Tips To Help Make Your Dog More Obedient

Tips To Help Make Your Dog More Obedient

Having an obedient dog is very important because your dog is a family member and therefore needs to behave in a manner that doesn’t make you look bad. If your dog is barking every time you have guests or has bad habits around the home, it’s time to make a change. Here are some tips to help make your dog more obedient.

Tips To Help Make Your Dog More Obedient

Establish House Rules

Firstly, you want to establish some house rules when it comes to keeping a dog. You might have had your dog for a while, so this might make things more difficult, but there’s also time to teach your dog how to behave when in the home. If you’re only just getting a dog for the first time, then you can easily implement the house rules so that they know from the beginning whose the boss is. You can start by making sure the dog stays in their bed, rather than to be coming into your room and wanting to come onto your bed. If you’re allowing the dog to jump over sofas or have their food before you, it can make the dog feel as though they are superior to you and therefore higher up in the chain of command.

Give Them Dog Training

Dog training is worth doing when they’re young because like children, they are more impressionable at that stage, and they’re also still learning. If you’re looking at dog training, make sure it’s somewhere nearby so that you can get to it very easily, and ideally, you don’t want a class that’s too overcrowded. This could limit the amount of attention you get when trying to teach your dog. At the same time, you want to try and limit the amount of dog training so that it’s not too stressful for the dog and they get used to following up the training at home.

Teach Your Dog Basic Commands & Tricks

Another thing work does when your dog is young is to teach your dog basic commands and tricks. The reason why this is important is that it will help them learn better as they get older. That means that as they do grow up, you might want to teach them more tricks and they’ll likely find it easier to do than having had no lessons in commands or tricks at all. Controls are good to have to teach your dog certain things you’ll want them to do, such as getting into their bed or going out into the backyard to do their business!

Don’t Ignore Bad Behavior

Bad behavior shouldn’t be ignored. Not that it should be punished in any harmful way, but you should make it known through your tone of voice used, that they’re in trouble. It’s important that they understand who the boss is and that certain behavior isn’t acceptable. As a result, they will learn from their mistakes.

Making your dog more obedient is essential, so use these tips to help make them more so.

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