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The addition of trees to any space can up the overall appeal while adding a green touch. While some people use planters as a transition area before transplanting them in the ground, there are also tons of trees capable of flourishing in a pot for the entirety of their lifespan. When choosing planters for trees, these tips can help you make the right choice.



Look at root depth when choosing planter size.

When choosing the right planters for trees, the size of the pot is crucial to success. While all plants have roots that need space to spread out as the plant grows, trees in particular need ample space for their deeper roots. When choosing the right tree planter, you should take note of the expected root depth of the tree to ensure ample space in the pot. If a tree doesn’t have enough room to spread its roots, the tree will not grow and prosper.


Choose sturdy, long-lasting material.

Another important tip for choosing the right planters for trees is to opt for strong materials and overall longevity. Since the potted tree will likely be rather large, you won’t want to move it around all the time or transfer the tree to a new pot when signs of wear and tear show up. This means you should invest in a high quality planter made of sturdy materials from the start to avoid any issues. No one wants to look at a beautiful tree sitting in an old, damaged, rusted planter. A good choice is to opt for fiberglass that is strong and shows little to no signs of wear when properly cared for with routine cleanings from time to time.


Look at the style and color.

Since you are shopping for a planter you want to last for years, it is important to get a style and color you will love for years to come. From vibrant choices like purple and red to more muted tones of white or grey, there are plenty of options available on the market. You should keep in mind that you will likely be stuck with the color for years so make sure you stick to colors you love rather than the latest trends. If you know you love purple and want to look at it for a few years, opt for purple. If purple is just the hot trend and you don’t already have a love for it, opt for a more neutral tone.

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