The Most Annoying Health Problems In The World, Ranked

The Most Annoying Health Problems In The World, Ranked

The Most Annoying Health Problems In The World, Ranked.

Most diseases are unpleasant. Some, though, are downright annoying. You’d do anything to make them stop. Here, we chronicle what these conditions are and how you can avoid them. 

#1: Hiccups

Researchers think that hiccups occur when the diaphragm starts contracting involuntarily. When it spasms, it causes your vocal cords to snap shut, creating hiccups. 

You can get hiccups for all kinds of reasons –  drinking too much, eating spicy food, or having an allergic reaction. For most people, they last for a couple of minutes – an hour max. But for some, they can drag on for weeks and months. Once you irritate the diaphragm, there can be no stopping it. 

Home remedies for hiccups involve finding ways to help them relax. Since the purpose of the diaphragm is to help you breathe, some people find that holding their breath for a minute can help. 

#2: Tinnitus

The Most Annoying Health Problems In The World, Ranked

Tinnitus is an annoying condition in which your ear and brain machinery “hallucinate” sounds that aren’t there. For most people, this takes the form of a low-level humming or buzzing noise that persists for days on end. 

Tinnitus treatment involves things like wearing hearing aids and going to therapy sessions. Because tinnitus affects people with hearing loss the most, medics think that a lack of sound in the brain’s auditory processing center might cause it. In effect, the lack of real sound forces the brain to create its own – which is extremely annoying for the person with the condition. Hearing aids restore the incoming noise and can, over time, reduce symptoms. 

Most people experience a mild case of tinnitus at certain times in their lives – such as when their ears pop after a plane ride. But, for many, tinnitus symptoms can drag on for years. 

#3: Chapped Lips

Chapped lips are another one of those health problems that can wind you up. 

Most people experience dry lips during the cold winter months as temperatures shut down the body’s natural lubrication. For some people, though, lips can become chapped and itchy, getting worse and worse over time. Frequently licking your lips provides temporary relief, but it can also dry them out even more. The only solution is a trip to the corner store for some balm. 

#4: Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs arise both naturally and because of shaving. Usually, they occur because the main shaft of the hair doesn’t line up with your pores, forcing it to curl back around as it grows. 

The best way to deal with these is to stop shaving, tweezing, or plucking. If that’s not an option, you might want to try laser therapy which kills the follicle, preventing the hair from growing back. 

#5: Dry Skin

You can eat all the olive oil in the world, but you can still wind up with dry skin, usually on your knuckles, face, feet, and ankles. 

There are many reasons for dry skin. The top offender is a soap that scrubs all the moisture from the surface. Thyroid issues and dry air can also lead to bouts of dryness and flakiness.

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