Castaway Nantucket Dress Review

Have you ever sat by the pool and saw someone walk by with the cutest summer dress on, or is that just me? Growing up around the beach I was always around people wearing the cutest summer clothes. I loved the beach dresses everyone would wear while walking on the beach or sitting outside by the pool,

After I got married and since saltwater is in my blood, I had to have a saltwater pool. I wanted something special to wear for our cookouts. Then I remembered the cute outfits I saw everyone wearing when they were walking on the beach or sitting by the pool.

Once Covid happened and the party’s stopped I spent more time looking for some perfect outfits. This year I am excited to say I found a company that has the most stylish, sophisticated outfits. I am so excited when I received this dress from Castaway Nantucket.

It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with their style and designs. This is exactly what I have been looking for!

I was so excited when I received the dress that I have been searching for!

This dress is lined but not heavy material so it is perfect to wear to an outside party or even an evening out. It is a classic blue gingham in a Tunic style. I will be the envy of the next party with this dress on!

The quality of this dress is amazing even down to their emblem.

If you are like me and looking for gorgeous outdoor wear, then check out Castaway Nantucket!

Fashion Choices For All Ages

Fashion Choices For All Ages


When it comes to fashion, there are no rules. Reaching a certain age doesn’t mean that you have to dress a certain way, or throw away the clothes that you wore before reaching the elegant age of sixty. Fashion over the age of sixty will likely look a little different to your fashion choices you made when you were in your twenties. There are certain fashion choices that are timeless, and things that you can do to both age gracefully and enjoy rocking a fashionable outfit. 


Knowing what to avoid, and what to include in your wardrobe will make a big difference to how you look. Certain outfits will make you look frumpy and outdated. Avoid hiding your figure in over sized and baggy clothing. The common belief that over sized clothing will be more flattering is not true. In fact, it is more important to work on flattering your figure, rather than hiding it. Draw attention to things that you like, this may be your cleavage or your legs. Feel free to accessorize with statement pieces, and experiment with bold colors and patterns to showcase your personality. If you need help with your fashion choices, the following infographic can help you with tips and tricks to stay stylish after the age of sixty. When you find a style that you like, and are comfortable in don’t feel afraid to rock it as often as you like! Reaching the milestone of sixty is a wonderful thing and you should feel comfortable presenting your personality to the world.


Infographic Design By The Budget Fashionista Budget Fashionista

Creative Ways To Show Your Team Spirit

If you’re a sports fan, there’s a good chance you enjoy showing support for your preferred teams. If you are truly passionate about rooting for your favorites, you may have attended games in person or purchased some apparel to put your enthusiasm on display. If you want to go the extra mile to express your passion for sports, the following options might appeal to you.

Dress Up the Whole Family

If you have family members who share your passion for sports, grab some gear for everyone. Does your household cheer for the Yankees? Even if you have a brand new arrival, he or she can join you in your fandom if you pick up some cute Yankees baby clothes. Does Fido join everyone in the living room for Steelers games? Try a Steelers dog collar. Having everyone decked out in merchandise can be a fun way to enjoy sports together.

Financial Assistance

Running a sports organization costs money. Funding athletes’ salaries or scholarships, maintaining fields and stadiums and purchasing team equipment can get pricey. You may have already purchased season tickets or bought team merchandise for the whole family, but to ensure the team you back can continue to compete, consider donations. Professional teams in major sports may not need to depend on fan donations to operate, but smaller organizations, like college or high school teams, might really appreciate the extra help.

Throw a Party

One of the most exciting ways to experience a sporting event is in the company of friends and family. Many people choose to entertain during some of the more critical games of the season, such as the opening game of the season or perhaps the Super Bowl. But any game can be a great reason to have a party.

Perhaps you are no able to accommodate all the guests in your home. Try tailgating! A tailgate party typically takes place before a sporting event in the parking lot of the venue. Participants may grill food or consume alcoholic beverages, and it is all done out of the back of someone’s vehicle. This kind of party often gets people really hyped up for the event.

