What does being Patriotic mean to you?

I remember growing up and seeing my grandfather and father placing their hands over their heart and standing up every time they heard the national anthem. I grew up standing up and placing your hand over your heart when you said the pledge of allegiance. I would have never dreamed to do anything different. Those were what I understood patriotic meant.

Patriotic means different things to different people and this is definitely a different world than when I grew up in. That doesn’t make one any less patriotic then I am. It just means they understand it differently.

Due to how I was raised we always enjoy our 4th of July get-togethers and love to display the pride of our flag. I found an amazing site that has adorable patriotic clothes. If you are looking for a cute patriotic shirt then check it out. I love their designs.

Don’t forget to shop early and be prepared for the 4th of July!



The RealReal Dominates The Second-Hand Luxury Market

The RealReal Dominates The Second-Hand Luxury Market


In the second-hand market, fake or poor-condition products are what gives the industry a bad name. The RealReal is now raising the bar when it comes to quality control and they have proven that second-hand goods have a place in the luxury market.


They care so much about quality that they give free workshops on how to spot fake items. For example, they will sample the quality of leather handbags to see if it has a suspicious smell that it came from a low-quality factory. If the key to the handbag does not operate smoothly, it is another red flag that it could be fake. The details about their workshops were featured in The New Yorker.


Since 2011, Julie Wainwright has taken the company further than her original vision and now it is one of the top fashion companies in America. She was behind the companies Reel.com and Pets.com, in which she transferred over her knowledge to the fashion industry. These brands continue to remain popular but do not match the same income level of her new clothing venture.


Not only has the company been able to take hold of an under-utilized market, they have brought in buyers that would have not otherwise purchased used luxury goods. With second-hand in the spotlight, even small companies have seen the impact of The RealReal.


The vision for Julie’s company came from a successful second-hand shopping spree in San Francisco. She is a typical buyer of retail luxury handbags and jewelry but she never expected to find good brands in consignment shops. It wasn’t long before she accumulated a collection of Louis Vuitton, and Gucci and other high-end brands for such a low price. This made her realized that there is a lot of potential for used goods.


After her experience, she decided to auction off her good in eBay and local stores and had little success. Being an entrepreneur herself, she realized that there was huge room for improvement in the underutilized industry. This is why she had invested herself in buying a warehouse for the purpose of buying and selling luxury products. It is now one of the most successful luxury boutique operations on the planet.


Over 8 million users have registered on her site and at least half of them have some sort of engagement. The website is set up to attract those that would normally buy from retail stores and many will not know that it is a consignment shop at first glance. The elegance of the photos and descriptions have such an allure that her company can sell used purses at premium prices. With higher quality controls, the company’s reputation grows as there is a very low volume of fake products flowing through the website like other top clothing dealers.


Taking a look at their Instagram profile, it is quite clear that they focus on quality and user engagement. Perfectly crafted shots are taken in key parts of New York to present the prestige of wearing luxury clothes in a luxury-loving city. Targeting social media is the key for large companies like The RealReal to gain market share.


Venture capital funding is clearly a key part of The RealReal’s success. Hundreds of millions of dollars have gone into the company in recent years and there are more deals along the way. According to a 2017 post by Tech Crunch, the company had scored a $50 million funding deal with Great Hill Partners.

Dress Yourself Slimmer

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Obviously, if you need to lose weight, it is far better for your health and wellbeing that you should tackle your issues with a healthy diet and exercise regime, but if you’re just wanting to look a little slimmer from day to day, it is perfectly p[ossible to achieve the appearance of a slighter frame simply by dressing smarter.


Here are some simple things you can do to look 10 pounds lighter instantly:


Make Sure Your Separates Match


It might not be quite as good as the results you get from the procedures at www.liposuctionsydney.com, but if you want to look at least half a stone lighter than you really are, make sure that you always match your skirt and tights or your trousers with your shoes. It will have a lengthening effect on the body which will really slim you down no matter what color or style you’re wearing.


Get Your Proportions Right


Anyone who’s interested in fashion knows that if the proportions are wrong, you’ll end up looking bigger than you really are. If you wear very full, voluminous garments on top and bottom, then you will look fuller and more voluminous than you actually are too, which is why you should always pair a voluminous garment like a circle skirt with a tight fitting top or a boyfriend shirt with skinny jeans.


