Simple Guide to Declutter Your Home

Simple Guide to Declutter Your Home

Simple Guide to Declutter Your Home. So you decided that you will get rid of the items you haven’t touched for years and those that take up too much space? Decluttering your home is a good idea, and will give you a sense of achievement, as well as extra space. Going through years of memorabilia, gifts, and accessories, however, can be overwhelming. Find expert tips below on how to get started and eliminate clutter, free up space, and live a better life.

Ask Family Members to Participate

Simple Guide to Declutter Your Home

If you have a family, involve them in the project. Make sure that you give them a deadline for sorting through their items. You can encourage children to help you by offering them a reward if they remove broken toys and clothes that are too small for their room. You will be the person in charge of the decluttering project, but this doesn’t mean that you have to do everything alone.

Clothes Recycling

If you have clothes that no longer fit you or will never wear them again, you can first start with friends. If the items have designer labels, you can try and sell them online. There are many services that buy clothes and send you a box to put your items in. If the clothes are not particularly expensive, you can try to recycle them at the local clothes bank or thrift store.

Household Items

Simple Guide to Declutter Your Home

You might have two or three sets of salt and pepper holders and only use one. Or you could have moved in with your boyfriend and owned two brand-new mixers. Use social media groups to offer them to people who are starting up or students moving to a new place. If the items are valuable, you can try auction sites, but if not, you might want to have a yard sale to get rid of perfectly usable but unwanted items.

Things with Emotional Value

You might not want to sell or bin your wedding dress or flowers, but they take up a lot of space. In this case, you might want to put them in a safe box in the loft or hire a storage for them. You might have items that you have been trying to get fixed for a long time but never got around it. This might be the time to get an expert’s opinion and restore some of the items that have emotional value.

Things You Cannot Sell or Fix

Simple Guide to Declutter Your Home

If you have completed the above steps, you will be left with items that cannot be recycled, sold, or fixed. Once you have these in a pile, you might want to search for the cheapest bin hire in your area and get them removed safely.

It is important that you set a deadline for clearing out your house, and sort items into different categories. Take your time and salvage what you can, but don’t feel guilty for throwing out a dress that has a broken zip and you haven’t worn it for years. You will enjoy the new space created.

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