Top Upgrades that Will Add a Ton of Value to Your Home

Top Upgrades that Will Add a Ton of Value to Your Home

Adding value to your home is easy to do if you know what steps to take. If you want to find out what upgrades you can make, then simply take a look below.

Add an Extra Bedroom

If you are thinking about all the ways you can add value to your home, then an extra bedroom is the way to go. The number of bedrooms you have within your property will have a huge impact on its value, so this is a great starting point. Adding an extra bedroom will usually add to the sale price, but you do need to keep in mind that your home will have a ceiling value. There comes a point where pumping more money into your property, won’t give you a bigger return. Re-using space is very cost-effective but it is probably only going to be an option if you have an older home with a large amount of bedrooms. It’s important to contemplate the bathroom ratio too. One bathroom for every three bedrooms is a great starting point.

Kitchen Makeover

Kitchen makeovers can range from new doors on your units, or new flooring, handles and replacement worktops. An attractive and sociable kitchen is essential to your valuation survey. It’s also a deal-breaker for some buyers. Before you go ahead and replace your entire kitchen, you need to think about the fundamentals. This could include the shape and the position of your kitchen. You can then decide if you need to make any structural changes to the space. Kitchen makeovers, such as repainting your unit doors or even replacing the worktops can have a huge impact. Remember, it’s very easy for you to arrange a kitchen remodel by going through a contractor. They can even help you to know which changes you need to make as well, so be mindful of that.

Doors, Windows, And Other Fundamentals 

Whenever people consider increasing the value of their home, they often think about the fancy stuff. It’s normal to think this way because we usually associate money with glamor. You should never underestimate the importance of the fundamentals, however. The likes of the doors and windows can add plenty of value to an entire home. High-quality doors enhance the curb appeal but also security and insulation. Similarly, it’s wise to replace outdated windows with modern, vinyl windows if possible. They will improve energy efficiency but also be lower-maintenance. These upgrades will not only add plenty of value but they will also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the home.

Bathroom Updates

As mentioned above, you need to have one bathroom for every three bedrooms. If you have a downstairs bathroom, then it is wise for you to move it to the first floor. At the end of the day, bathrooms have to be fresh and hygienic-looking. You can also use your bathroom to add a touch of luxury, so be mindful of that. Make sure that there is plenty of light and that you paint the walls in a natural shade. If you do not have enough light, then replace your pendant with a halogen spotlight. This is very easy to do, and you would be surprised at what a difference this could make to your home.

Garden Makeover

If you have a garden then this is great, but it probably won’t add value to your home if it is overgrown. A paved patio area that has neat borders will increase appeal more than you realise. If you can redesign your garden, then this will make it attractive, and it will also keep it nice and tidy. The property will be way more appealing to buyers too, so be mindful of that if you can. 

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