The Growing Dangers Of Raising A Family

The Growing Dangers Of Raising A Family

The Growing Dangers Of Raising A Family. Raising a family is something you’re either going to have been so passionate about from a young age, something you feel like you’ve been forced into, or perhaps even something you’re being thrown into right now. Either way, most of us are going to end up raising a family, whether you feel like you’re ready to or willing to. For the most part, raising a family is going to be one big happy memory. The love that they will bring into your life is like nothing else, and the way that you see the world will change because of them. All of a sudden you won’t be bothered about the trivial things you used to be bothered about, and you’ll have an interest in things that you never thought possible. Because from the moment those newborn baby eyes look straight back into yours, and you feel that loving connection, you’ll be hooked on the life they give you. Even though the times where you’re in tears of tiredness, fits of rage, or stages of doubt, you’ll always end up having that passion to make your life incredible. But with all of this, becomes a deep desire to provide and care for them, more than you will have ever done in your life before. So, to make sure that you’re only experiencing all of the lovely things we started off with, we’re going to show you some of the growing dangers of raising a family.

It’s Just So Expensive!

One of the most expensive times to raise a child is during the first year. But this is only because it can be so hard to get used to money management when you haven’t had to do it before. Because even though it might seem like it’s all easy to do, the prices just keep going up and up, and as time goes on, the money you’re bringing in will go down. Most companies will allow a certain amount of maternity leave, and then another certain amount of time with reduced pay. But then it will be you on your own for a few months, or maybe even more depending on how long you’re planning on having off. But it’s something you get into the swing of doing, and you will eventually learn how to budget your money, even if that means you’re going to miss out on some of the luxuries you once used to love. As time goes on, new expenses will come into your life that will lead you to feel that raising a child is so financially draining. When they get into high school years, you’re going to go through the stage of having to pay for their uniforms, and then having to pay to repair them, and then having to pay for their school lunches. So realistically, no matter what stage in their life they’re at, it’s going to test their money management skills, but with good management and compromises, it’s going to be so easy for you!

Horrible Dangers We Hate To Think About

It’s so easy to want to keep your children wrapped up in the little bubble that you’ve kept them in since day one, but it’s not always as easy as that. Sadly, there are now more and more cases of criminal offenses involving children, and they just prove how hard it is to keep our bundles of joy safe. One of the growing dangers that we’re noticing at the minute, is social media. There are two big dangers here. Teenagers and young children who are being allowed to use social media are now being groomed by pedophiles who are posing as fellow young teenagers in a meeting. Luckily, a lot is now being done to combat this, and members of the public, as well as police officers, are now posing as teenagers to catch these criminals out. It’s so hard to police this as a parent without being an overbearing horrible parent, but it is something that needs to be done. You should always have an idea of who they’re talking to, who they’re meeting, and generally what they’re doing until they’re at an age where they don’t need you anymore. Bullying is also another massive problem that needs to be dealt with, and social media is definitely feeling it. It could be anything from hurtful messages on a picture, to daily bullying through messages. But again, as long as you have some sort of control over their social media accounts until they reach at least 16, you should be ok! 

When They Go Out Alone

It’s so nice for your children to finally be allowed to go out on their own. It’s that sense of freedom that they just have to have at some point, and it’s up to you as to what age you let this happen. But letting them go out alone definitely does bring their own set of dangers, and one we want to talk about is dangers with the roads. You can teach them all you want about road safety, but silly things happen when they’re out with their friends. From playing games on the road such as chicken, to simply cutting it fine with trying to get to the other side of the road to see their friends. AssuranceAmerica is just one company that is promoting the dangers of the roads, with them noting that the number of children seriously or fatally injured in road traffic accidents rapidly rising. So as much as you can, try to make sure they’re leaving your home with safety in mind, and always coming back safe!

If They Start To Hate You

It’s more of a case of when they start to hate you, rather than if they start to hate you. When they get to those teenage years and hormones are flowing, it can be so easy for a divide to be created between the two of you, and for what you might see as hate to grow. But hate is such a strong word, and it’s more them rebelling against the rules that have been there since day one, and your dying need to know what’s going on in their life. So, as much as you possibly can, make sure that you’re giving them all the space they need to be their own person. Take an interest in their life, but don’t be so pushy that they feel like you’re overbearing. Try and reduce the ground rules a little bit, and allow them to become their own person. The more you battle them at this age, the harder it’s going to be to carry on the strong relationship that you once had. Don’t become that pushover either. It’s about finding the perfect balance of being that authority figure, and a friend they can come and talk to when they’re in need.

A Family Being Torn Apart

Whether this has already happened to you or not, it’s more common to see children coming from a broken home than it is from a whole one. So many children are the product of a failed marriage, and depending on how you handle that, it can seriously affect their life. So, make sure that you’re keeping anything civil in front of your children, no matter how nasty it might be getting behind closed doors. Focus on coming up with a system that’s going to support you as a family still, and make sure that you are still doing things as a family, rather than leaving them hardly seeing a parent still.

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