Avoid Making Bad Decisions During Your Property Search

Avoid Making Bad Decisions During Your Property Search

Our recent post dedicated to helping you look for a new home is a great place to start if moving property is your goal. That said, sometimes it’s not just what you do, but what you choose not to do that counts toward your overall result, and where you end up living.

For example, eschewing the use of a house inspector because it’s a new build and the home looks robust enough is a good way to be stuck with issues that could have been unveiled should you have spent a little more money. 

It’s also important to realize that while the housing market is not the best right now due to inflation and heightened interest rates, it’s good to remember that there is never really a ‘perfect time to get onto the property market, only the right time for you. Paradoxically, if you leave a decision too late it might be that the good options dry up for a temporary period, but if you feel obligated to take a house you’re not 100% sure about just because you can, you may regret doing so later.

So – let’s simplify this word salad and discuss what to avoid when searching for a property:

Not Being Prepared For A Fixer-Upper

It can feel tempting to opt for a property that may require more upkeep, or even a full renovation because it has a strong location or is a great deal. But unless you’re genuinely in favor of spending time perhaps living away from the property, waiting for a renovation to complete, negotiating with contractors, designing that which you want from the space, and also stretching your budget you’ll end up using anyway, it’s important to opt for something else. Or, you could make the decision now to determine if this is for you. If it is, that’s great also.

A Poor Timeline

House buying takes time, even if with Your Ohio Home Builder you can craft space in the most competitive timeframe, or move into a prebuilt to-spec home of your dreams. A poor timeline, such as only giving yourself six weeks to search, buy, sell, and move over the school summer vacation, can force you into a deal that you were probably not interested in following.

A Lack Of Priorities

It’s important to make sure you figure out what you’re looking for before you search. This sounds obvious – but it can be good to grade priorities so you also know where to compromise. For instance, perhaps you’d really like a garden pool. But you’re happy to eschew that if it means 20,000 off the asking price for a great property without one, or if a location is too convenient to ignore. Perhaps your ‘must-haves’ will include a front garden so you can be further out from the suburban road instead of straight on it, or even something special you wish for, like waterfront access in retirement. Prioritize now, and you’ll have to make fewer decisions on the fly.

With this advice, we hope you can better avoid making bad decisions during your property search.

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  1. sounds like good reminders and advice to avoid these mishaps. buying and finding good property to buy is hard u are so right

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