The Perks of Renters, House Flippers, and Owners

The Perks of Renters, House Flippers, and Owners

The Perks of Hose Carts for Renters, House Flippers, and Owners

If you’re currently renting a townhouse or home, or you’re flipping an older house to put on the market, you can greatly benefit from having a hose cart at your disposal. True enough, you may never think about garden hoses until a problem arises. Since yard and home exterior maintenance will need to be done no matter which category you fall into, these carts can come in handy. Even if you’re a homeowner, there are several ways in which a cart is a better option than a wall-mounted hose reel. If you don’t already have one, here are a few reasons why renters, flippers, and owners alike should consider investing in hose reel carts.

Home Renters

As a home renter, there are restrictions on what you can install on or on the property. One of these is probably a wall-mounted garden hose reel. Your landlord or the management company owning your townhouse will surely not wish you to drill into the brick and mortar of the home. That is fine you don’t want to pay! This is where a hose cart will be incredibly useful. These can be transported anywhere you need a hose, from the driveway to flowerbeds and more. Hose carts are designed with large tires that can handle soggy yards, gravel, pavement, and tall grass. Easy to use and highly practical, these carts can be used to do several different things. Rinse off the back patio and water plants, then wheel it to the front of your home to wash the car and whatever else needs to be done outside. You won’t have to deal with a tangled hose messily stored on the ground. Instead, it’ll be perfectly stored and ready to go when you are.

House Flippers

If you remodel homes to put on the market, you’ll need to carry out a ton of maintenance. One area that may need major TLC is the front or back yard. Maybe new grass needs to be seeded or the sides of the home need to be power washed. Since you don’t want to install a garden hose reel onto a home that buyers may not like, a hose cart will be an excellent investment for your business. These carts are great for any job you have around the house you’re fixing, allowing you to reach far corners in the backyard, each side of the house, and wherever else you need to get to. A hose cart will help you water new grass, flowerbeds, and shrubbery anywhere on the property. You’ll be able to hose down any area of the home and fill the pool or hot tub with no mobility issues whatsoever!

Concrete House

Home Owners

If you’re not a renter or flipper, you can reap many benefits from owning a hose reel cart. Maybe you don’t want the look of a wall-mounted garden hose reel on the side or back of your home. These can be eyesores for some, especially when the hose isn’t wound in place correctly. A hose cart is a perfect solution with the ability to wheel it out of sight after use. These fit right in the garage or outdoor shed, leaving your home free of the functional decoration of a hose reel. Carry out all the outdoor tasks you’d normally do without the hassle of bad mobility as you make your way across the backyard into the front of your home or elsewhere.

No matter where you fall in homeownership, from renter to owner, there are notable benefits that make hose reel carts worthwhile investments. They provide all the benefits of a wall-mounted hose reel without permanence or lack of mobility. When you choose a high-quality hose reel, they typically come with a warranty so you’re covered should it leak or rust. Your garden hose is probably something you simply don’t think about. However, in a moment of frustration, you’ll wish you had an easier and more efficient solution. Consider purchasing a hose cart for your rental home, business, or owned home to see just how much value they bring!

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