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Trinity Industrial Services

Highlighting amazing Georgia-based companies is one of my favorite things to do, especially before the start of a new year. This year, please make it a goal of yours to shop locally – for products and services. I know that it is so easy to use National-based companies and buy from unknown companies through services like Amazon, but when you shop from local Georgia-based companies and when you hire family-owned companies to provide services for you, not only do you typically get better service (of course, this varies depending on the company), but you can find comfort knowing that you are directly benefiting your local economy, a local family, and other Georgians (their employees), helping them put food on the table for their families. With that being said, let’s talk about some great GA-based companies that you should use in 2023 – 


Adrienne Louise Photography

If you have any photography or videography needs in 2023 (or before then), definitely reach out to Adrienne Louise Photography. She is well-versed in both photography and videography for weddings, brands, families, and more. If you are another influencer that needs for creating content for brands, she is the best in the business. Not only is she skilled in what she does, but she is a caring mom, who interacts GREAT with other kiddos during shoots. She will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera when you work with her!


Hustle House H&W

If you are looking for a functional fitness routine to add to your schedule in 2023, look no further than Hustle House Health and Wellness. The owner, Matt, is amazing at what he does and he has helped plenty of clients look and feel better about themselves. But aside from looking better and feeling more comfortable in their skin, Matt creates a program that will make you feel 20 years younger. His programming includes functional fitness like stretching and gymnastics to improve your muscles and joints, allowing you to do more, without feeling as weak and tired. It’s cool how he does his programming and anyone could benefit from it. 

Dawninglife Midwifery

No matter if you are looking for well-woman care, prenatal care, or you want a home birth, Debbie with Dawninglife Midwifery is the best in the business. She has over 20 years of experience and she is one of the most skilled (if not the most skilled) home birth midwives in Georgia. Her slogan is Your Home. Your Birth. Your Way. “Experienced home birth care serving Metro-Atlanta and North Georgia for over 20 years!” In addition to having over 20 years of experience and delivering over 900 babies as a primary midwife, Debbie is also the president of the Georgia Midwifery Association, a member of Georgia Friends of Midwives, a member of MANA, and a co-facilitator of Greater N. Atlanta Homebirth Meetup. She has many other certifications and is committed to ongoing education and training. 


Trinity Industrial Services

Need an Atlanta GA demolition company soon? Trinity Industrial Services is a family-owned and Veteran-owned small business in Georgia. They are the Southeast’s best and most experienced demolition contractor and they have been in business for more than 16 years, working on large-scale commercial and municipal demolition projects. They are becoming/have become a market leader with capabilities to safely and successfully demolish, abate, and recycle a wide range of structures. This includes governmental operational structures, industrial manufacturing facilities, large shopping malls, office complexes, multi-building mixed-use developments, and subsurface piping/pump complexes. They say, “Following our environmental sustainability policies, our approach to recycling not only frequently allows us to pass cost savings on to our clients, thereby reducing overall project costs, but also reduces the waste quantities requiring disposal.” With a focus on customer-focused service, their goal is to meet and exceed all scheduling and cost performance goals while ensuring strict compliance with all applicable health and safety regulations, as well as LEEDS goals. They are dedicated to being on time and on-budget for their clients! Plus, all projects are guaranteed to complete satisfaction and they are fully insured for your protection.

Mr. Natural Soil

Do you have a garden or need to fill your land in with dirt? Mr. Natural Soil is a Dahlonega-based company that can help you out. They offer creative mixes of organic soil, that will be a long-lasting fertilizer for your vegetables, fruits, and other plants on your property. They have to pick up and delivery options and are committed to customer service!

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