3 Things Your Dog Would Want You To Know

3 Things Your Dog Would Want You To Know

3 Things Your Dog Would Want You To Know. Have you ever wished your dog could talk?

Those times when he barks constantly, and you have no idea why. The times when he looks at you with pleading eyes, but you really don’t know what it is he is after. If he had the capacity to speak, he would be able to communicate to you his feelings and desires. But unfortunately, he doesn’t have those words to offer you.

But if your dog could talk, these are just some of the things we imagine he would probably want you to know.

1: “I don’t misbehave to annoy you.”

How many times have you rebuked your dog for misbehaving? How many times have you taken it personally? As dog owners, we often ask ourselves why our dogs can misbehave so badly, despite our best efforts to care for them. Shouldn’t they be more grateful? And shouldn’t they show gratitude through good behavior?

Here’s the thing. Quite often, dogs misbehave for a number of reasons, none of them out of malice or revenge for you. When dogs are left alone for a long time, they can become anxious and have toileting accidents. When dogs are bored, they can start to entertain themselves by chewing on such things as your slippers. As the dog owner, you can alleviate such instances. You might ask a neighbor to pop in to keep your dog company, for example. And you might spend more time playing with your dog, instead of neglecting them while you watch the television. There are all kinds of causes and solutions to doggy misbehavior, some of which you can deal with yourself, and some of which might require the assistance of a training specialist if things get out of hand. So, don’t take your dog’s misbehavior personally, even if he does always target your slippers.

2. “I am head over paws in love with you.”

3 Things Your Dog Would Want You To Know

Have you ever woken up in the morning, only to be greeted with a slurping kiss and bad breath? Have you ever come home from work, only to be welcomed by your dog with an excited bark and an outstretched paw? Our tendency is to push our dogs away with irritation and annoyance, but the truth is this: your dog does it because he loves you!

Dogs crave human interaction. When they greet you unceremoniously, or when they look up at you with puppy-dog eyes, its because they want to be with you. Your dog is your best friend, whether you like it or not. Therefore, return that friendship. Give them the attention they crave with a kiss and a cuddle. Play fetch with them in the park. Take them on long walks. Your dog’s love for you is unconditional, despite those moments when you have lost patience because of another chewed-up slipper. So, the least you can do is return the favor and show your dog some love in return.

3. “I will eat anything.”

Chances are, when your dog is barking or looking up at you with pleading eyes, he probably wants to feed again. Dogs love food, and other than your company, having something to eat is something guaranteed to get them out of bed in the morning. And even after you have fed your dog, he will probably be on the hunt for more food. That leftover sausage on your plate? Your dog will deal with that faster than you can say “I was saving that for later.”

Dogs will eat anything, from the food you put out for them, to anything else that takes their fancy – even their own poop! As a dog owner, you need to be alert to this. You need to be mindful of the food you give them, only giving them the correct portions for their breed and size. You need to avoid giving them human food, some of which could be deadly. And you need to care for your dog’s dental needs, such as brushing their teeth to remove any food that could cause gum disease and giving them breathe spray to neutralize growing bacteria and stinking dog breath. Your dog won’t have the know-how to eat a healthy diet, and they don’t have the skills to care for their digestion and teeth properly, so you need to be there for them. Manage their diet, take them to the vet for a dental checkup, and go easy on the treats!

Final word

3 Things Your Dog Would Want You To Know

If your dog could talk, we are sure they would communicate the above to you. But as they don’t talk, you can still get an idea of what they want by their actions. That chewed slipper will let you know they are bored. That sloppy kiss will let you know your dog loves you. And chances are, those frustrated barks and begging paws are probably signs that yes, your dog wants to feed again! Perhaps it is easier to know what your dogs want than you thought!

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7 thoughts on “3 Things Your Dog Would Want You To Know

  1. That is awesome. I am definitely sharing this post with my daughter. I am looking for a dog for her birthday, this past November.

  2. My tiny dog is our official medical alarm dog. For some reason, he knows when my husband will have an episode of epileptic seizure. He shows restlessness and never leaves my husband’s side, sniffing his toes and legs.

  3. Hahah! I’ll eat anything? Now that sounds funny as much as the image. Anyway, I’ll agree that it is always important to learn how to communicate with our pets.

  4. Wow!.. Dogs are really cool and adorable but i have never really connected to them, Have always been afraid no matter how heard i try to connect to them, at the end i still see my self not trusting them enough to really connect…

  5. Definitely #3. It’s actually kind of scary how many different things they try to ingest. I can remember several years ago, I was hiking with one of my friends and her dog and her dog sprinted off the trail with my friend following him only to discover him eating someone’s leftover sandwich! 🙂

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