Tapered Jackets Tame Your Waist


If you’re looking to slim down your waist, then you can;’t go wrong with a hip-length tailored jacket that tapers in at the waist. Whether you wear it with skinny jeans, a maxi dress or a fitted skirt, you will instantly look several pounds slimmer.


Pencil Skirts Improve Your Profile

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When it comes to skirts, you simply cannot beat an A-line skirt that skims the hips without being too tight. Your hip area will look far smaller and your profile will look extremely sleek, giving the illusion that you are a bit smaller than you really are.


Long-Line Cardigans are Leaner


Cardigans that come to the waist might look great, but if you’re serious about looking slimmer and you don’t want to hit up the local PureGym to tone up your torso, then a cardigan that skims the hips and thighs will look far more flattering by lengthening your body and potentially hiding a multitude of sins.


Tuck Your Shirt Into Your Jeans


Ever wondered why so many celebs rock the jeans with tucked in shirt and heels look? It’s quite simple really – it lengthens the body which has a very good slimming effect, especially if you’re wearing bootcut jeans.


Wear a Wider Belt


Placing a belt around the waist is a good way to look a little slimmer around the waist, but ideally, you need to use a wider belt, because it will have a more prominent effect, and ideally one with a little stretch in it which will really pull you in, almost like a corset.


Do you have any top tips for using your wardrobe to make yourself look slimmer?

Bridal Sashes Review


 I’m so excited I just received this product for an honest review from Tomoson.com.

My sister-in-law is finally getting married in March!!!

Of course, we had to have a bachelorette party for her. I invited the bridal party to my house before we headed out for the day. When everyone arrived, I surprised them with these awesome sashes you can find on Amazon. They all fell in love with the design, I love the bride tribe theme, hearts and arrows, I knew they would too!

These sashes fit perfect, they are made of a satin material that is sown at the end. This package came with some awesome gold tattoos for the bride and bride tribe.

We all put on our sashes, applied our tattoos and headed out to start our day of fun!! As we were out and about we received so many compliments on both our sashes and tattoos.


Understand Your Own Personal Style In The Next 10 Minutes

Some women love shopping for clothes, others hate it. The reason some women hate it is usually down to the fact that they just don’t understand their personal style. When you don’t understand your personal style, you’ll find that a number of things happen. You’ll end up with clothes that you never wear. You’ll always feel like you don’t have anything to wear, even with a bunch of clothing staring back at you. You’ll spend ages getting dressed in the morning, only to be unhappy with the way you look! If any of these resonate with you, then it’s definitely time you understood your own personal style.



Once you understand your personal style you can save time and money shopping, and feel incredible in just about everything that you wear. By reading this guide, understanding your own personal style can take just 10 minutes! Read on to find out more:


Assess Your Wardrobe

Start by assessing your current wardrobe, and be vigilant. If you don’t wear items, put them in a pile to give to charity, to a friend, or to sell. However, don’t get rid of them until you’ve defined the reasons you don’t wear them. Did the material make you itch? Were they too small? Did the color wash you out? Once you know why you didn’t wear certain items, you can avoid making the same mistakes again.


Don’t assess your wardrobe without looking at the clothing that you do wear. Look at the items you reach for the most, and figure out what it is that makes you reach for them, besides regular outfit don’t forget about your lingerie, women love to have designer bras and panties or lace panties, so buy what really fit and suit you, just don’t pile a sack of undergarments, which can be painful later while decluttering it from your wardrobe. You can learn more than you probably realize by looking at and assessing your current wardrobe, so get started right now!


Find The Right Words To Define Your Style

Find the right words to define you and your style. If you have to, then use the words that you would like to describe your future style, when you’ve finally sorted out your wardrobe! Are you a funky and comfy kind of person, somebody who likes to wear bright patterns and colors but ensures everything is comfortable and soft? Perhaps you’re a smart, bold, and tailored dresser, somebody who wears professional looking, well fitting clothing with a bit of an edge? Using around 3 words to help you define your style should help you when dressing and shopping. Ask yourself, does this item fit in with my definition? If not, don’t buy it as it’s unlikely you’ll wear it often!


