Want a Quick Room Revamp? Here Are Some Hacks



You don’t like the room you’re in. You can’t quite put your finger on what the problem is, but you know there’s something up. Well, assuming it doesn’t require a total makeover, perhaps it’s time you gave the room a quick revamp!


Give that carpet a wash


Technically, you should give everything a really thorough clean. Seriously. Move everything around and scrub and dust whatever you can reach. When people do this, they often make sure they vacuum every inch of the carpet. Unfortunately, that’s often not quite enough. When was the last time you gave the carpet a proper wash? It’s been recommended that your carpet should get a wash at least once every couple of months or so; you’d be surprised by dirty those things can get, even if they don’t look it. A good wash will help bring it back to its former glory; do it right and you can make it as soft as it used to be, too.


Invite nature in


What gives the room a feeling that it needs to be revamped? Quite often, it’s a vague feeling of being old, unfresh, uninspiring. It can make someone feel trapped or even lethargic being in that room. When we think of the opposite of those things, our imaginations may very well turn to nature. So if you’re looking to revamp a room, looking to nature may be a strong bet. Getting a plant or two will help pretty things up while introducing life to the room. Making natural light more prominent is also a must; this helps the room feel brighter and more spacious. Also, consider keeping the windows open for a while to get some fresh air circulating.



Tie the room together


It could be a clock from Jonathan Adler, or a rug from Samad – heck, it could even be a lamp from IKEA. The fact is that a quality room may be missing just one detail that could really tie the room together. An item that, once placed, you’ll wonder how the room could possibly have looked good without it. If you think something is missing, then have a think about the practical stylish items that you can add. Clocks, rugs, and lamps aren’t just pretty decor items – they actually serve a purpose. The same can’t always be said for a gorgeous art piece – although one of those might do the trick if you already have the other three!




Last but certainly not least: you need to get rid of all that clutter. Even if the room is tidy, I very much doubt it’s completely devoid of junk! Take the time to go through the items in the room. Think long and hard about how much you really need them. Having the same old possessions surrounding you all the time can make a room feel pretty stale over time, especially if you don’t even need them. Getting that stuff cleared out will open up a whole new bag of potential for that room. Seriously, this is probably the best thing to do if you want to inject new life into your home – get rid of the old life!

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