you will produce, cooling yourself more efficiently and quickly. 

If you don’t like spicy food or don’t think you can handle too much spice, you can start by consuming smaller portions. You can include small doses of such hot spices into your meals and then work your way to hotter dishes. 

With these tips, you should be able to enjoy your summer without worrying about the heat. Other helpful ideas include wearing light clothes and hanging out in shaded areas.

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