Have A Clear Out And Make A List

Now that you’ve found things you don’t wear in your wardrobe, and things that don’t fit in with your new definition, you need to have a clear out. Remember, you shouldn’t feel anything less than amazing in the clothes you wear. This means that if you have a bunch of oversized t-shirts that you wear most days, but you feel rubbish in them, you should still get rid of them. What is it that makes you reach for these t-shirts – are they helping you to hide your shape? Wearing clothing for your body shape can help you to enhance your shape and camouflage in the right places.


Once your clear out is complete, make a list of the things you now need to include in your wardrobe. Do you need some great jeans or trousers? Perhaps you need some comfortable and stylish shoes from somewhere like https://www.alegriashoeshop.com/Alegria-Women-s-Shoes-s/96.htm. Fill in the gaps in your wardrobe. Remember what we said earlier about feeling amazing in everything. You should now only bring items that you fall head over heels in love with into your wardrobe. This means you need to take your time and be honest with yourself about what you love to wear.


Create A Vision Board

A vision board is a great place to go to for inspiration. Create your own vision board using Pinterest, if you’d prefer an easy way to make one online, or grab a bunch of magazines and create one using these. When you make a vision board, you should be able to see clearly the items that make an appearance multiple times. Do you see patterns forming? If you do, this is a clear indication of the styles and items that you should try out.


Look For Your Signature Pieces

What would you consider to be your signature pieces in your wardrobe? Do you have a penchant for cool hats, great jackets, or tailored trousers? When you know what your signature pieces are, you can begin to play them up a little more in the way you put your outfits together.


Find ‘Your Colors’

You can wear as many or as few colors as you like. Perhaps you’re a person who prefers to dress in nothing but black. Perhaps you’re a person who likes to dress in all the colors of the rainbow. If you don’t know what colors suit you best yet, it’s time to find them! Do you prefer pastel tones or jewel tones? Figure out the color family you prefer, and then work out which colors wash you out and which make you look healthy. Out of the colors that make you look healthy, pick the ones you like the best or those you feel best in. You can use these colors to create your own personal color palette within your wardrobe!



Build Up Your Jewelry Collection

Finally, build up your jewelry collection to complement your own personal style. Costume jewelry doesn’t have to look cheap, but it’s an affordable way of bringing your outfits to life and making them look better almost instantly. Whether you add layered necklaces, lots of bangles, rings, or the whole shebang, you can create entirely different looks using the jewelry that you like. Take your time building up your collection so you have plenty to reach for when getting dressed!


Do you understand your style a little better now? Do what the guide says and you should be able to make better choices when dressing and shopping almost instantly. Have fun!

Is Your Workwear Wearing You Down?

Office Carpet Work Pants Red Shoes Chair Red

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Many of us dress to impress in the workplace. But there are some fashion trends that our bodies might not approve of in the long run. Here are just a few ways in which workwear might be wearing you down.


Treat your feet


The wrong footwear can have bad effects on your joints, especially in careers where you’re constantly on your feet.


The biggest offender for joint problems later in life is high heels. These shoes put pressure on the ankles, knees, hips, and spine and regular use has been linked to arthritis and osteoporosis. You don’t need to say goodbye to heels forever, but should certainly think of embracing flats more if you’re currently wearing heels five days a week.  


Some employers still request heels as part of the dress code. However, a growing number of lawsuits and pressure from scientists has made it much easier to argue one’s case.


Some workplaces such as hospitals have gone so far as to make all their nursing staff wear trainers due to the greater protection of the joints. There are still many smart shoes that are also good for your joints – if your job has you on your feet all day, it could be worth investing in a pair to save your mobility later on if life.


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Get it in the bag


Handbags and satchel bags may also be a hidden hazard to your health – especially heavy ones. This is because they only have one strap. Many of us have a favored shoulder and this can lead to long-term uneven weight distribution, which has been linked to back problems later in life.


An easy solution could be to swap your bag from shoulder to shoulder each day so that you’re working out both shoulders.


Alternatively, you could buy a rucksack to split the weight distribution evenly. Backpacks aren’t just for school kids and there are many sophisticated bags out there. Those wanting something robust and classy could consider getting a leather backpack. There are also rucksacks made of felt and suede.


