5 Simple Ways To Prepare Your Home For Sale Without Spending A Dime

5 Simple Ways To Prepare Your Home For Sale Without Spending A Dime

The housing market isn’t the friendliest place right now. Even with the lowest mortgage rates in five years, many sellers are having a hard time finding buyers. Combine that with rising home values and tight inventory, and you’ve got a perfect storm on your hands. As a result, you might wonder whether it’s even worth trying to sell your home. 

If you decide to try your luck and sell, the good news is that you can make your home look like a million dollars without spending a dollar. All you have to do is implement these simple home staging tips.

Plan Your Selling Strategy

Of course, before we get into the tips, your first step is to plan your selling strategy. If you’re new to buying and selling houses, then the Internet is your best friend. But if you want the best advice possible, you’ll want to approach a professional in the field like a Lido Key Realtor. Some places offer a free estimate or advice. But it’s more likely that it won’t come free. However, if you opt for that realtor, it’ll be part of a package because they’re selling your home.

Make Sure Your Home Looks Its Best

This is a no-brainer. It’s essential to make sure your home looks its best when listing it for sale. This will help it stand out among other listings, and potential buyers will be more likely to notice the good things about your home. Here are a few quick tips for making your home look like the million-dollar listing it actually is:  

  • Replace old, heavy curtains with summer-weight ones. 
  • Clean your soft furnishings and add more than you usually would for a soft homely feel. 
  • Use decorative items like plants, candles, or flowers to create a cozy atmosphere in your home. 
  • Pull some art out of storage and add it to the walls to spruce up any bare spaces.  
  • Place furniture strategically so that rooms aren’t cluttered or dark.

Get Rid Of Clutter

One of the easiest ways to make your home attractive is to get rid of clutter. Buyers are looking for a clean, organized space to move into and start their lives. Get rid of anything you don’t need and give your home a fresh start. If you have too much stuff, rope in family members for the extra muscle to help you out. 

Have Someone Walk Through Your Home

It can be hard to know what buyers really want from our home as we prepare it for sale. But one of the simplest ways to make your house look more appealing is to simply have someone walk through your home. The person who walks through will be able to see how you live and what things you need to update to optimize the space. Having a second opinion that isn’t clouded by sentimentality is invaluable for figuring out how to make your home more appealing to buyers. 

Get Creative With Photography

One of the best ways to make your home look fantastic is by using photography — specifically, high-quality professional photography. Unfortunately, that does mean spending a bit. Some realtors will cover this for you, though.

These days, everyone has a camera on their phone, but that doesn’t mean you should use it as your sole selling technique. It’s not just about showing what your house looks like from the exterior. It’s about highlighting the interior and the surrounding property. Luckily, there are plenty of affordable options for professional photography these days. You can hire a pro to take some pictures for you, or if you want to go the more cost-effective route, you can buy a DSLR camera and take them yourself. The key is to get creative with your shots and do everything possible to showcase every room in detail.


Home staging is a proven strategy to sell your home faster and for more money. In just a few hours of work, you can create the look of expensive designer homes and dramatically increase the chances of selling your home for top dollar. You can also get creative with photography to make impressive shots for your listings. 

It’s also essential to engage your agent in the process. They can help you prepare for showings, arrange for the stage and provide feedback on how to best show off your home. What’s more, they can offer expert advice on how to set the right price for your home and even arrange for professional photographers to come in and shoot your listing. You’ve spent years making your house a home. Now it’s time to make it a profitable investment.

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