All Your Most Annoying Body Problems Solved

All Your Most Annoying Body Problems Solved

Our bodies are wonderful machines. Nothing else in the universe, except other animals perhaps, can direct its actions, repair itself, and think about the external world. But as with any complicated device, things can go wrong from time to time, and it is incredibly annoying! 

Here are some of the most annoying body problems you can experience, solved: 

Waterlogged Ears

The human is a highly sophisticated piece of biological engineering, capable of capturing sounds and even telling us the direction from which they came. With that said, their performance can be a little disappointing in the water. Liquid gets into the ear canal and becomes stuck there, disrupting your ability to hear. 

If you have this problem, tilt your head to the side and then jerk it slightly. Usually, this will release any lodged water. Failing that, you can use a hairdryer on a low setting. Be careful not to burn yourself. 

Dry Mouth

A dry mouth occurs when your body ceases producing sufficient saliva to keep everything moist. Often it occurs after taking antidepressants or antihistamines. 

The solution is pretty simple: drink more. Also, reduce your intake of alcohol and quit smoking if you have a longstanding problem. You can also use many over-the-counter sprays and gels to alleviate the symptoms. But please be warned – these won’t eliminate the underlying cause of the condition. 


Blisters are one of the body’s defenses against infection. If it detects that the skin is about to be breached, the immune system will create a layer of fluid between layers of skin to allow the body time to heal. 

If you have a blister, leave it alone. It’ll go away naturally once the underlying skin heals. Try to resist the temptation to pop it. Blisters get infected easily. 

Ringing In Your Ears

Ear ringing or tinnitus is an annoying condition in which the brain hallucinates sounds that aren’t there. Usually, it develops in people with undiagnosed hearing loss. As the auditory center of the brain receives less stimulation, it starts to create its own reality, leading to annoying ringing, whirring, and whooshing noises. 

Getting rid of tinnitus usually relies on a variety of techniques. The most powerful intervention is to wear a hearing aid to restore normal levels of stimulation to the auditory cortex. Some people also try cognitive behavioral therapy to help them think differently about the condition, making it more bearable. 

Sneezing Fits

Sneezing occasionally is normal. It’s the body’s way of getting rid of pollutants and irritants from the airway. Some people, though, can experience fits of uncontrollable sneezing where they can’t stop. Usually, this is the result of a viral infection of some type. For others, it’s an issue with nervous signaling that affects the sneeze reflex. 

If you have regular sneezing fits, you often need to take steps to control your environment. If allergies drive it, you’ll need to remove these from your home, if possible. Pet dander and pollen are the most common culprits. All Your Most Annoying Body Problems Solved

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