Top Reasons to Move to Denver

Top Reasons to Move to Denver

Top Reasons to Move to Denver. One of the hardest things to do when you choose to relocate is to choose where to live. Picking it out can be a challenge because everywhere that you consider will have something but also be missing something on your list. There are some places out there that offer idyllic scenes of nature with swooping skies and beautiful mountains, whereas others provide chances for you to grow your career and embed yourself in the community. 

Not every city can offer both, but if there is one place that can, it’s Denver in Colorado. You can blend nature with big city life in the Rocky Mountains. Many folks moved to Denver to live in a metropolis where they could build careers while building their families. They get the help of real estate agents to find the best Denver suburb possible, and they pack up and go. There’s a reason that people move here, and it’s not just about the cost of living being more approachable than places like Los Angeles. There are pros and cons to every move, but we’ve got a good list of what could motivate you to choose Denver as your next place to relocate your family.

  • The chance to get into nature. Even if you’re not a massive lover of skiing or hiking, Denver is going to appeal to you. Those beautiful Rocky Mountain views, those exactly what you should be looking for. The Rocky Mountains are 15 miles to the West, and they beautifully frame the Denver skyline in a way that nothing else can. However, if you are a hiker, a skier or you love beautiful scenery, Denver is going to capture your heart. It’s such a sunny place to be, with over 300 days of sunshine a year, and you can choose day hikes in the mountains or picnic spots near the city. The Dakota Ridge Trail, for example, gives you panoramic views of the city and somewhere that you can still find fossilized dinosaur footprints.
  • The economy is doing super well. There’s a reason that Denver is becoming a booming city. Large tech companies such as Zoom and Google have headquarters in Denver and they are driving a very strong tech-based job market. Plenty of students head over to the University of Colorado and then go to work in the tech or outdoor industries in Denver. It’s also one of the largest economies that involves legal cannabis. It’s not all dispensaries and farming here, of course, but it’s still nice to know that there are options.
  • The nightlife is fantastic. Plenty of people move to Denver to appreciate their career growth, but they also like the ability to be able to enjoy their downtime. It’s an easy escape to the Rockies, but imagine having a great time at one of the many bars instead. It stands out for many reasons and in the Five Points neighborhood, it’s somewhere you’ll find the jazz lovers, especially at Luster Pearl in Denver or the Larimer Lounge. If you love local art, then heading over to the River North Arts District is going to help you see those murals that are right behind the local craft breweries and cafes.
  • It’s a home to the arts with theaters and museums based here in Denver. You’ll find that if you desire the classical arts, it’s the Denver Performing Arts Centre that will draw you in the most. You’ll also find the home of the Denver Philharmonic Orchestra at the Newman Centre for Performing Arts. Of course, it’s not just classy entertainment here. There are plenty of options for rock shows, solo shows, and heading over to the Ogden Theatre for musicians and fans to play in a venue that is so historic. One of the best ways that you can spend the night in Denver is at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. John Denver once crooned to the crowds to the tune of Rocky Mountain High. And there are plenty of powerhouses of today’s music that stand on that stage and play, too.
  • It’s the perfect spot for sports lovers. Denver has quite a few sports teams, which means whether you are heading out to see the Denver Broncos or you want to watch the Colorado Rockies play ball, you’re going to find something to see. Soccer is another fan favorite in Denver and the local team is the Colorado Rapids. Dick’s Sporting Goods Park is their home and you’ll be able to buy yourself season tickets to go and see all the matches.

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