Is It Time to Downsize?

Is It Time to Downsize?

It can be a tricky subject – downsizing your home and looking for an apartment complex. There are many reasons that it can be the best choice – and finances are not the only reason. Perhaps your reason for downsizing is your children have left or that you want to have a home that is easier to manage. 

Whatever the reason is that you just want a home that meets your lifestyle needs. 

Unused rooms

It’s not uncommon for people to daydream about owning a house that is so big they don’t know what to do with all of the extra rooms. However, having empty bedrooms in your home isn’t always as glamorous as it sounds. Unless you have plans to turn them into craft rooms, an office or other unused rooms can feel like a waste. 

Unused rooms still need to be cleaned and maintained, and unless they have a purpose, it is a lot of effort for something you simply don’t need anymore. 

Lifestyle changes

Perhaps you want to change the pace of your life, are going through a divorce, or are simply relocating for work purposes. Apartments allow us to get rid of anything that isn’t serving us anymore and carefully curate what we allow into our spaces. 

It is also possible that a chronic or progressive illness has been diagnosed, and an apartment on the ground floor is the best option for you right now and in the future. 

Lifestyle changes can be some of the most important reasons to downsize. 


In an ideal world, people wouldn’t lose jobs, and there wouldn’t be money worries, but unfortunately, these things can and do happen. Having to be tighter on your finances is a great time to think about if you can get away with a smaller property. 

Downsizing from a larger property can enable the owners to free up some cash. 

When your circumstances change, downsizing can make all the difference to what you have left in the bank at the end of the month. 


Perhaps you want to move closer to friends and family, and one of the only ways that can happen is by going to a smaller home or apartment. Being far away from your family when you need them, or vice versa can be tough. 

But downsizing so that you can make the next soccer game or see your grandchildren graduate is something that money can’t buy. 


Larger homes cost more when it comes to maintenance. And over time, nothing can feel like a small job. Cleaning takes a long time, as gutter cleaning, gardening, and making sure that the damp smell isn’t something more serious. 

While smaller properties still have their fair share of problems, they are often much smaller, cheaper, and more manageable. 

Downsizing allows you to explore plenty of exciting options, and you can decide the type of lifestyle you’d like going forward. But moving often comes with a lot of upheavals, so here are some times to make it work for you: Coping With Moving House.

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