Easy Tips For Training Your Puppy

Easy Tips For Training Your Puppy

Easy Tips For Training Your Puppy! Getting a dog is one of the most amazing parts of adult life and they will instantly become a huge part of the family in every way. A dog can be the ideal companion whether you are alone or have a packed household and they will make your life more exciting and fun right away. 

Today we want to talk about one aspect of getting a dog which can be a bit of a challenge for some: training. Whether you opt to tackle the job yourself or take your pooch to a dog training program, it can be a challenge and it can take some real time and dedication to get right. Today we are going to take a look at some simple dog training tips you should know. 

Choose a good name 

The first thing which you need to consider when you get a dog is the name you give them. You may not think it is too important to choose a good name but this will act as a command of sorts when training your dog so needs to be recognized by your pet. Names that end in ‘ie’ or ‘y’ work best because they are a high-pitched sound and this is easily heard by your furry friend. This is why dogs are often called things like Archie, Millie, or Harry. 

Decide on house rules

House rules are incredibly important when you get a dog and you need to make sure that you are clear from the start about where your dog is allowed to be in the home. Remember that to your dog, your house is its whole world. You mustn’t make their world even smaller by cutting off large sections of a house. Make sure you are clear on where your dog can sit and sleep and get protective covers and throws for your furniture to make their life better. Make sure that everyone in the house knows the rules for your dog and teaches them accordingly. 

Set up a private space 

Like all animals, your dog needs a private and safe place where it can sit and sleep or hide when they feel overwhelmed. Many dogs use a pen or a crate when they need a safe space but even a small corner nook in your living room can be the ideal place to set up a bed. As long as they have the option of somewhere to go this will make them better behaved. 

Help him relax when he comes home

The best way to train happy dogs is to ensure that they feel safe. When your dog comes home for the first time it should immediately see your home as a safe place. Set up a private area and leave him to explore the house in his own time. This is a good way to help your dog get used to the space and they are less likely to do their business in the home. 

Reward his good behavior 

Always reward good behavior with a stroke, a treat, or a toy. Positive reinforcement works wonders for dogs and this is the best way to ensure that they carry on working well.

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