How Your City Can Be More Sustainable

If you care about your city and community, you might want to help find ways to improve it. Getting involved by campaigning for the changes you want to see or even starting community projects can help you to achieve what you want. Making sustainable changes can create a forward-thinking city.




Many cities now have recycling services of some kind, although not everyone feels that they have adequate assistance with recycling. Recycling can have to reduce waste, save energy and even produce sustainable energy. If your city isn’t recycling friendly, you can get involved to campaign for change.


Walking and Biking Infrastructure


Anyone who has spent time in Europe knows the pleasure of a walk-able or bike-able city. While some US cities make it easy to walk or cycle around, many are only navigable by car. Changing infrastructure isn’t easy but it can make a huge difference to the sustainability of a city.


Public Transport


Public transport is another thing that many European cities do well. If you can’t get around on foot, cutting down on cars with public transport is the next best thing. Higher demand for public transport can encourage cities to improve and add to their services.


Green Energy and Water Supply


Supplying a city with energy can also be done in a greener way. Using renewable energy sources, including solar and win, can help cities to be more eco-friendly and even to save money. Conserving water is also a key sustainability goal for many cities, including those with drier climates.

Infographic Design By Norwich University

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