Creating A Beautiful Bathroom Space For Your Family

Creating A Beautiful Bathroom Space For Your Family

Creating A Beautiful Bathroom Space For Your Family. Unless you’re lucky enough to have an array of bathroom spaces in your home for your family to use; you’ll probably have a master bathroom space that the whole family has to share. If you’ve got a partner and kids; they can seem to take over the whole house with all of their stuff, and your bathroom will be no different. However, it’s important that you feel that you have somewhere you feel you can escape so that once you need to unwind, you can enjoy a bit of relaxation time. A long soak in a hot bath will ease the stresses of the week and give you some quiet time before you have to prepare lunch boxes and put a load of laundry on for the next day.

However, if you’re surrounded by sports kits on the floor, random bottles of toiletries, and even the odd book or magazine; your pamper session might not be the serene experience you needed it to be. Therefore, you’ll need to ensure that you strike a balance in your bathroom, and have an interior with the adults in mind, that can accommodate busy family life. The followings are some ideas and inspiration for those who need to share their bathroom with family members of all ages but don’t want to compromise on style.

The Getting Clean Side

Creating A Beautiful Bathroom Space For Your Family

It doesn’t matter who uses your bathroom the most; you’ll need the essentials, like a shower, tub (if one fits), sink, and fixtures and fittings. Therefore, it’s worth investing in quality items that can withstand the wear and tear of family life, yet still, remain chic and stylish. Luxurious and functional additions are always a great investment, so it’s worth looking into a variety of options, and ensuring that everyone can enjoy hot showers and baths.

A heated towel rail will ensure that you can dry the towels quickly so that they’ll be ready for the next person to use after their soak in the suds. Make sure you call in a reputable plumber so that your new bathroom items will stand the test (and wear and tear) of time. Consider decorating with darker tiles or using a dark-colored grout; this will help to hide the everyday dirt that family life can bring before you have the chance to clean so that your bathroom will feel fresher for longer, and you won’t be staring at marks or smudges when you’re trying to relax.

The Layout And Storage Side

Creating A Beautiful Bathroom Space For Your Family

Just like in the rest of your home; bathroom storage solutions can provide the perfect way to clear up clutter (and all those toiletries previously mentioned) quickly and with ease. Wicker baskets and melamine boxes are great for placing under the sink or on the shelves of your bathroom cabinets and cupboards. Waterproof containers mean that you can tidy bath toys away in a flash, and swap them for a lavender-scented candle to enjoy as you bathe. Perhaps invest in some towels for the adults, so you still feel that you have those luxury touches that will ensure your bathtime experience is a treat. Ensuring that you have a haven to escape to after a busy day as a mom will ensure that you’re ready to take on that early morning tomorrow, and you’ll feel well-rested and relaxed. Enjoy!

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