Preparing Your Home For Sale

Preparing Your Home For Sale

When you are preparing your home to be sold, there is a range of things that you should consider. Of course, we all know about the de-cluttering, cleaning, and a fresh lick of paint ahead of arranging your professional home buyers. But there is more to it than just that. 

There are several things that people forget in the build-up to having potential buyers view the property. 

So, when preparing your home for sale, remember these key elements. 


Each home will have a particular smell. But as you live there, you are unlikely to notice it at all. Many people quickly stock up on scented candles, plugins, and a range of baked goods scented reed diffuses. 

The problem is, this isn’t neutralizing the smells, it is adding an extra layer on top. 

Buyers don’t want to be overwhelmed with a strong vanilla scent, or the dog bed. 

A key way to help minimize any scents is to keep any pet beds washed even more than usual and put trainers and gym bags somewhere safely. A box with a lid can usually do the trick. 

A lemon-scented deodorizing air freshener in each room can help your home smell fresher.

Before you have any views, keep the windows open for around 30 minutes, and in the days leading up to viewings, it is a good idea to do this too. 

Try not to cook any meals that have a strong odor – like baked fish. 


If you have any appliances that came with your home, you should take some time to look out for all the warranty information. Please put it in a safe place like the kitchen drawer. They will be easy to hand over this way. 

Cracks and Bumps

If you have cracks in the garden paving or on the driveway, you will do well to have them repaired. Not only are they an eyesore, but they can pose a potential threat to would-be buyers. If they aren’t too deep, then you can fix most cracks yourself; if they are a larger size, then it is better to hire a company to get them fixed. 


The entryway for your home should be depersonalized – like the rest of the home. ‘Welcome to the Jones’ signs, hand prints, painted stones. They are cute, but they do signal that your home is yours. There should be room for people to picture themselves living there. 


Buyers will take a really good look at your home. And any built-in closet or cupboards are going to be subject to some exploration. So it is an excellent time to make sure that everything is well organized, clothes are neatly hung up, and if there is anything you’d rather keep hidden, then store them in a different place and perhaps in a locked box. 

As you clean and tidy, think about the things that you look at as you walk around a home that you are thinking about buying. It is all in the details. 

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