Journals to Support Your Wellbeing

Journals to Support Your Wellbeing

Journals to Support Your Wellbeing. Your well-being is vital to your happiness and the quality of your life. There are many ways to support and improve your well-being, from yoga and meditation, to exercise and dieting. One often overlooked practice for well-being is the journal. The journal can help with self-exploration, which can lead to new insights, more gratitude, and a greater sense of fulfillment. Below are five journal ideas to get you started. 

A Weight Loss Journal

There are many ways to track your weight loss routine, including apps and programs, but one accessible and often underutilized form is the weight loss journal. A weight loss journal gives you space to note down your daily and weekly targets along with prompts, tips, and motivational quotes. If an app seems too rigid and a program too unavailable, then a journal is the perfect solution. Don’t forget a weight loss journal can be used in conjunction with other weight loss tools. 

Devotional Journals 

Are you a spiritual or religious person with practice goals and aspirations? Or is your spiritual life part of your daily life, something you need to keep track of? Devotional journals don’t have to be religious; they can also be secular. Often containing a quote or saying relating to an aspect of the tradition, these journals give you plenty of space for writing and noting down ideas, results, and intentions. If you find that your spiritual life is sometimes a little vague or difficult to quantify, then consider a devotional journal.

Wreck Journals 

The idea of journaling doesn’t suit everybody. It means setting time aside and sitting down with your thoughts, which can be unappealing for some people. Luckily there are as many different journaling styles as there are personality types. For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, there are Wreck Journals. Wreck Journals are quite dynamic; they not only have space to write and put down your ideas; but they also have prompts and tasks. One day you might be asked to rip out a page and scrunch it up, for instance. 

Goal Planning 

The main purpose of journaling is to help you meet your goals, whatever your goals might be, such as visiting the Chiropractor. Whether they are fitness goals, spiritual goals, or writing goals, you will want to keep track of them and make adjustments where necessary. Goal Planning journals have this in mind and offer many chances to note down your goals and checklists to keep you on track, as with everything in journaling, you will get out of it what you put in. Have a dedicated routine for your practice, and you will meet your goals quickly.

Bullet Journals 

Bullet Journals are becoming more and more popular all the time and are set to be the next big thing in 2021. Like a miniature, every day, Lifebook, a bullet journal gives you time and space to let your imagination run free. Draw, sketch, doodle, write, add stickers, quotes, and insights – anything you feel will express your life and personality on the page. Bullet journals are far more engaging and creative than conventional journaling, so don’t forget your imagination and sense of playfulness. 

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