Millennials Don’t Know They’re Born Until They’ve Hosted An 80s Party

As millennials, we think we’ve got our stuff together. We’ve learned from the mistakes of the past, and we’re moving towards a better and (hopefully) brighter future. We’re undoubtedly top trumps when it comes to things like technology. No generation before has had the reach and capabilities that we have now. But, when it comes to parties, we still struggle to fill the top spot.

That coveted title still belongs in the 80s, the era of shoulder pads, flared trousers, and banging parties. None of our attempts even come close to beating the events thrown in this era. That’s why even us millennials don’t know we’re born until we’ve hosted an 80s party. This is the ultimate way to add a vintage vibe to any do. It’s also your best chance at hosting the part of the year. Keep on reading to find out why.

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Bold = best with the dress

In the 80s, bold clothing was all the rage. Forget jeans and black tops; we’re talking shoulder pads that would poke your eyes out and insane flares. It makes sense, then, that a party with an 80s dress code is going to be a good night. You can certainly bet no one turns up in an uninspiring dress. Instead, you’ll be able to unleash all your creative impulses. You’ll be able to go where millennial fashion would never allow. And, you can guarantee you’ll all have a great time doing it. You might even find that you own more 80s pieces than you thought already. Many of the designs which appear in shops like Urban Outfitters come straight out of this era. If not, you could always follow the current trend of repurposing clothes you don’t wear anymore. Either way, clothes alone will set that dance floor on fire.

Bright drinks = you’re doing it right

Nowadays, our drinks tend to be pretty lackluster. There’s no color in a gin tonic, after all. In the 80s, though, it was impossible not to end up with a glass of something fluorescent. That’s because this was the age of cocktails. That’s right, baby; you can replace those endless gins and tonics with something like these cocktails with gin. Just the fun sight of drinks like these is sure to get guests giddy. Before they’ve even taken a sip, cocktails ensure that everyone gets into that fun party spirit. Add a few cocktail umbrellas, and you’re sure to be in for a fun night indeed.


Cheesy music = there’s nothing else to it

No 80s party would be complete without a cheesy playlist to die for. We’re talking Cyndi Lauper, Wham! and even Prince. These are classic songs that everyone knows. And, you can bet they’ll fill the dancefloor far faster than those modern dubstep tracks. Far from standing around the edges and bobbing your heads, every guest will be up there dancing until their heart’s content. That alone would ensure that your 80s party goes down as one of this decade’s best.

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