3 Tips For Keeping Safe On Outdoor Adventures

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Adventures are what you make them. Whether you are an avid hiker, kayaker, marathon runner or city-goer, there are all sorts of best working practices for keeping safe. When venturing into the wilderness or walking the streets of a city, knowing where you are using maps and understanding your environment are vital for any adventurer. Check out these 4 handy tips for keeping safe on any outdoor adventure.


Pack Wisely

Depending on where you are on your adventure, the days forecaster weather and how long you are out for will ultimately decide what is inside your bag. Always do a thorough check on the events to find out much food and water you may need and emergency supplies such as first aid kits, bug sprays, and sun cream, etc. Polar to the sunny days, if your adventure is in the snow wrapping up and taking a spare change of clothes out which will be waterproofed in a bag can be a lifesaver in the worst case scenario. Keeping warm in a snowy environment is just as important as keeping warm in a wet environment so an extra layer of clothing packed away would be handy.


Map and Compass

It can be very intimidating when visiting a city for the first time and making your way around can get pretty difficult. Carrying a mobile or smartphone with an app like Google Maps can be invaluable to a tourist in a new place which can offer other features such as identifying local restaurants, supermarkets, and accommodation. When traveling in more excluded areas like nature reserves or hiking trails, smartphones can make you rely on their customized easily to use applications, but, when the battery dies and there isn’t a power source it becomes dead weight. Learning to navigate with a map is not difficult to learn and can give a sense of achievement to children.


Technologies to have for extra safety

When taking trips that are for quite a bit of time, precautions must be taken depending on the environment and conditions you are in. When activities are in the natural environment it is important to be vigilant with weather and location. Having items such as a radio weather station can safeguard you from being caught unaware and forced to survive with freak disaster weather. Having an Emergency Radio is advised to have if you also live in an area where it is known to have extreme bouts of weather which can give people that head starts to evacuate before any danger occurs. One piece of equipment that most professionals will take out on their adventures will be a GPS tracker with a built-in map, that will be accurate up to 1 meter with the grid reference. A GPS tracker is similar to a FitBit that fits around your wrist and having one, In an emergency situation, can cut the response time dramatically for any emergency services being called out when they are acquiring your position. A GPS tracker would be fantastic to replace a map if you are not great with reading maps but it is still powered by a battery.


There are all sorts of handy gadgets to take on your adventures that can keep you safe, let us know what you take on your adventures and share some ideas!

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