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When designing your home, you have to be careful that your flair for design isn’t making your home more vulnerable to break-ins. It’s fair to say that there are certain design choices that make a home look rather wonderful but could seem like nothing more than an open the door to a burglar. An example of this would be a garage that opens automatically.


Garage doors that open automatically with a sensor in or on your car are remarkably easy to trick. This is not the sophisticated technology that most people assume. And if you are not even using a coded sensor but rather a motion sensor, you are just asking for trouble. If you forget to turn it off when you leave the home, all the burglar needs to do is drive up to the garage and it will open as if by magic. Many people assume that an automated garage door is more secure when in fact the opposite is true. You would be better off with an old-fashioned door that opens manually and is slightly less impressive.


Glass Walls


A Large surface area of your house that is made of glass may seem like a wonderful design idea for your kitchen or indeed your conservatory. But be careful because this does all but dare a burglar to smash it. Particularly, if it is a the back of the home and out of sight. Some people say that if a burglar wants to get in, they’ll get in regardless, but there’s no need to make it easier for them than it needs to be.


It’s worth pointing out that we’re not suggesting you give up those beautiful glass canvas doors. But you should make sure that there is an extra level of protection on the glass. Safety window film can make sure that the glass on your doors or a conservatory wall is far more difficult to break.


Flat Roofs


Flat roofs are a type of design that is quite a popular choice on modern homes, particularly for extensions. However, the do make your home a tad more accessible. The advantage of a slanted roof is that it does deter criminals from trying to climb across it and perhaps find their way to an open window. People often leave their windows open at night to allow cold air to flow in. This makes it far easier from criminals to get in, perhaps undetected if the window was accidentally left open while people were out.


Smart Locks


Lastly, you might be thinking about purchasing smart locks for your home. It’s an impressive feature and being able to open the doors of your home with fingerprint ID could seem like a wonderful idea. Be careful though because of a fingerprint scanner like is simple to break through, particularly by a skilled hacker. In fact, a major recent Hollywood blockbuster showed people exactly how to do it and made it look far too easy for comfort.


Take our advice, and you’ll avoid the design choices that make your home an easy break-in.

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