Easy Breezy Chicken n’ Dumplings Recipe

Texas finally got cold enough this year to make one of my favorite meals! This year we have had more freezing days than I have ever remembered having before.

I decided to make my husbands favorite meal, Chicken n Dumplings. Not only is it inexpensive to make but it tastes delicious!



3 to 4 chicken thighs

4 Cups of Water

green onions


1 can of mixed veggies

3 cups of Bisquick / baking mix

1 1/2 cups milk



Boil chicken, celery and green onions in four cups of water until chicken is completely fully cooked.

Take chicken out and set to the side to cool. Drain can of mixed veggies and pour in broth. Mix baking mix and milk in a separate bowl and stir until complete (will be a doughy thick mix).

Remove 1 cup of broth mix.

Turn broth and veggies on high and debone chicken.

Once broth is boiling add chicken then drop spoon-size dough mix into pan.

Turn down the heat to low and pour remaining broth mix on top.

Slow cook for ten minutes.

This makes a complete meal and can serve up to 6 people!







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