Loosen up


Is your work clothing overly tight? Do you have to squeeze yourself into your trousers and is your belt done up to the point that you have to breathe in. There’s growing research to suggest that wearing tight clothing is extremely bad for your health. Squishing your stomach in could be causing damage to your internal organs and bringing on acid reflux. Tight stockings or leggings meanwhile when worn on a regular basis can restrict blood flow and make you more susceptible to varicose veins and circulatory problems. Try wearing looser clothing to protect your body.

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Keep it clean


A lack of cleanliness may seem obvious. But in some professions, certain items of clothing may go unwashed for some time, gathering bacteria. Protective clothing as provided by the workplace such as gloves and hard hats can start to get grubby, but few workers will ever think to give these a regular clean. Storing gloves in your hard hat should be a big no-no and has been linked to cellulitis – a skin infection on the head. When you can, give these items of clothing a wash.

Pumpkins, Candles, Thick Socks & A Fall Cleaning Checklist

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With fall comes the chance to enjoy coats and jackets, layering of every kind, pumpkin spiced lattes, the book you never finished during the summer, kicking the crisp leaves and, most importantly of all, preparing your home for all those slow mornings and cozy evenings. Sure, they may be chores, but these seasonal preparations will be well worth it.


So, without further ado, these are the things you need to check off your list this fall:


Window Washing

If you have some glass cleaner kicking about, then great. If not, just pop a quick squirt of washing up liquid in a squirt bottle with some water, spray on your windows and wipe away with a microfibre cloth. As a little tip, do this on a gray day so that you can see the streaks better.


Don’t Forget The Walls

You’ve gone through all the effort to wash-slash-clean the windows – which are by far the trickiest of them all – so you may as well continue on to the walls, getting rid of all those streaks, bits of dirt and fingerprints. If it is painted or wood-paneled then dust them, wash them, rinse them and dry them.


Care For Your Appliances

The summer has a way of seeing the dust settle almost everywhere you don’t want it to, which makes it your job to care for them this fall. That could mean hiring a contractor for air conditioning repair, it could mean using the vacuum brush attachment to gently dust off and clean your refrigerator coil, and maybe even giving your computer a quick spruce by wiping down the keyboard and going over the monitor with a microfibre cloth. It is also worth testing your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.


Your Wooden Floors

There is no better time than fall to have your scratched or dulled wooden floors brought back to life. It could be that you hire a professional service to come in and sand the scuffs before recoating the boards, or maybe you want to completely refinish them. It could even be that you just using a hack to sort the issue out, such as rubbing a walnut onto the scuffed areas, which is supposed to work really well.


Fire It Up

Autumn has brought with a little nip in the air. Nothing that another sweater can’t cure for now, but it won’t be long before you either start up the furnace or light a fire in the living room to keep warm and cozy. First off, the furnace. If you haven’t changed the filter on your furnace for the past three or four months then you need to do this now. As for lighting a fire, before you do this you need to have your flues and chimneys properly inspected and maybe even swept.


No More Drafts

Nothing can ruin a warm evening in front of the television quite as much as a cold and noisy draft, which is why we recommend you check your doors and windows for any leaks or gaps, and then address the problem areas with caulking and weatherstripping.


Voila, your home is ready for fall and winter and all the joys that follow.

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Unique Gift Ideas For Colleagues

If you’re working in an office, you’ll be well aware that the holiday party season is fast approaching, so you need to get creative! Gifts for the people you work for can be the most difficult to plan out. After all, for the most part, you may not be particularly close with your colleagues, and you may also not have a clue what they would enjoy. There are some rules that come with giving gifts in the office and the etiquette can make you question whether you have made the right choice. There’s nothing that says, ‘I care about you’ more than a gift for your friend or loved one that keeps them safe and makes them happy. Surprisingly, gifts that are aimed at safety are quite popular for those close to you, employees, employers and even the neighbors.

Knowing that someone has handed you a present designed to ensure that you can go about your daily business and feel secure while you do it can feel like a warm hug: someone clearly thinks about your wellbeing when they’re not there! There are plenty of ideas and options out there for the office gift bingo, so why not check out some of our suggestions below?

