5 ways to help your relationship thrive

5 ways to help your relationship thrive

When I dreamed of marriage as a child, I imagined what they show you in fairytales. However, as an adult, I have learned that any relationship is not by any means, easy. This is why so many marriages end in divorce. Over time, people stop putting in the work when it comes to their relationship and it becomes “too hard.” To put in the work takes time, effort, and sometimes sweat, blood, and tears, but to a lot of couples, it is so worth it in the end. Here are 5 ways to help your relationship thrive:

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Communication, specifically open communication, might just be the most important thing in a marriage. If you cannot communicate effectively, you will never have a thriving marriage. There are a few parts that go right along with open communication, in my opinion. Those parts are honesty, respect, and understanding. Let’s start with honesty. To communicate properly, you need to be honest. Don’t leave anything out just because you think your husband or wife will be upset. Get it all out on the table and be upfront and honest. The next part is respect. If you are on the other side, waiting for an explanation as to why something happened, respect your spouse and hear them out. Do not jump to conclusions before they get a chance to talk to you. The last part is understanding. If a mistake was made, you need to try to accept that and move on. If you are upset, do not yell. Calmly explain yourself and it will prove too much better results in the end.


Marriage is a journey and you do not know exactly how to navigate every single life change together from the second you tie the knot…or even ten years down the road, but there’s one sure thing and that is the fact that you will learn along the way. Do not be afraid to admit that you do not know how to navigate a situation on your own. You could significantly benefit from having a third party listen to you and teach you what they think you could do to improve your relationship. They say that love is blind and sometimes, it’s true until you see an outsider’s perspective. Visiting a professional counselor or therapist can help you and your significant other heal, strengthen their relationship, and go forward building a stronger marriage. Talk about therapy sign


We live in an instant world with fast foods, ATMs, computer access to information, direct dial communication all over the world, and quick meals that we can pop in the microwave. The problem is we can’t heat a marriage in the microwave. Relationships just don’t work that way. Marriage, especially, takes time and care to become beautiful. That means learning patience. 


Last but not least, I believe that surprise is beneficial in a marriage. Surprise and fun in a marriage will ensure that you are not getting bored with the same routine and thing every day. Of course, it is good to know what to expect from your relationship, but surprise flowers, notes, or a surprise trip now and then definitely won’t hurt anyone! Now, over time, this does get hard to do. But, trying your best is never a letdown.

Address issues in your relationship

Last but not least, you need to address any issues or points of conflict in your relationship. For example, if you are disagreeing about something with your children, go to the professionals. Things like delays, speech issues, and more can bring up a lot of feelings, and a lot of the time, that definitely can stress a relationship! Why not turn to professionals to help with the process. They will take out the fear and walk you through the steps. For example, if your child needs help with speech or occupational therapy in Atlanta, Talk About Therapy can help. Their licensed therapists are there to support your family with the best-individualized care through services like “speech therapy for kids, speech therapy for toddlers, pediatric occupational therapy, tongue tie, and lip tie intervention, feeding therapy, and to guide you through challenging experiences such as breastfeeding problems, and knowing what to expect after tongue tie release.”

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  1. This is great relationship advice, thanks for sharing! It definitely takes a lot of hard work and patience, but it is also very rewarding to be in a long relationship/marriage.

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