Making Moving Day Extra Relaxing Is It Possible

Making Moving Day Extra Relaxing Is It Possible

Making Moving Day Extra Relaxing. Is It Possible? Moving day should be about putting your feet up, having one last cup of coffee, going through photo albums, and eating one last meal in your home. Wait, are we actually talking about a moving day or a slow lazy Sunday morning? Well, many of us believe that moving day is frantic, hectic, and makes you feel apoplectic! That’s a whole lot of ‘ics’. But, no, that is something that we have watched hundreds of items in movies and other shows, but rarely do we ever get into a panic about moving house. And yet, we have to admit, it’s not easy either. We have to consider that there are some challenges ahead. But here’s how to make the moving day an absolute breeze.

Cushion the kitchen

Firstly, lay down a layer or two of bubble wrap. This should be placed in such a way that covers most of the floor and counters. Cover the counters and the floors with foam sheets to add another layer of protection. This way if you drop anything, chances are, it won’t break into a thousand pieces. You can also move around much quicker too because you know that something that falls down can easily be picked up again.

You also won’t be spending your time cleaning the room half the time and wasting time while you could be packing things away. 

Here’s another tip. Takedown the blinds and the curtains in the room, so you have a lot of natural light that helps you see things as you pack them away. It makes the room feel larger and less cramped. Open the windows and allow the fresh air into the room so you’re not hot and bothered while you’re emptying out all your cupboards and cabinets.

Clear the living room

The living room always poses a threat to our sanity when it comes to moving houses. You can make things easy by simply using duct tape. Yes, duct tape. You need to wrap the cushions of one chair into one bundle. Rather than losing them or having them separated, they will be attached to each other back to back. You can also do this for your sofas. Bundle two cushions together and wrap them in bubble wrap. Then wrap them with some duct table and they will be easier to move and store. You won’t lose them in the mayhem of packing and loading the delivery trucks. 

The other thing you can do is to put all the living room decor into the same colored boxes. This can be done by buying moving boxes that have color coding already in their design or buying colored tape.

Just sit back and relax

All of this is fine and dandy but what if you don’t want to do any of it? What if you don’t want to even bear the thought of chipping a nail or spraining a back muscle? Then you need to call a company like Burnett’s Moving Services. They are experts in this field. Their trained professionals can handle any kind of material, whether it’s marble, leather, suede, glass or wood, etc. They can also lift all your heavy items like your bed and electronics. Kitchen appliances might be heavy and cumbersome for you, but it’s no sweat off their brows. A moving company that has a lot of business under its belt is experienced. With experience comes fewer mistakes which means, you won’t lose any money from having smashed items or being late to your new property.

Keep the kids busy

It’s not a secret that kids on moving days choose to take a particular cycle of emotions.

  • They first get sad because they’re moving away from the home they love
  • They get mad and stomp about the place because they have no say in the matter
  • Then they finally accept it and want to help out if they can

Giving your kids something to do while you pack and load prevents you from having children that go through this emotional turmoil. Instead, have them outside in the garden, playing or snacking on something you made them. At the very least, they’ll be happier, enjoying life as they normally would, and can come inside to help if they choose. With less screaming, crying, and throwing of toys, you can get to work quietly.

Moving day can be relaxing. No really, it can! But let’s focus on making things easy by taking these measures to heart. It will be a lot easier, faster, and less stressful to buy bubble wrap, foam sheets, and some tape when moving day arrives. 

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