Cheering for a favorite team is something many people of all ages are passionate about. Sports teams can inspire fierce loyalty and intense rivalries. If your team spirit is about more than sitting on the couch and yelling at the television, consider taking your team support to the next level.

5 Ways To Breathe New Life In Your Wardrobe On A Shoestring Budget


Looking into your wardrobe, you sigh as you realize your clothes collection has either become unfashionable or no longer fit to wear. It’s a feeling many of us have, especially when living on a shoestring budget. We consign our days to window shopping, looking at the dress wear that we wished we could own, but only if we had the money. So what can be done about it? Is it really possible to replenish your wardrobe and still pay the rent? The answer is yes! Check out our essential tips below, helping you to look good, despite your meager budget.


Tip #1: Compare prices online


So what if you can’t afford to shop at some of the more expensive stores online or on the high street? Prices do fall, eventually, and you can often find a bargain online, especially when you look on resale sites, and there are regular sales happening on the high street all the time. Sometimes it pays to wait, and while you may not always keep up with the very latest fashion trend, you can still buy something that suits you at a discounted price.


Tip #2: Don’t ditch your old clothes just yet


When going through your wardrobe, there may be items of clothing you can no longer fit into. This is a shame, especially if it’s an item you are particularly in love with. While you could give it away to a charity shop or a friend, you could also alter it to finally make it fit you again. There should be a clothes alteration store near you, so look for places near you, such as one of the Stitch It zipper repair and clothes alteration stores, and salvage some of your ill-fitting outfits.


Tip #3: Have a clothes party


A great excuse to get together with your mates, a clothes party is also a great opportunity to try on each other’s outfits, and swap and share them. So, if you have been eyeing up that lovely outfit in your friend’s wardrobe, organize a social gathering and give that pretty garment a new home! Perfect, especially when your friends share your personal fashion style. And you can all have a good knee up and have fun modeling each other’s outfits as well.


Tip #4: Sell your old clothes


There’s little point having outfits in your wardrobe that you never intend to wear again, so if your best mate turned up their noses at that lime green dress you shared at the clothes party, you may as well consider selling it instead. There are some online sites, such as Material World, who will pick up your outfits from you, and offer you a trade-in price. There are others, such as eBay and Craigslist, where you can advertise your clothes and charge your own prices. With the extra cash, you may be able to buy that new dress from Zara you always wanted.


Tip #5: Head to the menswear department


While this is a bit of a stereotype (though probably true), women spend more time buying clothes than men. Clothes stores and manufacturers capitalize on this, charging women exorbitant prices while selling men’s clothes for less. The cheek of it! Still, don’t get down about it, as there are some items of menswear that look great on women, so follow the link and widen your options.


Bottom line


It is possible to breathe new life into your wardrobe, so we hope you find our tips helpful. Let us know if you have any further advice for our readers – perhaps you have found a great online store that sells fashion at bargain prices, for example, or you may have found a style that will look good on anybody, regardless of budget. Give us a shout and do us all a favor. Thanks for reading, and happy (cheap) shopping!

Understand Your Own Personal Style In The Next 10 Minutes

Some women love shopping for clothes, others hate it. The reason some women hate it is usually down to the fact that they just don’t understand their personal style. When you don’t understand your personal style, you’ll find that a number of things happen. You’ll end up with clothes that you never wear. You’ll always feel like you don’t have anything to wear, even with a bunch of clothing staring back at you. You’ll spend ages getting dressed in the morning, only to be unhappy with the way you look! If any of these resonate with you, then it’s definitely time you understood your own personal style.



Once you understand your personal style you can save time and money shopping, and feel incredible in just about everything that you wear. By reading this guide, understanding your own personal style can take just 10 minutes! Read on to find out more:


Assess Your Wardrobe

Start by assessing your current wardrobe, and be vigilant. If you don’t wear items, put them in a pile to give to charity, to a friend, or to sell. However, don’t get rid of them until you’ve defined the reasons you don’t wear them. Did the material make you itch? Were they too small? Did the color wash you out? Once you know why you didn’t wear certain items, you can avoid making the same mistakes again.


