Super DIY Summer Projects for the Home

Super DIY Summer Projects for the Home

Summer is in full swing, and if you don’t have a vacation planned, you might be wondering what to do with all that spare time. The answer is, invest it in your home to make it more comfortable, more organized, less stressful, and more valuable. In the article below, you can find some simple but effective ways to improve your home over the summer with some super DIY skills.  

Build a Garden Room 

These days, garden rooms are super popular; they give you some extra floor space to enjoy, and that increases the value of your property. Garden rooms come in different shapes and sizes, but you can find one to suit any style or budget. Garden rooms also make excellent DIY projects since they can be bought flat-packed and assembled at your own pace during summer. 

If you want to assemble a garden room, you will need some basic tools, like a hammer and some nails. Some paint or stain might also be required to make your garden room look the way you want it. It should only take a few hours or a few weeks to assemble the garden room; then, you can start enjoying the extra space. Improve your well-being in it with a book and candle.  

Landscape the Garden 

Summer is the ideal time to landscape the garden. In any other season, you will need to contend with difficult weather conditions, and it can be difficult to find a landscaping professional during these times. In the summer, however, there is no shortage of landscaping companies available and vying for your business. For this reason, you are likely to get a better price. 

Unless you have extensive DIY skills, you are likely to require a professional landscaper, at least in the beginning to take care of the spade work. Later on, when most of the heavy lifting is finished, you can get involved with your DIY credentials and start to tailor the place to your liking. Why not add some planters, an outdoor garden space, or a patio for your gatherings?  

Deep Clean the Home 

Spring is often the time when people deep clean the home, but there’s nothing wrong with postponing the work until summer or carrying out some extra cleaning during the warmer months. Maybe your home needs some extra cleaning, or perhaps you want it extra clean; either way, you should have plenty of time to work on it during the extended summer holidays. 

Some of the areas in the home that need to be deep cleaned include the carpets, the HVAC system, the bathroom, and the garage. Start with the HVAC, a system that collects dust and debris from the outside and spreads it throughout the home in the air ducts. Next, move on to the carpets, which can also cause allergies and health issues: use carpet cleaning services

Clear out the Garage 

Again, summer is a terrific time to clean the house and garage since you have extended time off from your work. If you want to return to your work safe in the knowledge you have very little left to do in the house for the fall and winter, then roll up your sleeves this summer. Chances are your garage is cluttered and ineffective with the contents you collected over the past 12 months. 

Clearing the garage can seem like a daunting overwhelming task, especially when you have tons of items in there that aren’t used but need to be kept for some reason. Clearing out the garage is the same as clearing out any room; you take everything out of it, deep clean the space, sell any items that are not needed, and replace the contents neatly and conveniently.  

DIY Household Hacks 

If you are creative and practical, you can make a lot of progress in your home with DIY hacks over the summer. PVC piping is your friend when it comes to household tasks. This affordable and durable piping can be bought from any local hardware store. It is primarily used for plumbing and drainage, but it can be put to use in a number of other ways, such as storage.

PVC piping is perfect for making overhead storage spaces in your garage or attic. Simply create looks of pipe using corner joints, attach them to the ceiling, and put copper rods through the holes for some extra overhead storage space. PVC piping can also be used to create bike racks for the garage and cable organizers for the home office. All you need is a willingness to learn.  

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