5 Simple But Essential Things To Remember About Your Dog

5 Simple But Essential Things To Remember About Your Dog

Your dog is often your best friend and one of the most important things in your life. I’ve compiled a list of 5 simple but essential things to remember about your dog. You have a relationship with them of sorts. And, interestingly, both parties seem to derive a lot of pleasure from it. 

Most owners, though, don’t know a great deal about the inner workings of their dog’s mind. They think they know them well, but are often surprised to find out things about them they never expected. A relationship with a dog is always an exciting journey. 

So what do owners need to remember about their dogs? Let’s take a look. 

Your Dog Sees The World Through Its Nose

As people, we tend to believe that the world out there is what we can see. But for dogs, it’s more about what they can smell. 

Dogs have relatively good eyes for mammals. Historically, wolves used them for hunting down prey and working together in packs. 

Dog eyesight, however, is nothing as advanced as ours. They don’t have the same visual fidelity as we do. And they can’t see as many colors as we can. Seeing through the eyes of a dog would feel a little bit like watching the world through an old television – not great. 

Dogs, though, have a much more highly refined sense of smell. In fact, just processing sensory information from the nose takes up a vast chunk of a dog’s brain. It requires tremendous computing power!

Owners, therefore, need to remember that dogs are primarily smelling creatures. And often, that means that the most exciting things in the environment are undetectable to you. 

Dogs Sweat Through Their Paws

There’s no point trying to sweat through fur-covered parts of the body. That’s because water can’t evaporate and offer cooling action for the skin below. That’s why dogs sweat through their paws

Dog’s Breath Shouldn’t Smell

Just like people, dogs shouldn’t have smelly breath. If they do, it could be a sign that something is wrong.

Occasionally, their smelly breath results from something they’ve eaten that they shouldn’t. If they’ve been chewing their way through sugar snacks without you knowing, for instance, then this can alter their oral microbiome. But if it carries on long-term, it could indicate oral health issues. 

Your best bet is to head down to the pet store and find some tasty chew sticks to clear out any excess plaque. 

Dogs Can Get Food Allergies, But They’re Not Common

Just like people, dogs can get food allergies, but they’re uncommon. Most dogs are allergic to the proteins in meat – if anything- and not refined grains. So next time you see a dog food company advertising itself as grain-free, take it with a pinch of salt. 

Dogs Often Worry About Strangers When They Get Older

Most puppies are fine with meeting new people when they’re young. As they get older, though, they start to worry more and more, leading to barking. Therefore, as an owner, it’s best to get all the meetings and greeting out of the way early, instead of waiting for later.

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