Don’t assess your wardrobe without looking at the clothing that you do wear. Look at the items you reach for the most, and figure out what it is that makes you reach for them, besides regular outfit don’t forget about your lingerie, women love to have designer bras and panties or lace panties, so buy what really fit and suit you, just don’t pile a sack of undergarments, which can be painful later while decluttering it from your wardrobe. You can learn more than you probably realize by looking at and assessing your current wardrobe, so get started right now!


Find The Right Words To Define Your Style

Find the right words to define you and your style. If you have to, then use the words that you would like to describe your future style, when you’ve finally sorted out your wardrobe! Are you a funky and comfy kind of person, somebody who likes to wear bright patterns and colors but ensures everything is comfortable and soft? Perhaps you’re a smart, bold, and tailored dresser, somebody who wears professional looking, well fitting clothing with a bit of an edge? Using around 3 words to help you define your style should help you when dressing and shopping. Ask yourself, does this item fit in with my definition? If not, don’t buy it as it’s unlikely you’ll wear it often!


Have A Clear Out And Make A List

Now that you’ve found things you don’t wear in your wardrobe, and things that don’t fit in with your new definition, you need to have a clear out. Remember, you shouldn’t feel anything less than amazing in the clothes you wear. This means that if you have a bunch of oversized t-shirts that you wear most days, but you feel rubbish in them, you should still get rid of them. What is it that makes you reach for these t-shirts – are they helping you to hide your shape? Wearing clothing for your body shape can help you to enhance your shape and camouflage in the right places.


Once your clear out is complete, make a list of the things you now need to include in your wardrobe. Do you need some great jeans or trousers? Perhaps you need some comfortable and stylish shoes from somewhere like Fill in the gaps in your wardrobe. Remember what we said earlier about feeling amazing in everything. You should now only bring items that you fall head over heels in love with into your wardrobe. This means you need to take your time and be honest with yourself about what you love to wear.


Create A Vision Board

A vision board is a great place to go to for inspiration. Create your own vision board using Pinterest, if you’d prefer an easy way to make one online, or grab a bunch of magazines and create one using these. When you make a vision board, you should be able to see clearly the items that make an appearance multiple times. Do you see patterns forming? If you do, this is a clear indication of the styles and items that you should try out.


Look For Your Signature Pieces

What would you consider to be your signature pieces in your wardrobe? Do you have a penchant for cool hats, great jackets, or tailored trousers? When you know what your signature pieces are, you can begin to play them up a little more in the way you put your outfits together.


Find ‘Your Colors’

You can wear as many or as few colors as you like. Perhaps you’re a person who prefers to dress in nothing but black. Perhaps you’re a person who likes to dress in all the colors of the rainbow. If you don’t know what colors suit you best yet, it’s time to find them! Do you prefer pastel tones or jewel tones? Figure out the color family you prefer, and then work out which colors wash you out and which make you look healthy. Out of the colors that make you look healthy, pick the ones you like the best or those you feel best in. You can use these colors to create your own personal color palette within your wardrobe!



Build Up Your Jewelry Collection

Finally, build up your jewelry collection to complement your own personal style. Costume jewelry doesn’t have to look cheap, but it’s an affordable way of bringing your outfits to life and making them look better almost instantly. Whether you add layered necklaces, lots of bangles, rings, or the whole shebang, you can create entirely different looks using the jewelry that you like. Take your time building up your collection so you have plenty to reach for when getting dressed!


Do you understand your style a little better now? Do what the guide says and you should be able to make better choices when dressing and shopping almost instantly. Have fun!

Depend® Silhouette Active Fit Briefs #OwnYourGreatness

This is sponsored content written by me in partnership with Depend®. All opinions are my own.

Depend® Silhouette Active Fit Brief is my secret lifesaver. I use them when I know running to the restroom quickly may not be an option. I notice the older I get, the quicker I need to make it before I have those dreadful “leaks”. Trying to plan events around a restroom was no fun. I would have to know prior to accepting invites if I would be close to a restroom.

