Don’t Let that Toxic Partner Back in Your Life

Don't Let that Toxic Partner Back in Your Life

Don’t Let that Toxic Partner Back in Your Life. Putting up with someone in your life that brings you down can be awful for your self-image and even dangerous. You can spend some time in a safe place and see a therapist to help get away from a toxic partner. But numerous other things can help with this issue.

Physically Stop Them from Seeing You

Sometimes it is better to just not see someone that can be dangerous or, at the very least, ruin your day just by being around. Toxicity in a relationship can also spill over to the kids, so it helps to just keep that person away. Following a breakup, calling a locksmith to change at least the front door locks is crucial and helps prevent that person from physically entering the home. But it also helps to avoid them in the street, and a restraining order may even be necessary.

Have Somewhere You Can Go

Barring someone from home will help prevent them from seeing you. But data shows that violent ex-partners are at their most dangerous just before, during, and immediately after a breakup. Because of this, domestic violence experts agree that it can help to get out of the home and somewhere safe for a bit. It helps to build a support network for this as well because this is also when a survivor is likely to feel conflicted and allow an abuser back into their life.

Confide About a Toxic Partner

As part of the mentioned support system, telling someone about what has been and what’s going on is a massive help. A friend or relative can be the backup you need, offer guidance and strength, and even safeguard against an ex-partner. Support can also help you stay firm in your decision to end a toxic relationship and remind you that it’s not your fault. They can also make arrangements with relevant authorities on a victim’s behalf if it is required.

Consider Therapy to Cope with It All

There’s nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to finding therapy after leaving an abusive relationship. Therapists can help patients cope with the mixed emotions of a breakup, inducing guilt. But of course, these cost money. However, some home activities you can do include writing in a journal about your feelings. This has been proven to help people improve their overall mood, provide a better sense of well-being, and even lower blood pressure. 

Cut Off All Digital Contact

In today’s world, it is all too easy for people to contact you. Following a breakup, it is essential to cut off all contact, and this includes digital. Changing a phone number or blocking an ex, closing a social media account, and unfollowing a toxic abuser will all help. It also helps to be proactive and think about digital contact following these. For example, only add genuine friends to your contact lists, and be careful about who you give out your new phone number.


A toxic partner can ruin your life. Physically stop them from seeing you by changing locks, seeking support from friends and exerts for emotional support, and cutting off digital contact.

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