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Safety. We mentioned gifts that are ‘safety’ related for people around you to show them that you care. If you’ve got a fashion-conscious recipient chosen for you, then you should look into the Bricraft RFID wallet, which can prevent identity fraud as well as act as a stylish accessory. You could also go for a travel mug like this one. It may not initially strike you as a good gift for safety purposes, but there are no more chances to spill scalding drinks with one of these, so we think it’s pretty safe! While we’re talking spillage, this Drinklip Portable Cupholder is great for those who are constantly having to mop up knocked drinks!

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Office Supplies. If you’re taking the time to get to know your co-workers, you’re bound to discover if any of them are stationary mad. Pretty notebooks like these and this funky floppy disk post-it notes set are perfect and perfectly nostalgic!

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Mildly Techy. Working in an office means being around computers and other technology pretty much all the time. Stylish wooden phone docks like this are perfect for the office and is a nice little organizer for the trailing cables and random pencils lying around.

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IT Gift. For the IT team that you draw from the office hat, why not have a look at this recycled computer hard drive clock? It’s a brilliant gift for someone who appreciates the complexities of computing!

Choosing gifts for colleagues is often hard. They have to be suitable for the workplace, usually within a budget and always appropriate for the age and style of the person you’re gifting to. Not always an easy concept! However, keep it light, keep it fun and make it relevant and your gift choices cannot miss!

Unusual Gifts To Help Save The Planet

Sometimes buying gifts can be a real nightmare. It doesn’t matter who it’s for, the whole process of trying to find something they will like can be a challenge. One of the best ways to get around this is to simply try and find something which is beneficial beyond the individual person themselves, yet can still be enjoyed by them. Such presents might be simple or complex, cheap or expensive, and they can be a whole range of different types of product. Regardless, this is one great way to help out your friends while helping the planet. But what kind of thing are we really talking about here?

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Artisan Bracelets


Who said that buying jewelry had to be immoral? There are many kinds of decorative pieces you can get hold of which actually actively help people out in different communities. A great example is these wanderlust bracelets. Each one of these you buy is going to help give sustainable and long-term work to impoverished people in Bali and Indonesia. And this is not to mention the fact that they happen to be beautiful pieces too. If you want to buy someone the gift of jewelry, but you’re concerned about a marketplace full of blood diamonds and the like, then this is a great direction to move in.


Seed-Bearing Lollipops


Yes, you heard that right. At amborella organics, you can get hold of lollipops that actually bear seed after you have finished with them. Not only that, but they also taste slightly of whatever seed you might have in yours. Once you are done, you just place the stick (made from recycled paper) into the soil, and before long a little seedling will sprout. This is a great gift for any sweet-toothed gardeners you might know, and also a fantastic choice for a child’s birthday. Anything to encourage the emerging generation to grow some plants is likely to be a solid idea!

Image Source

Recycled Gifts

Sometimes, it’s not the exact item itself which makes a difference, but the manner in which you get hold of it. If you are really keen on helping out the planet, then you might want to think about finding a recycled gift. Many people avoid this because they fear that a recycled gift will not be up to scratch in terms of its quality. But if you know where to look, this is not quite true. In fact, you can easily get hold of some fantastic recycled gifts which are going to help you help the planet. What’s more, because they are second-hand, you will more often than not be paying less as well. A gift which is environmentally friendly and saves you money can’t be that bad, after all. There is a huge range of possible gifts you can buy from sites like protecttheplanet.co.uk – doing so is likely to make both you and the recipient feel good about yourselves, while also doing good in the long-term. Consider this next time there’s a birthday coming up.


Keep dad looking sharp this Father’s Day and beyond with a few wardrobe upgrades. From cuff links to wallets, Dad will be turning heads and loving every minute of it. Here are a few of our favorite fashion gifts for dad.

Personalized Royce Nappa Leather RFID Blocking Men’s Bi-Fold With Double ID Flap

Get dad organized with this high-tech leather wallet. Its built-in-shield blocks radio frequencies embedded in your Credit Cards and IDs, protecting your information from hackers. Personalized it with up to 3 initials to add an extra special touch.


Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Classic

Channel Don Henley in the Ray-Ban classic that started it all. The Wayfarer is a favorite for a reason — its both stylish and high quality. Dad will love wearing these all summer long.


Egara Blue and Silver Cufflinks

Dad will love these new go-to cufflinks to wear for special occasions. Dual panels of royal blue stones glimmer next to the silver toned metal for a stylish and sophisticated spin on standard cufflinks.


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