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As the coronavirus pandemic has swept across the globe, many families are left feeling anxious about the health of their elderly relatives. We understand that the elderly are more vulnerable and at risk of severe symptoms from coronavirus. 


Many of us are in a position where we cannot visit our relatives, as this may pose a risk to their health. Others may be living with elderly relatives or providing care from close by. Depending on your current circumstances, there are a few things you can do to help your elderly relatives during the pandemic.


1 . Tech to keep in touch


It may be that for whatever reason, you cannot visit your relatives during the pandemic. The government has advised against this, except under a few special circumstances, for example, if you are providing care for a vulnerable relative. In most countries, care homes are not currently allowing visitors. Your relatives are likely to feel lonely and anxious during this time, so it’s beneficial to use technology to keep in touch. Talking on FaceTime can be comforting, many families are even using this tech to play games virtually, including trivia quizzes or chess.


  1. Stock the cupboards


If you are directly looking after a relative, help them to stock up on supplies such as food, toiletries, and any prescription medications that they take. They need to leave the house as little as possible, if at all during this time. Help them to use apps for online shopping so that they can get their groceries delivered quickly and conveniently. Many supermarkets are giving elderly or vulnerable customers priority during the pandemic.


  1. Social distancing


When visiting an elderly relative, be sure to practice social distancing, interact only from a safe distance, and avoid all close contact. It’s believed that many people carry the coronavirus without displaying any symptoms. For this reason, it’s still essential to practice social distancing even if you do not have COVID-19 symptoms.


  1. Regular deep clean 


Help your elderly relative by giving their home a deep clean regularly. Use bleach-based products, which will kill any trace of COVID-19. Provide your relative with plenty of soap and hand sanitizing gel. Remind them to practice regular hand washing, especially if they have left the house.


  1. Boost immune system


To fight off a virus, we need a strong immune system. During this time, it can be helpful to provide your relatives with plenty of immune-boosting foods and supplements to keep them in good health.

For those who have elderly relatives in care homes, this can be a particularly distressing time. It’s likely that you cannot see your at this time relative; however, you will be able to keep in touch over the phone. If you are not happy with the standard of care that your relative is receiving, you may consider removing them from the care home, if possible. There are also neglect attorneys available to help you with any incident, grievance, or complaint.

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