How to Ensure Home Safety for the Elderly

How to Ensure Home Safety for the Elderly

How to Ensure Home Safety for the Elderly. If you have older parents you might not realize when it’s time to take responsibility for their safety. It’s important to do so before an accident happens by making sure their home is a safe environment for them to be in.

Keep reading for more on our guide for home safety for the elderly.

Slip & Fall Hazards

The number one cause of accidents for older people is slips and falls.

You can prevent these from happening by making sure that any rugs at home are sturdy and do not shift, as well as not having any edges that a foot can get caught on. Additionally, sturdy banisters on any steps or stairs even if there is only one step, is a good tip for home safety for the elderly.

Fire Prevention Is Important

Another risk that’s important for home safety for the elderly is having fire prevention in place.

This means having sure that the older individual understands to avoid any loose-fitted clothing or big sleeves while cooking, and making sure that all smoke detectors in the home have batteries tested and replaced every two months.

Also, double-check that any appliances that have damaged cords are thrown out and replaced. This will ensure safety in your home.

Bathroom Hazards Can Be Easily Missed

The bathroom can be a dangerous place for elderly individuals.

Invest in a nonslip bathmat both inside and outside of the tub for them to use, as well as install a guard rail in the tub to allow them to hold on to it for balance. Additionally, if they are unstable on their legs, it’s a good idea to install a shower seat with a guardrail so that they can relax in the tub.

There are also items on the market that can help with standing when they use the toilet or bathtub to help them maintain their independence even longer and have elderly home safety.

Elderly Abuse, The Silent Hazard

Elderly abuse is one of those hazards that you usually can’t see but that happens all the time.

Make sure that your elderly individual doesn’t invite strangers into their home and make sure all entry points are locked at all times. Another issue is scammers taking advantage of the elderly, which means making sure that no one will request their personal information over the phone even if they claim to be from the government.

Let them know to tell these people that they will contact their department instead and help them find the proper number to confirm that this call was valid.

The Importance of Home Safety For the Elderly

Elderly individuals are a very at-risk population when it comes to hazards. This is why home safety for the elderly is important to maintain to make them feel safe in their personal space. Make sure to talk over any changes with them and ask about any safety concerns they may have. Remember, it is still their space!

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