How To Save Money In Your Wardrobe & Still Look Great

How To Save Money In Your Wardrobe & Still Look Great

There’s a secret truth that most of us know, but rarely talk about – dressing well and looking good is expensive! With all the new threads, accessories, grooming products and footwear we need to simply get out of the house looking sharp and stylish, you would have to invest in the privilege.

Of course, for the most part you can spend much less with some shrewd spending and being happy not to wear designer clothes, having clothes fitted, or overdoing the adornments. In fact, simple is often better, and a designer label hardly implies the clothes are of vastly better quality.

That said, it’s totally understandable if you wish to save money on what you wear. With a cost of living crisis and potentially global recession biting at our pockets, considering how to save money, in the long run, is always worth considering.

Let’s explore, then, how to save money in your wardrobe and still look great!

Learn Light Sewing & Repair Work

Of course, we’re not suggesting you shouldn’t buy anything new for yourself, or enjoy seasonal wardrobe changes. You get to have fun with what you have, and you don’t have to justify purchases to anyone. That said, learning light repair work can be fundamental to saving money in the long run. If you have a tear in your trousers you can properly sew them together. If you want to add patches to your trousers for aesthetic effect, you can do that too. You might even use certain materials for other purposes, using embellish thread to add more of a unique style.

Some repair work may be out of your general capabilities for now, and that’s fine too. For example, sewing up buttons is easy, but repairing the sole on a pair of shoes can require more advanced equipment. That’s why you could take them to a cobbler service nearby (hardware stores can sometimes offer this functionality too), and have the sole strengthened and repaired. That said, you can always apply small maintenance efforts in line with this, like polishing your shoes for water protection.

Hand-Me-Downs Can Still Work

There’s something of a stigma about hand-me-downs as if using them were an affront to the younger child. But repurposing clothes takes place all the time, from those who shop in charity stores to thrift buys – most of these clothes have been worn before too, and by people you don’t know.

So, making sure clothes can be handed down to younger siblings in your family, or asking a parent for a jacket they might be getting rid of can be a good idea. We all know that dressing a little out of date but with confidence can offer its own sense of style, too, so you don’t have to worry about looking out of date.

What matters is treating the clothing properly and washing it correctly. For instance, you might use professional dry cleaning services to make sure a jacket is completely sanitized before you wear it again. This way, you save money on a full replacement.

Capsule Wardrobes

Capsule wardrobes are wardrobes designed for many outfits to fit together no matter what. Each individual piece can be worn and will match with a full outfit, so you never have to worry about putting outfits together.

This can also be a fantastic cost-saving measure. With several packs of multi-buy t-shirts of a given color, simple trousers, a couple of coats, a few accessories like scarves and socks, you may have dozens of outfit types to choose from.

Such an approach lets you stretch out your outfit selection for a longer amount of time throughout the year, and some may even work within several different seasons. You can still have individual outfits designed for more purposeful wear, like a formal suit you keep in place (you can still rent one if you don’t have one yet), or summer dresses that help you cope with the intensity of the summertime.

At the very least, a capsule wardrobe can help you stop worrying about finding something new, as you’ll always have something to wear.

Ask For Clothes As Gifts

If you’re ever asked what gifts are best for you before seasonal holidays or your birthday, just list an item of clothing you need to replace. Someone might be more than happy to buy slippers or an evening dressing gown in your size, compared to putting together a much more complex gift, and you can use this year-round with saved cash for the privilege.

With this advice, you’re sure to save money in your wardrobe and still look fantastic.

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