Retiring in the woods!

Prior to the virus starting my husband started with an idea of selling our home and condo and buying land in the middle of nowhere. We could build our dream home and pool and retire. So we started looking for something that would offer everything we were looking for and finally found our dream property. Of course, it came with a neat party barn and the perfect bunkhouse. The grandsons love to say we are “retiring in the woods”.

We love sitting outside watching the wildlife in the evenings, so my next venture was finding us the perfect, comfy, table and chairs where we could enjoy our view and meals in the evening. I found this table set we have really enjoyed how comfortable it is.

table set

Also, it was so easy to assemble, that I was able to put it together all by myself! But most importantly, it is well built. With three grandsons running around and jumping on them, I love how sturdy they sit.

If you are looking for amazing outdoor furniture sets or indoor office furniture, I recommend you check out  Their variety is amazing.

We intend to spend a lot of time sitting at this table and watching the view for many years, I am sure I will be shopping again soon, as the pool installation and home building are going to start soon!


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