I live in Rockport and after the hurricane, I had to make sure the store had a working bathroom before I could even go.


These are comfy and very thin, no one even knows you are wearing them. The appearance and feel of the panties help me to be confident in public. I can attend events with my grandsons and not have to worry about if a restroom is close by.  I am able to pay attention to the grandsons and not have to stress for the first time in a while.

I feel like I have regained my life and there is no stopping me now, I even started a new career, after 50. I am finally able to enjoy life without the stress of accidents. For the first time in over a year, I have been able to plan a no stress road trip with my husband, we are going sightseeing in the hill country and then traveling to Louisiana.



If you haven’t tried Depend® Silhouette® Active Fit® briefs and Depend® FIT-FLEX® underwear yet, now’s your chance! Now through the end of the year or while supplies last, you can get $2 off at Not only are these comfortable and a fit great, but they look and feel like real underwear while giving you the protection you need. Plus there are now two extra products in each pack! Try them for yourself and let me know what you think.

For more information about incontinence, Depend® products and for product coupons, please visit:  and follow Depend® on: kc10dependchannel and


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Depend®. The opinions and text are all mine.

6 Wardrobe Staples Any Modern Woman Should Keep In Her Style Inventory



The times are changing seemingly faster than ever these days. The advent of social media and internet fashion icons lend us the feeling that the world is in a state of ever-changing flux, especially when it comes to fashion. Your wardrobe last year is probably much different from the wardrobe you’ll desire to own this year. It’s not easy to keep on top of modern fashion trends, but as a lady who’d like to stay current, it can feel hard to resist the beautiful style fads that come around every month.

However, as a modern woman, some simple wardrobe staples will never go out of fashion and have many practical uses. If you’d like to look stylish, professional or homely, all of those looks can naturally be achieved with the following items.

Shoes (All Kinds)

Wearing an array of comfortable, stylish shoes is a must have, but what you wear largely depends on where you live and the season you’re in. Most women have a natural predisposition to great looking shoes, just like men have a predisposition to sports sneakers. Luckily, those two have combined, and now large footwear manufacturers like Adidas and Nike are converting their product lines into beautiful feminine interpretations that can keep us looking great but feeling practical at the same time.

As a modern woman, you’re likely to need a functioning pair of trainers, some light sandals, some ‘going-out’ shoes, be they high heels or otherwise, and a pair of shoes you’d be happy to wear to a formal event. Those four shoe staples will see you well through any circumstance, and you can upgrade them appropriately as those go out of fashion or experience wear and tear.

Light Cardigans

Cardigans are among some of the most versatile garments you can wear. They fit great as a light coating in beautiful weather, but can also pad your undergarments during the winter. Stock your wardrobe with a range of variant thick cotton cardigans in different colors, and you’ll forever be finding practical uses for them. They can also help you blend a modern, city going outfit into that of a city/rustic hybrid, which looks beautiful and keeps you current.


Any professional woman owes it to herself to have at least one or two blazers in her collection. Not only will this serve her well at work while advancing the career ladder like a corporate warrior to be feared and respected, but it will also serve her well during formal personal events. A well-tailored blazer can make any woman look amazing, equal parts professional and stylish.

Dresses For All Occasions

You need dresses for all seasons and occasions. Some women don’t think they look good in dresses and prefer to wear relatively practical clothes. That’s completely fine, and it’s not up to us to tell you what you should be wearing and what you should feel confident in. However, if you believe that you and dresses don’t go together well, we’d argue you haven’t found the right dress.

From playsuits to maxi dresses, there are many styles that constitute the word ‘dress.’ You’ll be sure to find one you like if you just search around, and if you’re not sure, why not hire a stylist to help you? You never know how amazing you can feel when you finally find a look and style that works well for you.


Every girl loves jewelry, but the extent of what they wear differs from person to person. No matter if you enjoy long dangling earrings, or having eight piercings in one ear, find what works for you and rock it! Accessories like jewelry can help complete a style, and tastefully applied, can do wonders for your self-esteem and self-expression.

