7 Apps To Help You Declutter Your Home

7 Apps To Help You Declutter Your Home

Here are 7 Apps To Help You Declutter Your Home!  When our homes are cluttered and disorderly it can be difficult to feel cozy and relaxed. Whether you’re planning some interior design work or looking to move home, these apps can help you to declutter and clean up.


Using the Offerup app it’s simple to sell the old items that you no longer want. Whether it’s homeware, clothes, electronics, or cars, you can sell it all here on the Offerup app. Create the perfect profile and build up your reputation with the rating and review features. Communication is seamless, with instant messaging that connects you directly with buyers. Here you can chat with buyers in your local community, and earn some money on your old clutter.


The Clutter-free app helps you to design a roadmap to remove the clutter from your home. Using Clutter-free you can record your progress, try decluttering challenges, and get inspired. Here you’ll get advice from decluttering experts, with a personalized plan that works for you. The app also offers bonus plans that focus on certain areas of your home. These include Clutter-free Habits, Paper Organization 101, or Decluttering Books. When discussing the concept behind the app Joshua Becker, said, ‘My passion, from the very beginning, has been to help people who own too much realize that reality and begin to own less.’


Using the Centriq app you can get rid of the paper manuals for your home electronics, tools, and appliances. All you have to do is snap a picture of the appliance, and the app will find the manuals, tutorials, and warranties. As well as accessing these documents, the application stores all the pictures in a home inventory. Using the Centriq app you can: 

  • Access info about safety recalls
  • Organize all your paperwork
  • Order new parts for your appliances 
  • Learn about the features of your electronics

With an inventory of your items, it’s easier to get organized if you ever move home. An inventory can help you to show your moving company how many large appliances and electronics you have.

Toss: Declutter Fast & Easy

The Toss app makes it simple to declutter your life. All it takes is a few minutes per day, to embrace the minimalist lifestyle. Toss includes four principles and steps:

  • Time: Approaching your clutter with short and fast tasks is the easiest way to get on top of things.
  • Organization: When you ditch the objects you don’t need it’s far easier to get your living spaces organized.
  • Simplicity: Simple and easy tasks give you the motivation to keep tossing things out every day.
  • Serenity: When you track how many items you toss out each day, you’ll feel more serene and productive over time.

Toss encourages you to choose just one small task a day, whether it’s one drawer or one cupboard to declutter.

Get Rid Of It

An app made for wannabe minimalists, ‘Get Rid Of It’, encourages you to throw away the items that are not adding value to your life. The idea is to monitor what you can get rid of, over 30 days. You start by throwing out one item on day one, two items on day two, and so on. There’s a social community where you can chat and share your progress, plus plenty of helpful tips about decluttering.


Wallapop is an app that allows you to sell second-hand items, across various categories. Here you can sell clothing, sports equipment, children’s toys, homeware, video games, and more. A few of the best features of Wallapop include:

  • Zero charges for delivery, and local and convenient transactions. 
  • A wide range of categories including video games, furniture, and more.
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly, helping you to make money and go green.
  • Chat with buyers easily via instant messaging.


Once you’ve ditched the clutter, you’ll want to get your home organized and clean. With the Spotless app, it’s simple to keep your home nice and tidy. Using the app you can create multiple rooms, and make a task list for each of them. It’s simple to use, motivating you to get rid of clutter and get things nice and clean. For anyone who’s ever felt overwhelmed by household chores, Spotless is the app you need.

Living a more minimalist lifestyle can help you to protect the earth, save money, and beautify your home. Whether it’s clearing out your wardrobe or adopting mindful shopping habits, there are plenty of ways to get clutter-free.

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