15 thoughts on “The New Parenting Rules For 21st-Century Parents

  1. With all the tech and gadgets it’s important to have rules on these. I worry about the kids wanting to stay on their things all the time so I’ve had to limit their time.

  2. I’d rather that my nephews and nieces spend less time in front of the computer but that’s what kids are into these days. Parental controls and supervision are super important.

  3. It is so important to set the rules for our kids in using their gadgets or devices.
    Allowing our kids to use their devices or gadgets is okay but with limitations and supervision.

  4. These are really interesting. I thought the argument for not posting kids pictures good. I think you need to be careful what you do post.

  5. Thank you such great parenting tips. Tech these days is a lot like when my kids were playing their PS1, Atari etc. The biggest difference back then is that they were not connected to the outside world. It is important to know who they are talking with and time limits. Great tips and advice!

  6. Great post! Technology these days are changing almost every day, even though my grandkids and kids love all things tech, I still have everything set to parental control. I’m as careful as can be about the internet and very selective when posting about my kids.

  7. This is such a really great post to read so interesting these parenting tips will surely help a lot! Thanks for sharing this

  8. Technology is so quickly changing, and it is good to stay on top of things and be well informed. It is good to set rules and make sure kids are safe.

  9. Such great tips! My oldest is almost a teenager so I will be sure to reference this when the time comes.

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