What To Do When You’re Alone And Your Car Breaks Down

Breaking down is not an enjoyable experience, especially when you’re on your own. Not all of us have a vast knowledge of our cars in terms of what happens to them when something out of the norm occurs. So with that in mind, here are some tips on what to do when you’re alone and your car breaks down.

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Park In A Safe Spot

Try not to panic at this point because if your car has stopped in the middle of the highway, the last thing you want to do is to go into a meltdown. Take deep breaths and attempt to get your car off to the side of the road or to any reasonably safe area. You just want your vehicle to be away from any passing cars and vehicles because you never know who might come down too fast and not see you properly. So find a place to park safely and make sure you lock your car.


Take Yourself Away From Any Danger

When you lock your car, don’t stay in it. Even if you’re parked in a safe spot, it’s better to be out of your car than in it. Unless it’s cold outside, then it’s probably better for you to keep it where it’s warm instead of harming yourself even more. If you can though take yourself away from the vehicle, and if you’re on the highway, get up onto the verge so that you’re off the main road. At this point, your safety is the most important and not the condition of your car.


Call Your Breakdown Provider

Now regardless of how much you know about your car, on a busy road or one that you’re not familiar with, it is not the right time to do DIY. Whether you’ve done a mobile tire change or attempted to start your engine in some other way, don’t do anything that will further damage your car. You don’t know why it’s broken down, and so it’s best not to start tinkering with it. Call your breakdown provider once you’re in a safe spot and try to give as accurate a location as possible. Check your phone to see where you are and if there’s a signal, and if not, try to remember the last sign you went past. This will at least give some indication of where you are.


Keep Yourself Warm And Entertained

Keeping yourself warm and entertained is important, so try to warm yourself up by applying any layers you have in your car already, particularly if you have to step outside. Read a book if you have one or take this opportunity to sort through the photos section on your mobile phone. Either way, you want to keep yourself alert while in a place that could potentially be dangerous, or you’re just not aware of.


Having your car break down when you’re alone and in the middle of nowhere can be terrifying. But don’t panic, use your initiative, and find help.

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