How to Make Your Real Estate Business Stand Out Online

How to Make Your Real Estate Business Stand Out Online

In highly populated cities, towns, and regions, the real estate market is extremely competitive. If you aren’t one of the top firms, it can be very challenging to convert interested parties into clients. In Fort Worth, Texas alone, there are 1,300 average monthly searches for “Fort Worth real estate” and 880 for “Fort Worth Texas real estate”! In this type of market environment, you’ll need more than great branding and photography. With a sound SEO strategy, you can use the power of analytics and keyword ranking to start making your real estate firm more visible.

Analyze and Refine

The wonderful thing about SEO is that it’s measurable. This allows you to take the temperature of your site as often as you’d like with the capability to view metrics like time on page, conversation rate, scroll depth, bounce rate, and more. This is immensely useful, as you can analyze how recent campaigns have fared. If certain metrics appear unsatisfactory, you can implement new approaches and compare the results. As you refine your content to be better optimized with industry keywords, you will see shifts in your analytics.

Improving your Ranking

Since Google only shows results it believes are the best on the first page, it’s important that your website includes relevant and high-volume terms. This is how you bring in what is called organic traffic – not involving paid advertisement to bring users in. If you don’t know what keywords you already rank for, check out sites like SEMRush which shows you data like site traffic, positions, and more. As a real estate firm, you can take advantage of local SEO to bring in more clients, and thus, revenue. Content that addresses your buyer’s needs is how you’ll win more site traffic. Some potential topics you might consider approaching could speak directly to your target markets. Does your business serve a particular type of buyer or seller? Do you handle unique properties? Not only will the use of keywords bolster your content but approaching topics in a fresh way will pay off.

Google will see how you’ve used keywords, how your content is structured, and the overall functionality of your site. If all are good to go, you’ll see a difference in ranking. While it’s not feasible to expect to hit the first page overnight, it is a possibility as you tend to your Fort Worth SEO strategy. If this is something that you simply don’t have time for, digital marketing agencies specialize in SEO.

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