Amazing Ways To Be Kind To Yourself After a Hard Week

Amazing Ways To Be Kind To Yourself After a Hard Week

Hard weeks come and go. They’re a staple of daily life and need to be dealt with just like any other issue you might face. And yet, a hard week can feel like it’s come straight from hell to make things worse for you! 

Long shifts at work where your manager is being unreasonable, feeling unwell in yourself and still having to do everything normally, a fight with your partner that’s soured things for a little while – all of these things can even hit at the same time! 

And if they do, we’ve got some amazing ways to destress and make things feel OK again.

Cook Something Nutritious

No, you don’t need to order something in. You can turn the stove on, put a pan on the top, and then fry up some delicious veggies and a bit of protein in some olive oil, with plenty of spices on top. Take 20 minutes to do this, burn off some steam by being culinarily creative, and then dig into your plate of goodness! This will help you be very kind to your body after a labor intensive week, and will top up the minerals and vitamins you might be missing out on. You’ll definitely feel better afterwards! 

Take a Fun Exercise Class

Exercising is a good way to take care of yourself. You can sweat out the stresses of the day, waste a bit of nervous energy, and even get some quality social time out of it. After all, if you attend something like a HOTWORX session, you’re sure to meet like-minded people who’d love to have a chat about things. Plus, exercise can just be fun! If you’re doing an activity you enjoy, you’re not going to get bored in any short time, and you’ll be able to target both your brain and body as you go. 

If There’s a Problem, Talk About it

Have you had an argument with a friend? Maybe you’ve quarreled with a spouse and you’ve not spoken in a few hours? Or maybe you and your mom have fallen out over something small? Now’s your chance to open up and talk about it. Get this done now and you’re much more likely to relax later; the problem won’t be at the forefront of your mind and you won’t be wasting mental energy on it! 

Set Up Your Bathroom as a Spa

Taking a bath is one thing, but having a whole spa experience for yourself is even better! So if you’ve got some time and energy, set up your bathroom to reflect the dreamiest spa experience ever. Put petals in the tub, light up candles, get a mask to put on, chop up some cucumber for your eyes, and then lay back with soft music playing and something delicious to snack on. 

You don’t just have to get through a hard week. You can celebrate the end of one too! So take some time for tips like these.

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