How to Home Educate & Travel

How to Home Educate & Travel

There is nothing more exciting than traveling across the country except for traveling across the country with your kids. Being able to indulge in a rich history, spectacular scenery, and amazing hidden treasures gives you all something to discover. When you bring your kids along, you get to see all of these wonderful things through the eyes of a child. 

Whether you are planning a trip for a few months or you want to do something more long-term, traveling with your children while they are young enough to appreciate it can create more family memories than you expect. Of course, the only thing that could scupper your plans is the fact that your children are at school, but if you home-educate that’s not going to be a problem. You could rent a mobile home, take the kids around the country, and let them simultaneously. Here are some of the ways that you can home-educate your kids while you travel.

  • Deregister them from school. Before you embark on a home education journey then you need to apply to the school board to let them know that you are deregistering your kids from their school. This will lose them their school place, but it allows you to travel and include that in your home education plan. It’s always a good idea to make sure that you have an idea of what they would be doing and that you just want the next point.
  • Take note of the curriculum. If you want to make sure that your kids are still learning along with their peers, take note of the current curriculum and make sure that you have that with you. This will ensure that you can offer many wonderful learning experiences that tie in with the curriculum as part of your travel. From natural resources and geology to science and geography, children are still going to learn a lot when they are traveling around the country.
  • Pack the car with the right tools. You need to make sure that you have time spent in the car in the right way. From playing audiobooks to quizzing your kids, learning times tables and mental math, having reading time, and playing counting games, all of this is going to help your kids to enjoy the road trip while also learning at the same time.
  • Plan to visit historical locations. Museums and historical landmarks are just two places that you can consider when you want to spend time exploring different towns. No matter where you are in any country, there is always going to be something to see, and you can do the same thing by visiting geological locations. If you have mountains in your country, go and see them. If you have freshwater lakes, go swimming in them. Plot lessons around camping where they can learn how to build their fires. There are so many things that you can do when you visit different locations and your kids are going to love making memories while you do it.
  • Incorporate finances. When you are traveling, there is going to be a lot of conversation around budgeting and finances. Of course, you may still have to work remotely while you do it unless you are fortunate enough to not need to. Engage your kids in the conversation and the process so that they can use mathematics in a practical setting. Their involvement is likely going to spark bigger conversations and help to further that learning experience.

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