6 Ways to Focus on Your Health

6 Ways to Focus on Your Health

So many people are focusing more on health lately and that makes me so happy! If you are getting on the “improve your health” train, here are 6 ways to focus on your health

Focus on your eating

Whether weight loss is or is not one of your goals this year, focusing on your eating habits can dramatically help you improve your health this year. Why? For starters, eating a diet full of processed foods can slow down your metabolism, and you are probably eating a lot of ingredients that are not so good for you – ingredients that you can’t pronounce. That’s why reading nutritional labels on your food (if you are buying processed) is important. Look out for the total amount of calories a product contains, and not just for 1 serving (which is typically what’s stated on the label). But, when reading nutrition labels, it is not just about calories. The most important part is the ingredients. Reading nutrition labels will help you to avoid only reading marketing labels like “high in fiber”, “low fat” or “zero sugar”, as these labels may be misleading. While a product is “high in calcium,” it could also be high in sugar – a detail you may have missed if you hadn’t read the nutrition label. Some of the better eating habits that you might want to focus on are: only buying processed foods with ingredients that you are familiar with, focusing on more fresh produce and meat, cutting out a lot of non-organic food, and reducing your portion sizes. As always, your eating habits should be fine-tuned to your specific needs and goals!

Stay current with appointments

A critical aspect of health? Make sure you do a check-up on your overall health by going to appointments like the doctor and the dentist. If you need a new dentist, I have a great recommendation for you. Metro Decatur Dental Group PC is a local GA-based dentist that does general dental wellness appointments, wisdom teeth removal in Decatur GA, orthodontics, and more repairs when needed. They accept insurance, have great reviews, and are known for being super gentle and caring! 

Eat slower

Did you know that eating too quickly can cause weight gain? According to quite a bit of research, faster eaters are more likely to be overweight, as compared to people who eat more slowly. WHAT?! In one study, it was also suggested that this is 115% more likely to happen in middle-aged women. As you eat, your body releases ‘fullness hormones’ that tell your brain you’ve eaten and should stop. However, as this process takes about 20 minutes, speedy eaters may consume too much food and only receive this signal later – which explains the ‘post-buffet bloat’ you may feel after a satisfying meal. The next time you’re having a meal, make a conscious effort to eat slower and observe the effect on your appetite.

Get more sleep

Sleep deprivation affects both your physical and mental health. Our bodies need at least seven to eight hours of sleep (you might even need more depending on your current health and activity levels) during which our brains and bodies are working hard to maintain immune systems, memory strength, and even hunger levels. Some simple steps to getting enough sleep include setting a regular sleep-wake schedule, limiting caffeine, relieving stress, and getting enough physical activity, which will help to promote deeper, restful sleep.

Stay hydrated

You may have heard of the saying to “drink 8 glasses of water a day”, yet not many may follow this because a lot of people often choose to count their total liquid intake instead – which usually includes sodas, coffee, and other beverages. There are numerous benefits of drinking more water – it helps us to control our calorie intake, energizes our muscles, keeps our kidneys healthy, and hydrates the skin. As you stay hydrated with water, you’ll also find yourself having fewer cravings for sugary or less healthy beverages. Increasing your water intake will help you improve your health, no matter what your long-term goals are!

6 Ways to Focus on Your Health

Work on your mental health

Health does not just begin and end with physical health. Mental health needs to be considered, as well, especially since mental health has been on the decline. A lot of these physical health goals or improvements should help with mental health (like eating better + working out). However, make sure you are focusing on your mental health as an individual thing to improve. You deserve to feel great both physically AND mentally.

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