Things You Didn’t Realize You Needed To Know When Moving Out Of State

Things You Didn't Realize You Needed To Know When Moving Out Of State

Moving out of state can be incredibly exciting, but it isn’t without its challenges. The process of moving, itself, can be tricky. And, once you’ve arrived, you’ll need to consider all of the usual things, like getting to know people in your new neighborhood and adjusting to a potentially brand-new climate or culture. 

Depending on how far afield your new state happens to be, you might also need to brush up on some less-expected things before you can settle into your new home. 

But, what exactly do you need to know when moving out of state, and how can you incorporate that information into your new daily life once you’ve arrived? 

# 1 – Language Barriers

About 80% of the US population speaks English, so you can rest pretty easily that you won’t face any extreme language barriers between states. That said, it’s still worth considering potential language differences. 

Even in typically English-speaking states, you might come across unexpected things like local slang you’ve never heard before. For instance, in Alaska, you might hear people calling you a ‘cheechako’, the local slang for newbies to the state, while Arazonians are more likely to refer to you as a ‘snowbird’. Research things like the percentage of English-speaking residents in your chosen state so that you’ll know in advance whether to learn a new language. And, make sure to brush up on slang terms so you aren’t totally in the dark when you arrive! 

# 2 – Legal Differences

There are a whole load of different state laws across the US, and a failure to embrace that fact before your move could see you in hot legal trouble if you aren’t careful. The most notable variations include things marijuana laws, gun control laws, and business and corporate laws. 

Equally, you’ll find that states like California and Texas vary with how they define the difference between dwi and dui, while states like Texas and Utah typically use an 80mph speed limit on some highways, compared to 70mph across the rest of the country. Always take the time to research these variations before your move. And, if in doubt, ask a law enforcement officer before you go ahead with an accidental crime that you’ll soon come to regret!

# 3 – Everyday Life

Things You Didn't Realize You Needed To Know When Moving Out Of State
You’ll also want to brush up on simple everyday life things when adjusting to life in a new state. This might include everything from checking whether you can order your food shop to your house (which won’t necessarily be possible in sparser states like Texas), to whether or not your insurance provider accepts any local doctors.

These are small technicalities that you should work out in advance of your move. That way, you can know what to expect and will be able to set some things up in advance. All of which will help with a smooth move, and a quick adjustment to your new life. 

Moving to a new state can be a great adventure, but have you prepared by brushing up on these crucial pieces of information? 

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