If you’re not sure where to start and haven’t worn jewelry apart from maybe ear studs and a wedding band, why not start off simple with a new gold watch? It’s likely that it’ll never leave your wrist once you place it on.


Hats don’t seem to have as much cultural uniformity as they once did. It’s easy to think back to Victorian England, where hats were considered a style must-have and helped present your station or understanding to those around you in the society.

Why not bring stylish hats back to your wardrobe? Opting for a large brim summer hat can help you feel amazing during formal events, and can lend you a sense of style and class that’s unshakable even if you’re already on your fourth glass of wine.

The particulars of each woman’s wardrobe are down to her personal taste, and this is the way it should be. However you like to dress though, filling your wardrobe with a few items of each previous suggestion will give you a robust place to start from, and help you interchange outfits at will.


5 Small Ways to do Your bit for the World

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Every day, the world gets a bit scarier, a little bit more unsafe and a little bit less protected from destruction. Our newsfeeds and TV screens are filled with bias and war, our political leaders are neglecting our planet, and there are so many scandals that they have almost become normal. With all of this going on, it can be easy to feel as though there is little we can do to make a difference in this big bad world. But, as parents of the next generation, we must be strong and bring our little people up as movers and shakers, carers and lovers.


Change begins at home, and here are some small things you can do to make the world a little bit happier and healthier.


Buy ethical


Changing your shopping habits isn’t always easy, but buying local and buying from ethical companies are a big step in changing the world. By purchasing from local suppliers, you will reduce your carbon footprint but not buying products which have been flown halfway around the world to your supermarket shelves, as well as putting money back into your local community rather than in the pockets of big business. There are also many clothing companies out there who use natural materials and stay away from exploitation. An example of this is Il Gufo Clothing, a great alternative for children’s clothing without feeling guilty about where you are shopping!


Take time out to volunteer


Volunteering doesn’t have to take too much of your time but can be a rewarding way to give back to your community and do your bit for a better world. Volunteering comes in many shapes and sizes and can involve one day a week spent in your local charity shop, planting trees, spending time playing cards with the elderly or helping out at your local food bank or soup kitchen.


Offset your carbon footprint


If you are a family that flies or drives a lot, there are many ways in which you can offset your carbon emissions. Websites such as and allow anyone and everyone, from large businesses to individuals, to calculate how much carbon they use and then options for offsetting it – from tree planting to contributing to sustainability projects.

Photo from


Give blood


Giving blood is one of the most rewarding ways in which you can give back to both your community and the world. By taking some time out to give blood, you can directly save someone’s life who has been in an accident, needs surgery or even a transfusion. How amazing is that? You also get given tea and biscuits at the end, which is always a win in my books too!


Leave the car at home


Not only will walking save you money on fuel, but it will result in less pollution and a boost in fitness for you and your family. As a general rule, if somewhere is less than a five-minute drive away, it’s usually within easy walking distance. Using public transport is also a great way to do your bit for the environment, and save you money too!

prAna Clothes #prAnaMama Comfy & Stylish!! DISCOUNT CODE INCLUDED #momsmeet

“I received this product for free from Moms Meet, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my honest opinion on my blog. The opinions posted are my own.”

Living right, eating right and getting healthier are my goals this year. Since retiring I have noticed a gradual weight gain. I decided at the beginning of this year I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle to be around a long time watch my grandkids grow up. This included being more active and even taking up some exercising and walking.


At my age, fixing to turn the big “50”, it is imperative I stay comfy while doing my exercises and walking. This is why I love prAna clothes. They are so soft and stretchable so workouts are a breeze.

Their clothes are shaped to help you look slimmer than you really are!! I love that!! My husband even complimented me when I wore this outfit stating “Have you lost weight?”. NOPE but he doesn’t have to know that!!

Their clothes are the latest fashion for workout clothes and casual wear! They are made so well even after a few washes they still fit and look the same as the day I received them!

When you check out prAna and find those adorable clothes you can’t live without, I have an awesome 15% off code you can use: MOMRBK

What I really loved about them is how true to size they are. Their size chart really helps when placing that order!

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